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Monday, September 16, 2013

Information I'm certain you couldn't live without

Just a few random thoughts for your Monday...

- We made these two important purchases this weekend:

You know what that means? I’m never going to lose my post-baby belly Fall is upon us! The verdict? The Pumpkin Spice M&Ms are more spicy than pumpkin-y... they're ok, but not my favorite. The Candy Corn Oreos are life-changing and I'm not sure I'll ever be able to eat a regular Oreo again. (Brian, on the other hand, seemed to really enjoy the M&Ms and said the Oreos just "taste like a cookie.")

- In case you didn't hear, the Aggies played a big game this weekend. Sadly, they didn't win, but we still had fun watching. Please pardon the fact that Colby's onesie jersey is a little big, leaving him looking like a boy band member sporting a v-neck.

Love these boys!

- This is what we're eating for dinner this week:

Chicken and Cheese Lasagna Roll-ups
Source: iVillage via Amanda on Pinterest (pinned on my "Dinner Time" board)

- Speaking of eating, I know I mentioned that we introduced the babies to rice cereal, and we also introduced them to avocados this weekend. Enjoy a few pics from their eating adventures:

Clara was pretty cooperative with the first feeding, but ended up spitting most of it up later. This has continued to be the trend for several of her "meals."

Colby was interested in the rice cereal, but not so much in sitting in the Bumbo, as evidenced by this gem of a picture:

That's a framer.

We calmed him down and tried again in the comfort of Daddy's arms and had much more success. I'm happy to report that we have since switched them to the high chairs and he is a big fan of "eating" now.

This is right about when she started oozing out the avocado.

Saving some avocado for later, clearly

- Relatedly, Clara spit up on the carpet yesterday and Brian called the dogs in to lick it up. I protested at first but quickly let it go when I realized it meant I wouldn't have to clean it up myself. So what do you think: is letting your dogs lick up your babies' spit up efficient or disgusting? 

- Do you remember this postthis post, and this post about the girl with my name that has a similar e-mail address? Well believe it or not, 2 years later, I am still getting some of her e-mails. Although I have come to realize there are probably a few other Amanda Joiners out there with similar e-mail addresses because I'm not just getting e-mails for the one in Colorado anymore. 

Normally I'm just getting coupons or e-mails for magazines that my namesakes have signed up for, but recently I got this one from an elementary school teacher in Georgia:

Just a reminder. Chorus begins tomorrow (Thursday, Sept 5). Please make sure you pick up your chorus student at 3:30 in the car line in front of school. They should come directly to the music room after school, unless they regularly go to ASP. Then they should go there first, check in and leave their book bags.

I mean, I know Colby and Clara are advanced, but I didn't think they were quite advanced enough to already have joined a choir (let alone one several states away), and especially without my knowledge, so I was pretty sure this wasn't for me. 

I e-mailed the teacher back to inform her she had the wrong Amanda Joiner (I mean, hey, I wouldn't want the other AJ's kid to miss choir practice, especially so early in the school year!), but apparently my act of kindness went unnoticed because she never responded. Oh well, can't say I didn't try.

And that's all the rambling I've got for today. Or at least all the rambling I'm taking the time to type out. Farewell for now!


Erika said...

I saw those M&Ms at the store and was intrigued. I think that if I see them at someone else's house (aka I don't pay for them), I'll give them a try...otherwise I might leave the pumpkin spice for my coffee and baked goods. I don't like candy corn, so luckily those Oreos hold zero temptation for me. I love Colby's deep-v...he's ready for his own reality show!!

Lisa said...

One of the few redeeming qualities of our dog is the fact that he licks up "baby by-products" and he does a better job than any cleaner we have tried!!

Janet said...

Wait...what??? Pumpkin Spice M&M's and Candy Corn Oreros...did my eyes hear correctly...*sigh*...Canadian treats suck in comparison! We do however have Smarties and Ketchup chips. I propose a trade ☺

Amanda said...

Colby's V-neck is adorable! Is it bad that I was hoing Texas A&M won, but that Johnny broke a bone?!?! Yes? No? Between him and Miley, my newsfeed space is all used up.

I'm with Erika about these treats, particulalry since you didn't love the M&M's... those I would have considered. Sounds like yall had a good if eventful weekend filled with lots of green spit up!

Mollyanne said...

I was recently added to a parent contact list for "Ms McNamara's 1st grade class." A little investigating told me they were trying for Mike Gurley (as if there was another Mollyanne Gurley somewhere - yeah right). I have now tried twice to be removed from the list to no avail. And I'm concerned for Mike, who has already missed sign ups for Mystery Reader and Ms McNamara's birthday (whoever she may be). If you ever find a solution to these dilemmas, please share!

the blogivers said...

Even though you already confirmed the M&M's weren't a hit, the presentation in that picture is somehow still tempting me... the regurgitated avocado, however, is not.

Hoags and Kisses said...

I am so excited for Fall treats! Thanks for researching and reporting back... candy corn oreos it is! Colby is the cutest little thing in that A&M jersey!

Natasha said...

Wait until either Colby or Clara sneezes while eating avocado or carrots and you're too close to the line of fire. That's when life gets really special :)

Brittnie said...

Dog licking up spit up = totally efficient in my opinion! Seriously, whatever works! :)