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Monday, September 9, 2013

Far too much documentation about my child's first illness

This was Clara on Thursday night, happy as always and attempting to chew on her feet.

This was Clara on Friday afternoon shortly after I picked her up from daycare:

Still happy, but sounding a little more like a zombie than a baby. I noticed that she was wheezing when we woke her up on Friday morning, but she seemed fine otherwise and I knew it would be a short day at daycare, so I didn't think much of it.

When I picked them up around noon, she was still wheezing and the daycare said she had a low grade fever of 99.9. After listening to a few coughs that sounded more like a seal barking on the way home, I decided it was probably best to take her into the pediatrician.

(Side note: our pediatrician's office closes from 12-2 pm for lunch every day. TWO HOURS. I really do like our doctor and the office in general, but don't you agree that that's pretty ridiculous?!)

I didn't have anyone to watch Colby, so I hauled both babies to the doctor, which was really no big deal minus the fact that I decided to carry their car seats in (rather than use a stroller), leaving me feeling like I just bench-pressed 300 pounds... 3 days later.  

Thankfully Colby spent most of the time snoozing, so I was able to pick Clara up once she started fussing. 

After checking Clara out, the pediatrician diagnosed her with croup (basically the children's version of laryngitis) and gave us a prescription for 3 days' worth of prednisone drops. She fell asleep in the car and stayed that way for a bit:

She was pretty pitiful by the time Brian got home so we decided to give the steamy bathroom trick a try and thankfully it seemed to work.

(That would be her hair sticking to Brian's face- he did not, in fact, grow a beard.)

There's nothing Daddy and a little Baby Einstein on the ipad can't fix...

And speaking of Daddy, I'm pretty sure he is the greatest one in the world. He voluntarily slept in the guest room next to the nursery both nights so he could be nearby if she woke up (which she did). I was dealing with my own cold/allergies, so it was a big help for me to get some rest. Sorry, ladies, but I've already got dibs on him until death does us part.

Anyway, back to the sicky: most likely because she wasn't feeling well, she was also not up for napping, so there was a lot of standing out on the porch for a change of scenery, driving around the neighborhood, swinging, baby bjorning, and pacifying involved. 

To say it was a long weekend would be an understatement. It is definitely sad to see your baby sick, but it is also exhausting, especially when you have another one to take care of! And speaking of the other one, thankfully (as of this point) Colby has managed to steer clear of catching it, which is pretty miraculous considering he very regularly puts his hand in her mouth and then sticks it in his own.

He actually was in an unusually good mood all weekend, and don't worry, we managed to document that as well:
Sporting his hand-me-down tuxedo onesie from cousin Davis

Someone pulled just a little too hard on the rings hanging above his activity mat. Who turned out the lights?

Practicing his ninja skills in the jumperoo

Babbling (while sister cries in the background)

In a rare moment where neither baby was fussing, they actually enjoyed some play time together in the jumperoos:

And we managed to get out of the house for a walk. We decided to test out the stroller sans car seats for the first time. Don't they look tiny in those big seats?

Even though we didn't leave the house on Sunday, we dressed the babies up and snapped a few pics because hey, these outfits won't fit for long and I'm sure as heck not letting them wear them to daycare.

(Don't let her smile fool you... she spent 75% of the day crying/fussing/groaning/being miserable. Poor baby.)

By Sunday night, it's safe to say we were all ready to crash. 

Your prayers for a speedy recovery for Clara and for Colby not to catch it would be greatly appreciated! Hope you all had a fun and germ-free weekend!


the blogivers said...

Hope Clara is feeling much better today and that the Colby guy continues to steer clear of it! Sorry our original fun weekend plans got tossed out the window! :(

Brittnie said...

My Clara had croup once and it was the worst! Although seems your Clara had it much worse since Dr. O would not prescribe us with any meds! Hope she is on the mend. It is so hard when babies are sick!! And exhausting since, as you mentioned, they have no desire for sleep when hacking up their insides.

Praying for C&C and that you guys stay germ free!

And PS - I also HATE the pedis 2 hour lunch closure. So annoying.

Erika said...

Maybe I should get a job with your pedi! A 2 hour lunch every day sounds fab!! Also, I did not know that croup was basically baby-laryngitis! Good to know! I hope Clara feels better soon...I would assume putting on that cute outfit helped at least some...dressing up normally does that for me!! :)

Amanda said...

At least she still looks good even when she's sick! Such a pretty baby! Hoping everyone feels better soon!

Natasha said...

I'm so sorry Clara was sick. And Yay! for husbands who go above and beyond. I have one similar to Brian so I won't fight you for him :)

Also, the video of Clara wheezing, while making me sad, is extremely entertaining to my kids. They think she's trying to talk to them and talk back to her!

And I'm sending prayers for energy for you and Brian, healing for Clara and to remain healthy for Colby.

Brittany Sciba said...

Poor baby!!! Love the picture of them dressed up! :) feel better soon sweet Clara!

Sarah said...

Poor Clara! Praying for everyone!

Hoags and Kisses said...

Aww, praying Clara feels better soon and that everyone else stays healthy! I gotta say though, Little Lady sure does look adorable in her Sunday best, croupy or not!

Janet said...

Poor sweet Clara! I hope she's feeling better soon and that Colby stays healthy!

P.S. My Captcha was immunity 2 ☺

The Bird said...

Oh, poor Clara! And poor mom and dad, too. It is so hard to see your little one sick :( Croup is going around here, too. Two of my coworkers had their babies at the ER within the last week due to croup and trouble breathing even after nebulizers. No fun for anyone. Hope she is better soon!