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Thursday, September 5, 2013

5 months!

Well, it happened again. Another month passed and Colby and Clara are now FIVE months old. No appointment this month (which means no shots, hooray!), so I have no idea how much they weigh. I feel like they look longer in these pictures, but that's probably just as much because they are starting to stretch out more (rather than acting like doodle bugs) as it is that they are legitimately growing.

Anyway, let's get on with it.

Colby's current nicknames: Lumpy, Colby Guy, Turtle Lumpiness

Colby had about a week this month where he was generally fussy and inconsolable. He also drooled a lot and refused to take the pacifier, but didn't really have any other symptoms. Teething, maybe? Regardless, one day he woke up and decided he was over whatever was bothering him and he has been pretty happy-go-lucky ever since.

I know this is getting repetitive to say, but while Colby is generally a pretty happy guy, he is still the less patient of the two babies. If he has fallen asleep in the car and wakes up at home in his carseat, you will know it immediately because he will start crying until you come and rescue him. Clara, on the other hand, will sit patiently and look around the room for a good 20+ minutes before she insists on being picked up.

Colby is still sleeping on his stomach and loves to scoot around the crib throughout the night, drooling along the way. We refer to what's left behind as his slug trail. Occasionally he will roll over on his back and can't roll back over, at which point he gets upset and starts fussing. We refer to this as "turtling." Thankfully as soon as we roll him back over and pat his butt for a minute, he goes right back to sleep. this is where he earned the "Turtle" part of "Turtle Lumpkins."

Colby's current favorites: playing with his plastic keys, the blue monster pull toy on his car seat (nicknamed "Sully"), bouncing in the jumperoo, watching the birds on his mobile, getting ready for the bath, taking a bath, practicing standing, shoving his fist in his mouth, and holding Clara's hand 

Clara's current nicknames: Littlest, Little, Lady

We have recently nicknamed Clara the smile-aholic. She will literally smile at anyone and anything. She is especially smiley when we wake her up first thing in the morning, so I'm hoping that means I won't be the only morning person in the house anymore!

Loved her expression in this one

At least a million people have told us that boys are harder as babies but get easier as they get older, and that girls are easier as babies but get harder as they get older. No clue if it will continue to be true, but it certainly is right now. Clara is about as low maintenance as they come, although she is certainly capable of being irrational from time to time.

She is not as big of a fan of napping/sleeping as her brother, but she still does pretty well once she finally settles down, usually with the help of her faithful friend, the green froggy pacifier.

Clara's current favorites: green froggy, the pink owl pull toy on her car seat, watching anything on the tv (particularly Baby Einstein, but she is also a fan of HGTV and football, thanks to her daddy), her pink caterpillar toy, smiling, getting ready in the morning, taking a bath, practicing sitting, playing with her feet

Neither of them are doing any fun "tricks" yet. They can both roll from stomach to back, and Clara is getting really close to rolling from back to stomach, but Colby is making zero effort to do so. They can both sort of sit without assistance, but they lean really far forward and topple over almost immediately, so the "without assistance" part is a stretch.

"Hey sis, give me five!"

The smile-aholic in action, completely oblivious to the fact that Colby is trying to steal her sticker

Eating: nursing/taking pumped bottles 5 times per day; we just introduced rice cereal earlier this week so they are only eating "solids" once a day for the time being
Sleeping: pretty consistently from 8:15 pm-6:15 am on weeknights, and 8:15-7:15 am on weekends; They are napping 3 times a day with an occasional catnap on the way home from daycare, but that third nap (mid-afternoon) is not usually very substantial. Not really sure how/when to make the move to 2 naps a day, but I suppose we'll get there.
Clothing: 3-6 month

Happy 5 months, sweet babies! 


the blogivers said...

Happy 5 months, little ones! You just keep getting cuter every month, so now you just need to make sure you keep getting easier every month, too!

Brittnie said...

So I guess my Clara defied the odds with the whole "being easier as a girl baby," so I am hoping that the reverse is also true for us, especially as we make our way into the hormone drama years. Somehow I am thinking not so much! :)

Happy 5 months, C&C! Can't wait until we get to see you again!

Erika said...

'SLUG TRAIL' was definitely my favorite part of this update. That made me laugh. Such an accurate description!! Yay for happy squishy babies!

Amanda said...

Slug trail... bahhh!

For the record: Turtle Lumpkins is a slightly more endearing name than Turtle Lumpiness... bless his heart!

Brittany Sciba said...

Clara is so beautiful and Colby is so handsome!! Great update! I love all of your funny nicknames!

Sarah said...

Oh my gosh. The pictures of them together are just presh!

Natasha said...

"Slug trail" is the best description I've ever heard! Love it! I also love their nicknames and the pictures of them together. It totally makes me melt when I see siblings holding hands -- so precious :)

Hoags and Kisses said...

Happy 5 months!!! Love the photos!