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Tuesday, August 27, 2013


When I get in bed at night (about an hour after the twins go to sleep), I always scroll through my phone looking at pictures of the babies... whom I saw about an hour prior. I also usually spend a minute or two watching my new "favorite channel," aka: the video monitor.

There are days when the only sources of protein I consume are cheese products. 

Brian has a fantasy football league draft tomorrow night and I am terrified about doing bedtime with the babies on my own for the first time.

Relatedly, I'm pretty sure going back to work has rendered me semi-incapable of taking care of the twins on my own for extended periods of time.

Also relatedly, I hate fantasy sports with a fiery passion. (However, I love my husband so I tolerate them... somewhat.)

The only way I stay up-to-date on current events these days is via facebook. If my friends don't post about it, then I likely don't know it's happening.

I wouldn't trade being a mommy for anything, but the one thing I miss the most about my pre-baby life is the ability to sit around and do nothing. 

I'm looking forward to football season because it means I will get to each more chips, queso, and guacamole.

And on that note, one of the reasons I don't want to stop nursing is because I want to continue having an excuse to eat more or less whatever I want.

Anything you'd like to confess today?


the blogivers said...

Dear God, thank you for giving me a husband who doesn't participate in fantasy sports leagues (yet). Amen.

Here is my confession: sometimes when Davis chooses books that are too long for my liking before naps, I skip sentences/pages to make them go by more quickly. (I know I'm not the only one who does that, so I don't feel too bad.)

Erika said...

I promise to do some extra nothing, plus eat extra chips, guac, and queso for you on vacation. My confession is that for 'dinner' yesterday I ate like half a block of smoked gouda cheese with crackers. In bed. And I got crumbs everywhere. And I didn't even really care. (But I brushed them off the bed before I turned back the covers. I'm not THAT gross.)

Brittnie said...

Confession: I am addicted to Sonic ice. I have gone twice in the last month to buy bags of their ice. I tell myself this is really a positive since I am drinking way more water than I would normally with our boring home ice. :)

Beth said...

I also look at pictures when he's napping/gone to bed :)
I also hate fantasy sports with a fiery passion. Allison, you're a lucky lady!
Confession: sometimes I can't remember when the last time I showered was. Sorry Mateo (but it's your fault).

Kaimey said...

I remember the panic of doing the bedtime routine solo with my twins. Total dread in the hours leading up. I would come help you if not for the 3 hour distance. But you can do it! I'm praying for happy, patient babies for you! And the day will come where you sit on the couch and "do nothing" and just tell your kids to get ready for bed. And they will do it. By themselves.
My confession: When my kids go to a birthday party and come home with bags full of candy, I give them a few days to forget about them (out of sight out of mind!) and then take the candy out and hide it for scott and myself to enjoy and throw the bags away.

Nancie B. said...

I confess I love those sleeping babies.
And I bet you will do just fine getting those babies to sleep on your own. Eventually.

Amber Massey said...

Confession- It has been 4 days since I've washed my hair. I had great intentions last night, but the bag of Doritos and Chopped on the Food Network took up the few hours I have solo after the babies go to bed. Ow-ell.. No one has made comment about my grease ball of hair today at work.. but then again, I think they are scared of me and my tired eyes.

Brittany Sciba said...

Love these! I share your hatred of Fantasy Football.

Natasha said...

I will be thinking of you as you tackle bedtime with the twins on your own. You will do awesome! As will the twins :)

I confess that I am reading your blog rather than continuing to unpack from our move this past weekend.

Jenny said...

I confess that I'm TOTALLY freaked out that both of our kids seem to be dropping their nap. What am I going to do?! That's my time to recharge!! And "quiet time" isn't long enough :) they still nap 5/7 days, but I know the time is coming...(gasp!). I understand W is 4 and most kids stop napping before then, but that kid NEEDS a nap or we all suffer by the time 6pm rolls around. And our 2 year old...well, she definitely is too young to drop naps. Hyperventilating over here (can you tell today is one of those days in which they refused to nap?!).

Courtney Squillante said...

My confession: We were eating pizza at Costco for lunch today. Charley dropped a huge chunk of her pizza on the ground. I grabbed it and threw it in the trash (as all eyes were on me). About five minutes later, it happened again. Not wanting to chunk her whole pizza, I put it to the side (to trick people like I was going to throw it away). About two minutes later, I plopped it right back on her plate and she gobbled it up. That might have happened a few more times... Whatever. I'm over it.

hollie marie said...

I think i should get the wife of the year award this year, because I am ***selflessly*** playing fantasy football with my husband this year. He begged & pleaded and invited and I gave in.

It should be known that he is in THREE fantasy leagues this year #overkill

Tessa said...

Confession: I like to read your blog to prepare myself for the twins I'm expecting in December, even though I don't know you! :) Speaking of, what sort of monitor do you guys use?

The Joiners said...

@Tessa- exciting!! Congrats! Happy to answer any questions you might have :) We have the Summer Infant Baby Touch Plus monitor with 2 cameras. If we could do it over again, though, I would have gotten Motorola for what that's worth!