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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Loving/not loving

Clearly I have not yet found a way to integrate blogging into my new routine. This is in part because I have less free time, but also largely due to the fact that my brain operates mostly in survival mode at the moment, therefore leaving little space for thinking of anything exciting to say.

So for today, let’s keep it simple with a list of what I am and am not currently loving (thanks, sis, for the suggestion):

- Bath time for the babies—they are really into splashing around at the moment which is much more exciting than their previous reaction of sitting still and looking completely unimpressed.

- Bath time for me—this is quite possibly the only time that I spend relaxing each day. Relatedly, I fell asleep in the bathtub on Saturday night. Perhaps I should try splashing around to keep that from happening again? (You’re welcome for that entertaining visual.)

- The babies are progressively doing a lot more smiling, laughing, and babbling (although I kind of hate that word) and it’s pretty darn cute. It kind of makes me sad to think that one day we won’t get excited over every facial expression or sound they make :o/

- The following foods, which I have been consuming in embarrassingly large portions: guacamole, tortilla chips, trail mix, peanut butter pretzels

- The vacuum cleaner sound on the “Sound Sleeper” app, which we use to (a) help the babies fall asleep if needed and (b) help them calm the bleep down if nothing else is working. Can’t believe what it must have been like in the olden days when they had to use actual vacuums…

- The Costco that just opened up not far from our house, which is both amazing and dangerous. Amazing because the samples are endless and where else can you buy a bag of kettle corn that’s 3 feet tall? Dangerous because I now have a 4-pound bag of trail mix in my desk at work.

- That my sweet friend, Brittany, welcomed her baby girl, Georgia Kate, into the world yesterday! And she totally thought she was having a boy, so somehow that makes the surprise seem even more fun to me.

Not loving:
- Having bad skin, a lumpy stomach, and feeling generally frumpy. Yes, I realize I just birthed two humans 3.5 months ago and I need to cut myself some slack, but that doesn’t make me feel better. I somehow feel less attractive now than I did when I was pregnant?

- Clutter in the house… two times the bottles, baby equipment, etc. is a little more than this neat freak can handle, but I’m coping. I sort of feel like our family/TV room has been turned into an obstacle course.

Did anyone else have a panic attack looking at this? Don't worry, this was when we had pulled out all of the equipment that we were given to inventory it, so most of this stuff isn't normally out. But a good portion of it is... eek.

- Waking up at 5:15 every morning

- Seeing the daycare tuition come out of our bank account each week, although of course the munchkins are well worth it!

So what are you loving/not loving at the moment?


Brittnie said...

My parents had to resort to the REAL vacuum with me. I had colic for way too long and the vacuum was the only thing that would help. God help them. At least their floors were always clean???

I am loving thin crust pizza and huge salads with any and every topping under the sun. Not loving the fact that my sleep has already gone to the birds. Been up since 4:30am. Wish that last sentence was a joke.

the blogivers said...

The visual of you splashing in the bath is pretty amusing! I wish our Costco was a teensy bit closer and less intimidating to go to with Davis, because then I could take my time and look around at things rather than just beeline for whatever I need and then leave. Might have to look for the trail mix next time!

As for what I'm loving... Davis actually WANTING Mommy these days. But not loving how many times he has woken up crying for me in the past few days.

Amanda said...

Baths are totally worthy of a little nap time... just don't drown. 5:15 is ridiculous... 6:15 is bad enough. And why are your babies growing so fast?!?!?

Erika said...

I almost had a stroke when I saw your Babies-R-Us/living room. Glad it's not always QUITE that bad. I wish we had a Costco. Then again, it's probably good that we don't. And I think your next vlog should be of you splashing in the bathtub! (In a bathing suit, of course. Let's keep the blog PG...)

Allena said...

Man, we just put our daughter in daycare and the bill for 2 kids is more than our mortgage. That is a tough pill to swallow...monthly.

Lenore said...

I guess my comment never published...I must have done something wrong. Oh well, here goes again.

My weekends with Adam, it is so nice to just go out and have fun without worrying about medication schedules. We are just taking advantage of not being parents for now.

Not loving:
My Tuesday and Thursday nights, when Adam is at yoga teacher training. I get pretty lonely.

Natasha said...

I did have a slight heart attack when I saw all the baby equipment! :)

And thank you for reminding me that there was a time (not all that long ago really) when every sound our babies made was adorable and much waited for. Says a mom who gets tired of all the noise some days.

--the cooler weather we are having

Not Loving:
--Sam being overtired and whiny from a busy week at VBS

kayla Agan said...

Funny about the vacuum because when I turn it on mine FREAK out! I mean, it takes an hour for them to fully recover! :)