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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Thoughts on thirty

Thanks for the birthday love last week and a special thanks to Brian for the hijack post! He sorted through my childhood pictures all by himself and managed not to accidentally post a picture of Allison instead, so you should all be very impressed!

I'm sure none of you are shocked that Allison beat me to the punch with posting a recap of the festivities. You are probably also not shocked that she played photographer, so I don't really have any new and exciting pictures to share with you EXCEPT these 3 amazing pictures:

I was awakened on my birthday morning to find the above (ok actually I was awakened by babies crying at 2 and 6 am, but once I actually got the day started, this is what was there):

- 30 sunflowers
- 36 donut holes (he asked for 30, but they refused to do 2.5 dozen and made him get 3 dozen instead... why he didn't just eat 6 of them on his way back to the house is beyond me;)
- my gifts from Brian: a massage gift certificate to the same place I had my prenatal massage and a game called "Cards Against Humanity" that is supposed to be both highly entertaining and inappropriate

Later in the day, while doing a little shopping sans children, I picked up not one, but two birthday cake pops from Starbucks. Logic would say that I ate one and Allison ate the other, but logic would be wrong: I ate them both. Happily.

I got Allison a monogrammed iphone case for her birthday (pictured on her post), along with a $1 card with a picture of a cat on the front.

Allison got me a maxi dress, along with a card listing 30 of her favorite memories with me:

I'd say hers was slightly more thoughtful, but you be the judge.

I would re-type the list to share with you all, but they would all require explanations. And some of them are pretty embarrassing.

Anyway, it was a good birthday. A big thanks to Brian for spending so much time on solo daddy duty and giving me a few breaks, and a big thanks to everyone who helped make turning 30 special for me/us!


the blogivers said...

At least you spent money on my card - I spent $0! Glad we both had an HBD!

Erika said...

WTG on both cake pops and I hope you polished off all 36 donut holes without sharing!! Glad yall had a fun birthday...let me know how that game goes! I think I've heard of it before!

HoagsandKisses said...

What a fun birthday weekend! Cards Against Humanity is a riot! I played it with my parents once... maybe you don't do that :)

Brittany Sciba said...

Yay for a great birthday weekend! The sunflowers are so pretty! Also, I remember #29 on Allison's card times! :)

Brittnie said...

We are in serious need of some new games so let me know how you like Cards Against Humanity!

Glad your bday was wonderful!

Natasha said...

That is a great card and I am totally stealing that idea for my best friend's birthday next year! And I love the sunflowers! What a great gift.