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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Looking on the bright side

So the countdown is on: 2 weeks and 2 days until I go back to work. For pretty obvious reasons, I am not thrilled about this: someone else will get to spend all day with our babies, I won't be there to see all the cute things they do, we'll only get to spend a few hours with them awake during weekdays, etc. Then there's the fact that I have to start looking presentable and stop wearing my old sorority t-hirts every day, but that's really a secondary concern :).

However, I know there is no point in wallowing in self-pity about the whole thing so I have decided to try my best to be positive about the situation... "try" being the operative word there. Fake it 'til you make it, right?

So in the spirit of thinking positively, I have made a list of 10 reasons that I am looking forward to going back to work and starting Colby and Clara in daycare (in no particular order):

1. There will be less dog hair in the house. Since I've been at home, Noah and Buster have been inside all day and as a result, I feel like our floors are literally covered in their hair. They'll be back outside once I return to work, so the vacuum (and I) will very much appreciate a break.

2. Lower utility bills! Without people here all day using up electricity and water, these will go back to normal (well, normal for summer in Houston, anyway).

3. On a related note, we will go through toilet paper less quickly!

4. I'll have to change fewer diapers. I really don't mind changing diapers, but I'm happy to let someone else have the honor during the daytime hours. Same goes for cleaning up spit up.

5. Socialization for the babies- not only will they get to spend time around other babies their age, but they will also learn to interact with other adults. (I just need to get over my fear that they will start to prefer those other adults over me :)

6. Socialization for mommy! Don't get me wrong, I am very thankful for the time I've gotten to spend at home with Colby and Clara, but I sure do miss having regular adult interaction. I consider a lot of my co-workers to be friends, so it will be fun to see them on a regular basis again.

7. A little bit of "me" time: I can go to the bathroom whenever I want. I can answer e-mails as soon as I get them. I can eat lunch without a baby strapped to me. The possibilities are endless!

8. We'll all get into a consistent routine and schedule. We have somewhat of a routine now, but not so much a consistent schedule, so I don't always know what to expect from one day to the next. So if you know me and my love for predictability, this will be a welcome change.

9. I enjoy my job. I guess I should have put this at the top of the list... oops. Don't get me wrong- being a mommy is my favorite job now, but at least if I have to be away from them for 40+ hours a week, I'll be enjoying what I'm doing.

10. We'll all get to spend a little more time with Daddy. Brian and I will continue carpooling to work, and even though the commute to/from my office (which is across the street from the daycare) is only 20-30 minutes each way, that's an extra 40-60 minutes that we'll get to spend together every day, so hooray for that!

That's all I've got for now. If you've been there/done that with going back to work and sending your kiddos to daycare OR if you are just good at seeing the silver lining, please feel free to add to this list!


the blogivers said...

Way to look a the bright side! (You must have gotten that from me, right?) And I agree with/am a little jealous of all of your points. (You know I'm thankful to get to stay home with Davis, but you also know I threaten to jump out the window on a very regular basis in the middle of the day.)

Here's to soaking up your last 2+ weeks at home!

Katy said...

Those are all good things! I think the fact that y'all carpool is awesome! Having that quiet time together will make a big difference for you both!

Natasha said...

Don't underestimate the power of #7!!!

Erika said...

Love this positive thinking!! I will definitely be glad you'll be back to answering emails in a more timely fashion. It's unbelievably inconvenient for me when it takes you like 15 or 20 minutes to respond. UGH! I think you can also look forward to when (prob not in 2 weeks, maybe in a few months) you go to pick the twins up and they are going to be SO EXCITED TO SEE YOU!!!! That will be super fun, but you might never get that reaction (or not as often, at least) if you stay home and never leave their sides, so...yay!

Brittnie said...

I have to agree with Natasha!! And also don't underestimate the power of #6!! Yay for adult time!

Allena said...

I needed to read your list! Even though my older child has been in daycare for 3 years, our younger one is just about to start, and I'm sad all over again. I have to work, so this isn't really a choice for me so I also have to focus on the positive. I think adult interaction is huge for me and our baby LOVES people watching so I know she'll love the excitement of her school. Great list!!

Brittany Sciba said...

Love your positive attitude!! I would definitely say a highlight will be going to the bathroom whenever you want/not having people stare at you while you go. :)

Allison said...

I agree...these are all great. Personally, I like #7 best. My first day back at work, I was still running to the bathroom. By about the third trip, I realized: "Wait, I can walk as slowly as I want; no one is going to start screaming the moment he notices I'm out of the room!" It was a great moment!

And don't feel bad about crying and/or going to visit them every day at lunch! I did both for probably way too long. After about six weeks of him being there, I stopped going EVERY day to visit. Now I just visit him here and there. And at just 7 months, he does smile pretty big when he sees me come into the's AWESOME!


The Bird said...

I have been away from the babe all week this week for a class (About 9 hours each day). Today I was wild and wore non-nursing friendly clothes (a dress that there is no way I would be able to breastfeed wearing). It felt good to be in my "normal" clothes again (i.e. not a nursing tank). It did make pumping sort of awkward, but it was okay since I was in a private space :) When I was talking to my friend, who returned to work when her son was 3 months old, about how I was having a rough time she said, "It doesn't get harder. There will be hard days mixed in with easier days, but it doesn't get HARDER." Other positives are that she has learned some new things being away from me (she knows how to click her tongue now!) and she gets to interact with other kids a lot more. I do miss her a lot, though :)

Merrie said...

All of your reasons for being positive about returning to work are excellent! I think it's nearly word for word the feelings I had when I went back to work. And I can tell you, from my experience, that if you've got a great day care situation and the kids will be happy, you will be just fine. A funny moment I recall is thinking I would be so sad that first day, and then when I got to the office, I actually said to my co-worker, "I'm so glad to be here!" And I meant it! It's tough to be mom and you, but you'll get the hang of it quick. God bless your return! :)