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Friday, June 14, 2013

Father's Day Reflection

Hello Amanda's blogging friends, it's me (Brian) again! I know it feels like we just hung out a few weeks ago or so with the hijack and all, but I am back for more. I would try to pretend that I wasn't urged by you-know-who to write a post about being the father of twins, but I think I would likely be outed very quickly. Nonetheless, here I am with some reflections on being the father of twins.

I thought for a few minutes about how I wanted to write this post and figured I would just use bullet points with maybe some timestamps just to be all nice and organized with my thoughts and so that you could see how my thinking, and mood, progressed since we brought Colby and Clara home.

Day 1: I was very overwhelmed driving Amanda, Colby, and Clara home. Before they were born Amanda made a playlist, and I think partly because I was exhausted from the hospital stay, and partly because I am sentimental, the songs made me shed a tear or two on our trip home. I was also a little terrified to think that we were now in charge of these two helpless babies, but luckily had lots of help the first few weeks.

Week 1: I remember thinking "hey this isn't so bad", but really that first week seems like a blur now. I took off work for one week, but often times I wonder if I should have taken off more. In the end it was the best plan to save some vacation so that I could take off days to go to the doctor with them, or stay home with them in case anyone got sick, but going back to work that first day was difficult. Thankfully I had a good walk the night before (with the dogs of course), and had a good talk with God. Since then, I have missed them while I am at work, but thanks to Amanda's pictures and FaceTime, I have gotten peeks before going home. Also, it was in the first week that I was peed, pooped, and vomited on, so I was glad to get that out of the way early.

Weeks 2-6: Now I know what colic is and what it looks like. I don't think I have ever felt as tired as I did during this time. Thankfully God created coffee and Starbucks makes plenty of it. Also, thankfully, there is one located about 7 minutes away from my office if I walk there. And finally, I'm glad it wasn't yet as hot as the surface of the sun when I made those walks. These weeks really felt like a test of patience, which usually I have in abundance. However, there were plenty of times I was frustrated and the only thing that could make me feel better was to look at their little faces and know that they needed Amanda and myself to help them and they were lost without us.

Weeks 6-8: The twins really started getting into a routine these weeks and that made life a lot better for everyone. I think Amanda mentioned something about being tired or getting angry in a previous post, but I can't remember any of those instances :) Seriously though, there are nights where Colby or Clara (usually Colby) can't go to sleep and need some help or reassurance after eating. I know I don't always act like it at the time, and Amanda may not believe this, but I enjoy being the one to go to their "rescue." Since she is home with them all day, I also feel like Amanda needs the breaks when she can get them - and I think that is another big thing I realized early on. It would be much more difficult if we didn't work as a team. It makes life a lot easier knowing Amanda will always have my back and I always have hers. If she needs a break I am happy to give it knowing she would do the same for me.

That leads me to some more random thoughts that are going to come more like the lightning round:
  • I love tucking them in after they finish eating so that they can go to sleep at night.
  • I also love picking them up when they wake up for the morning. Colby is usually pretty excited about eating (just like his father...), and Clara usually takes a little longer to wake up and stretches and yawns (just like her father...) and does generally cute things.
  • I love hearing Amanda say excitedly, "Daddy's home!" even though I know she is likely just more excited that she has some help more than anything else.
  • I love kissing their chubby cheeks.
  • I love holding them when they are exhausted from eating and having them fall asleep on my shoulder while I am trying to burp them.
  • God bless the person who invented the pacifier.
  • I thought I ate quickly before but now I'm pretty sure I can finish an entire meal in 3 minutes or less if need be.
  • I love pictures, videos, and FaceTime while I am at work.
  • I also love showing off pictures, videos, and FaceTime to my co-workers who humor the proud father.
  • When Colby and Clara smile, it is one of the cutest things in the world every time.
  • When they toot while I change their diapers, it is always funny.
  • I love Clara's obsession with the Pink Bird on her bouncer.
  • I love Colby's obsession with eating and the noises he makes while eating.
  • I love bath time (now that they like it).
  • I love Clara's various sounds.
  • And I love that I'm writing this blog post with Colby asleep in the Baby Bjorn that is strapped to me.
People at work ask me what I'm thinking and what it's like. My answer is usually twofold. One - no matter the good or the bad, it won't last for long, so enjoy the good, and know the hard stuff will go away soon. And two - being a dad is the best thing ever.

(Pictures below added by Amanda)


the blogivers said...

Sweet post, Bri! (Although apparently you need to hold just Clara more often, because Colby won the majority in those pics.) Happy early Father's Day!

The Bird said...

Happy Father's Day, Brian! This (and the whole blog, really) will be awesome for Colby and Clara to see some day. There is no doubt that they are greatly loved :) Also, I think it is wonderful that you identified the importance of working as a team. Good for the babes and good for your marriage, too! You and Amanda are an awesome pair!

Erika said...

So sweet!! Nice takeover, Brian!! Love seeing you being a dad!! :)

Amanda said...

Ahhh, so sweet! Happy First Father's Day Brian!!!

Brittany Sciba said...

Love it! What a super sweet daddy Colby and Clara have! :)

Brittnie said...

So sweet. Love this. Happy Father's Day, Brian! It only keeps getting better and better, promise!

Natasha said...

Awww. This brought tears to my eyes. So sweet. Congratulations on your first Father's Day!!! And you've already got the part of teamwork down pat and, after four years of parenting I can honestly say that's the most important part. And well do I understand the enthusiasm of "Daddy's home!!!" while inwardly doing a happy dance :)