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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A day in the life: Round 2

You might recall back in January that I wrote a "day in the life" post when I was about 25 weeks pregnant. Well a lot has changed in 5 months and I thought it might be fun to do an updated post detailing my new (and sadly, temporary) life as a stay-at-home-mom of 2.5-month-old twins.

It's funny, because I remember when my friends would have babies, I used to wonder what they did all day... I mean, it's not like the babies needed help with homework or had to go to soccer practice, so what could possibly take up these moms' time every day?! Ha! Well let's just take a look:

6:15 am - Time for Brian to rise and shine! He gets up, takes a shower, and bids me farewell for the day. I keep sleeping until 7:30 or until the babies wake up- whichever comes first.

7:20 am - On this particular morning, Colby decided he didn't want to wait until 7:30 and started crying. I hastily brushed my teeth, filled up my water bottle, and went to rescue them from starvation.

Usually I only carry one baby at a time when traveling/to from the nursery for diaper changes; however, the one time I carry them both together is after waking them up. Not sure why, but it just seems more efficient.

7:30-8 am - Feed babies. Can you tell which twin was in a good mood and which one was just hungry and wondering why mommy was taking so long to get the show on the road?

8-9 am - The babies enjoy play time on the activity mats while I eat breakfast, fold laundry, and catch up on whatever exciting social media updates occurred since I last checked while feeding them at 3 am.

8:15 am - Mommy time is interrupted when Colby spits up all over his face and clothes... twice. (I wanted to include a picture, but Allison said it was too gross, so you can thank her for not having a visual.)

After an outfit change, Colby is in better spirits but not interested in hanging out anywhere other than in my lap.

Meanwhile, Clara also tires of activity time and gets moved to the nap nanny with her friend and mine, the pacifier.

9:15 am - Both babies fall asleep!

9:15-10:15 am - Since Colby fell asleep in the Baby Bjorn, I spent that hour watching the Today Show and playing on my phone. How did new moms stay in touch with the world/stay sane before iPhones?!

10:30-11 am - Time to feed the babies again! Both are now dressed for the day and clearly ready to eat:

And here's an after shot showcasing their milk coma faces:

11 am - I sneak away for a quick shower while they're happily playing on their activity mats.

11:05 am - Colby is no longer happy so I hurry out of the shower to turn him over on his stomach (yes, sort of like turning a turkey in the oven)... usually this stops the fussing, and this time was no exception. Tummy time for the win!

I was able to finish getting dressed, and since I know you're all dying to know what my daily "uniform" looks like, here you go:

11:30 am - Both babies are asleep again (it's tiring being a baby), so I take advantage and make a quick lunch.

I was able to eat at the table for the first minute until Clara started fussing, at which point I moved back to the couch so that I could bounce her while I ate. This went on for 30 minutes or so until she decided to stay asleep.

12:45-1:30 pm - Clara woke up and was ready for some mommy/daughter bonding while brother continued snoozing.

1:30-2 pm - Time to feed the babies again!

2-4 pm - We made our daily excursion out of the house to visit my grandparents. Looks like I caught someone mid-yawn:


Clara hanging out with Jean Mom

4:30 pm - Back at the house and yep, you guessed it, time to feed the babies again. This feeding was extra special because while Colby was waiting for Clara to finish, he decided to (a) spit up on his sister's arm/my lap and (b) poop out of his diaper onto the nursing pillow. I was not aware of activity (b) until I felt something wet on my hand, so that was special.

5-5:50 pm - Clean up Colby, start another load of laundry (third for the day, believe it or not), feed the dogs, and wait anxiously for Daddy to get home.

5:50 pm - Praise the good Lord, Daddy is home! Thankfully we are finishing up the last of our freezer meals from Brian's mom, so all I had to do to get dinner ready was stick it in the microwave.

The babies did not see it necessary to let us eat dinner in peace, however, so Brian shoveled bites in his mouth in between baby wrangling.

6-7:15 pm - Try to get things done (pay bills, write a thank you note, fold laundry, etc.) while Daddy's on duty. Colby, however, did get to assist me in paying bills while Brian and Clara were having some one-on-one time. He was pretty excited about it:

7:15-8:30 pm - Bedtime routine/feeding for the babies... we do baths every other night, but this was not a bath night. They are generally pretty tired/hungry/inconsolable at this point in the evening... see?

8:30-9:30 pm - Free time! I usually spend the majority of this time sitting mindlessly in the bath tub. Once or twice we have gotten crazy and stayed up until 10 or 10:30 to watch a movie or something, but  few things are more valuable to me than sleep these days, so that is definitely a rarity.

9:30 pm until some time between 2-4:30 am - Sleep! We get up once a night to feed them (depending on when they wake up) and then go back to sleep until Brian's alarm goes off the next morning, at which point the day starts all over.

So that's my day in a nutshell. Pretty fun and exciting, right? A few things to note:

- Clearly we don't have a very formal napping routine down yet, but hey, they are napping and their nighttime sleep is going pretty well so we'll take what we can get!
- Yes, we let Colby nap on his stomach. Please don't call CPS.
- We used to go for a walk at least once a day until the temperature started reaching 8,000 degrees before noon.
- I eat a lot more than this breakdown suggests. On this particular day, my "extracurricular" eating included a handful of trail mix, a cup of Quaker Oat Squares, cheese and crackers, a handful of tortilla chips, 2 cookies, 3 brownies, a handful of frosted animal cookies, and I'm probably leaving something out.
- Number of diapers used for the day: 15


Natasha said...

1) I wanted to see the spit up picture!!!

2) I'm glad you clarified that you were eating more during the day than what you wrote about. I got hungry just reading your post.

3) Whatever gets Colby to sleep is just fine. We probably all slept on our stomachs :)

the blogivers said...

So sorry that I disappointed Natasha by vetoing the spit-up picture! Feel free to give the people what they want, and I just won't look.

Also, I think it's funny that Clara seems to look most like you (to me) when she is crying or making a "special" happy face :)

You will need to do another post like this in a couple of months to see how much the routine has changed (not just because you will be working, but to see how quickly they change)!

Brittnie said...

I used to think the same thing about stay at home moms! What the heck did they do ALL DAY LONG?
Ummmm. . . now I know. And obviously it's doubly busy for you!!

I'm still amazed at their good sleep habits, so I'd say you are doing a great job and sounds like even if naps are not down to a science (which they usually aren't at this age), they are on a really good routine/schedule!

Erika said...

I'd been thinking about doing another Day in the Life post too...but I think my life looks exactly the same now as it did then, only I'm tanner and I eat less healthily. But I like your new-and-improved life!! :) I think I'm most impressed that the babies are on such synched-up sleep schedules. That's pretty awesome.

Amanda said...

I'm glad to know that you're eating more than that pitiful breakfast... that's what I eat and I'm not feeding two babies!

Life looks really tiring but pretty awesome! Hope you're loving these days as much as possible!

HoagsandKisses said...

Love the day in the life post. That is a hardcore day! Text Brian to come home with lots of dairy queen blizzards today, you have earned it!

Brittany Sciba said...

Loved reading about your days! It will be so fun for you to look back on someday! :)

Brittany {Coleman Chronicles} said...

Love this post! You will love looking back on this when they are older. Also - you're doing an awesome job. Nursing twins? ROCKSTAR. And only one wake-up at night? SUPER ROCKSTAR.

Courtney Squillante said...

Love these posts. Always so interesting to me :)

jennie said...

I found your blog through Brittany Sciba and I have 6 week old boy twins and a 2 1/2 year old boy. Mine sleep on their tummies too! Survival at it's best!

kayla Agan said...

Ok we need to get together!! We have the same life!! Days with twin infants are crazy huh!?