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Monday, May 6, 2013

One month!

In addition to being Cinco de Mayo, yesterday was also Colby's and Clara's one month birthday! I celebrated by eating chips and queso. They celebrated by having a brief photo shoot and doing other baby things. 

I had the genius idea to take these shortly after they were fed rather than right before, which ensured that neither of them ruined the picture by screaming (I'm looking at you, Colby). 

Speaking of Colby, we don't know how much the babies weigh at the moment (the next pediatrician appointment isn't until 2 months), but I am fairly certain that he is heavier every time I pick him up! Homeboy seems to be growing like a weed, and I feel like he already looks so different than when we brought him home.

Colby's current favorites: tummy time, gas drops, hanging out sideways in the Nap Nanny, eating, preventing Mommy and Daddy from sleeping at night, grabbing his face with his hands, going on walks, lifting up his head, the pacifier, snoozing after a meal, and being cute

Headband bow or pirate patch? You decide.

Clara appears to be growing as well, especially in her face, but is definitely still the more petite of the two. She still cries/fusses less frequently than her brother, but she has started to pipe up more in the last few days, so I have a feeling our house will be increasingly less quiet in the weeks and months to come!

Clara's current favorites: hanging out in the bouncer, burping like a grown man, looking around, making funny faces (most notably the owl face and duck face), eating, spitting up, making noises like a billy goat, and being cute

Can't wait to see what kind of fun and excitement month two will hold... hopefully the kind of fun and excitement that includes sleeping for several hours at a time during the night? A mom can dream, right?

Happy one month, little ones! We love you more than you know!


Courtney Squillante said...

You survived a month! Congrats!!!!!!!

the blogivers said...

Girl look at those babies... they work out.

Happy (belated) 1 month, C & C!

Erika said...

I kind of want Clara to actually wear a pirate patch. If I send you a pink one will you put it on her? Also a hook. But no parrot for her shoulder because obviously I do not want her to be mauled to death.

Natasha said...

Happy One Month Birthday C&C! (Is it bad I want to add "Music Factory" after that?!) (Did I just date myself?)

The Bird said...

One month! It goes fast, doesn't it? They keep getting cuter and cuter!! I love that Clara is growing well "especially in her face." Hee hee :)I am excited to share that it only gets better and more fun! Sometimes I get sad thinking about how fast time seems to be going but we find more joy in our daughter every day! And in the night, almost 4 months she has for slept 6-7 hour stretches the last 2 nights! I woke up several times to check on her, but we're headed in the right direction :)

Love Erika's idea about the pink pirate patch...the hook sounds a little scary, though!

Brittnie said...

Yay for surviving month 1! That is not an easy task in my opinion!

They are getting cuter by the day. :) Love the headband over Clara's eyes. I cannot put headbands on my Clara while in the car, ever, because it never fails I will be cruising along and then look back in my rearview mirror and she is sporting the pirate patch. :)

Terrie Joiner said...

I love these little ones so, so much! Thanks for the cute pictures and for giving me such cute grand babies.

Bren said...

I love those babies!!! Can't believe they're 1 month already! Good job documenting another milestone!

Brittany Sciba said...

I just realized I never commented on this! Happy 1 month Colby and Clara!! :) You are precious!