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Monday, May 13, 2013

First Mother's Day

Yes, it's time for the obligatory Mother's Day re-cap! While I was excited to celebrate for the first time as a mom, my expectations for the day were low given that our families weren't in town and we had two little infants to take care of... apparently they don't break for holidays- who knew?

Nonetheless, Brian did a great job of making me feel loved, which I appreciate even more knowing just how tired he is. In fact, after the twins woke us up at 5 am to eat on Sunday morning, instead of going back to sleep, Brian snuck off on a secret mission to the grocery store to prepare this:

I kid you not when I say it was the most amazing french toast I have ever eaten. And in fact, he made 4 extra pieces so I could enjoy some this week as well. I sure am going to miss being pregnant/nursing and the accompanying permission to stuff my face when holidays like this roll around next year!

Fun fact: in true mother-of-5-week-old-twins fashion, I enjoyed this tasty breakfast while pumping. Fun times.

Colby, Clara, Noah, and Buster also had Brian pick these up at the store- so thoughtful of him them!

We spent the rest of the day hanging around the house with the exception of lunch out at Cafe Express and a quick trip to Babies R Us. 

1. I look exhausted... because I am. 
2. I wanted to get a picture of me actually holding them before we left the house, but the little wiggle worms weren't cooperating.

We experimented with a couple of bows on Clara for the day, but in the end opted for the smaller of the two:

Colby was also looking cute yesterday, but due to some persistent fussiness, I wasn't able to get a good picture of him awake. You'll have to settle for one of the 8,000 tummy time shots of him instead:

(that's a shadow, he didn't pee through his diaper... this time)

Anyway, the day wasn't super glamorous, but being a new mom isn't super glamorous, so I think it was fitting. It was just another reminder of how thankful I am that God made me the mommy to these two little babies, and that He gave me Brian as a partner in attempting to figure them out raising them!


Sally said...

Love the one with you and your little ones! So sweet. Happy Mother's Day :))

Becky said...

How sweet of Brian! That breakfast looks delicious! You sure have two cute babies!! :)

Erika said...

What a great day!! Love that first bow pic of Clara...such a cute expression!

the blogivers said...

Glad Bri, the twinkies, and the pups made sure you had the wonderful Mother's Day you deserved!

Side note: Davis DID pee through his diaper an hour or so ago. To alert me to this fact, he pointed at his shorts and said, "Uh oh! Bapu. Wawa."

Natasha said...

LOVE the big bow! Although I'm also kind of laughing at it. Happy Belated First Mother's Day!

Erika said...

Wait, how did I only just now notice your red 'you are special today' plate? WE HAVE THE SAME ONE. I mean, my parents do. It was our special plate we got to eat on for birthdays or what-not growing up!!! WE ARE TWINSIES!!!

Shannon said...

Just when I think it's impossible for them get any cuter, you go and put Clara in a bow the size of her face (which she clearly loved). And Colby's sweet little bottom sticking up? I'm dying.

Brittnie said...

Nice job, Brian! That breakfast looks great!

And I love that last pic of Colby with his booty in the air. Clara slept chilled like that a lot as a newborn and she still sleeps like that sometimes! :)

Happy belated first mother's day to you!

HoagsandKisses said...

What a sweet Mother's Day! That French toast looks so yummy! And I don't know how you get so much done everyday. I would spend hours just putting pretty hair bows on Clara and taking pictures. She is so adorable! Love the pic of the three of you. You are one beautiful mama!