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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Post-pregnancy update: Mommy edition

Happy Wednesday, friends! On Friday I'm going to give you an update on my favorite two-week-old twins, but today, you get to read about me- congrats! This is sort of a follow-up to the monthly updates I used to do when I was pregnant, and I got the idea from my blogger/twin mom friend, Amber, who had her twins back in December- thanks, Amber!

How Far Along? Colby and Clara were delivered at 36 weeks and 5 days. While I wonder if things would have gone differently if we had gone another week (ie: Clara not having to go to the NICU), I am trusting that the doctor delivered them at the right time and they came right when they were supposed to!

Size of Baby(ies)?  Colby weighed 5 pounds, 11 ounces, and Clara weighed 5 pounds, 1 ounce. When we left the hospital, Colby was down to 5 pounds, 5 ounces, and Clara was at 5 pounds even (I'm thinking she didn't lose as much because they were pumping her full of formula in the NICU). As of last week, Clara was back up to her birth weight and Colby was weighing 5 pounds, 7 ounces.

Maternity Clothes? Considering I spend most days in my pajamas or nursing tank tops, I don't know that I can really answer this question yet. I have worn a couple of non-maternity dresses (like the one in our newborn photo shoot), but haven't tried on any of my pants yet. Now that Allison is pregnant (woo hoo!), I am anxious to get all of the maternity clothes packed up for her, so hopefully I'm done with most of them.

Weight Loss? I haven't weighed in at the OB's office yet, but according to my scale at home, I gained 39 pounds during the pregnancy, and as of today, I have lost 33 of those pounds. Apparently birthing and then nursing twins is a pretty great weight loss plan- ha!

Breastfeeding? Yes, yes, and yes. Seemingly all day, every day. It is going fairly well so far, minus a few hiccups last weekend when Colby was not being very cooperative. There were many tears (from me, not him), but thankfully we got back on track, and I am actually able to feed them both at the same time now. I can do it by myself, but it is usually helpful to have an extra set of hands to assist.

I am also trying to get into a pumping routine but haven't quite gotten there yet. Regardless, the moral of the story is that I spend most of my day either feeding them, or feeding myself so that I can keep up with the calories required to feed them. Fun times.

Sleep? Sigh. The babies sleep just fine, and I'm fairly certain that they would sleep a good 5+ hours if we let them. However, because they are little bitty, we have to make sure to feed them every 2-3 hours, which basically means that we are waking them up every 2-3 hours. When you consider that it takes 30-45 minutes to feed them both, that means we are really only getting 2 hours of sleep in between feedings.

Brian has been a big help and gets up with me to help change diapers, burp them, and put them back to bed. He is back at work this week, so I know that's getting harder on him :o/

Our pediatrician said that once they make it to 6 pounds, we can let them sleep as long as they want at night and hopefully skip out on that 2:30 am feeding. That means we will be able to sleep hopefully from 11:30 pm-5:30 am which sadly sounds like the most amazing and glorious thing ever right now.
Food Cravings? No cravings, and I am really not much hungrier than I was pre-pregnancy (or during pregnancy for that matter) but because people keep telling me how much I need to eat, I am constantly eating something. I have eaten a LOT of cookies in the past 2 weeks (including one after my second breakfast each day). And I've also eaten some ice cream, just for good measure.

What I Miss? I did miss feeling them move around inside at first, but they're so incredibly cute and fun to watch from the outside that I haven't missed it as much as I thought. I do miss being able to take baths and spend hours worthlessly lounging on the couch, however... but they're worth it :)

Symptoms? Not sure what this question is asking, but yes, I have experienced some of the normal post-partum "symptoms." My c-section incision is still a little sore, but I have weaned myself off of the pain meds and am up and moving around pretty easily for the most part. There have been a few semi-irrational crying sessions, but I think that's as much due to sleep deprivation as it is to hormones.

Belly Button? I'm proud to report that my innie is back! My stomach is still not going to be on the cover of any magazines any time soon (ever) but at least my belly button doesn't look like a nose anymore.

Best Moment of the Week? Even though I really wish we could let them sleep as much as they want, I do enjoy getting to wake them up and spend a little bit of awake time with them since they spend most of the day passed out in their rock 'n plays. I was also pretty excited to get to see a few of the proofs from our newborn photo shoot- can't wait to see the rest!

And there you have it. I know people are a lot more interested in how the twins are doing than how I'm doing, so I promise not to post any more of these :)


Beth said...

I'm glad to hear how you're recovering! And I am so impressed how much weight you're down! Amazing. Probably going to hate you and you may be uninvited to my house. (Not really...)

Amanda said...

You're SIX pounds away from pre-pregnancy weight?!?! I obviously should breastfeed. Hmmmm…. So glad you're doing well! So, so, so happy for your little family of four!

Verna said...

Great job with breastfeeding twins! That has to have it's challenging moments! Awesome work!

Gillian said...

I love hearing how mommies are doing! It sounds like you're doing an amazing job keeping up with those precious little babies! Keep up the great work :)

Mollyanne said...

I loved this post! I wish more moms talked a little about themselves post-partum. I would totally recommend another one of these in a few weeks (or at least updates on how things like emotions, recovery, and bf'ing are going).

the blogivers said...

So glad your nose-belly button has disappeared, because that is a creepy visual. Also, I like and agree with Beth's comment.

LEB said...

Im very jealous you have already dropped almost all the baby weight! Super impressed you are nursing twins....i tried two different periods of time to breastfeed and got so frustrated that i just pump and bottle feed her the breast milk. Im determined, despite my dislike of it, to continue to do so until my last 12 lbs is off ;) Hoping for some extra sleep for you soon! xoxo

Erika said...

You already lost 33 pounds??!?!?! I kind of hate you for that. Want to lose 33 of mine next? Thanks. Also I think you are mad awesome for double BF-ing. I should have expected nothing less than this level of awesomeness, but I'm still impressed! And actually I really enjoy this kind of update and think you SHOULD do it again in a few weeks, only if you're like...lower than your pre-preg weight, you definitely do not need to share that. Actually, just lie and say you're a big fatty. Thanks.

Katie & Dave said...

Awesome job mama! It's great to read about you and the twins : ) Thanks for sharing! I'm so impressed you've been able to tandem feed. amazing!

Victoria Strong said...

High five for nursing! I'm glad things are going well... breastfeeding is often tough for moms of singletons, so to succeed with twins is quite an accomplishment, indeed!

If you're ever needing love and support, check out "The Leaky B@@b" on Facebook. It's such a great place for mom-to-mom support, and there are lots of moms of multiples on the page! If you have a question, post it on the wall, and you'll get at least 1 response quickly, sometimes in minutes. Lots of great ladies with great advice! The creator (Jessica Martin-Weber) is a Texas mom (she's in Houston, actually)... and she has 6 kids, all girls! Her oldest is 14, and her youngest is about to turn 1. She's full of great advice.

I'm so happy for all 4 of you!

Brittnie said...

Super impressive that you are only 6 pounds away from pre pregnancy weight. That's amazing.

Congrats on getting back your belly button. I was equally excited when my cankles reduced down to a normal size and resumed a normal shape!!

You're doing a great job. Can't wait to see you soon!

Lenore said...

Lots of love to all the Joiners! If you need something during the week, feel free to send me a text. I am officially unemployed, so I have lots of free time. Plus I love to hold babies.

Courtney Squillante said...

I love this post! You sound like super mom!!! Way to go lady!!

Natasha said...

This was a great update! I can't believe you are only 6 pounds away from pre-pregnancy weight. I don't know if I EVER got that close! Also, way to go on tandem breastfeeding twins. You are a superstar!

Hopefully you'll do another one of these in a couple of weeks or another month to let us know how YOU are doing :)