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Monday, April 29, 2013

Big week ahead

Shockingly, I received zero guilt trips for not blogging one single time last week. That means that you all are either more gracious than I anticipated, or my lack of blogging didn't create as big of a void in your lives as I anticipated ;)

My mother-in-law was actually in town helping out last week so in between feeding, changing diapers, eating, and napping, I was typically chatting or forcing her to watch old episodes of Full House, which unfortunately left no time for blogging. But have no fear, I'm back (for now, anyway)!

I feel especially lame for being MIA last week because it was National Infertility Awareness Week. And while the two babies that have recently made their debut in our lives are proof that we "overcame" infertility, that most certainly does not mean (a) that our struggle to get pregnant didn't exist or (b) that we have forgotten about it.

I'm fairly certain that anyone reading this blog is aware of the journey that we went through to get Colby and Clara (unless you have very poor reading comprehension skills and/or just started reading in the last 3 weeks), but in case you haven't read the backstory, please be sure to check out the "Our Infertility Journey" tab at the top of the page. And more importantly, please be sure to be conscious of the people in your lives that might be or might have once been in the same boat. Even though NIAW has passed, any time is a good time to pass on a word of encouragement (or chocolate) to those that are fighting an uphill battle in their quests to become parents!

Anyway, enough about last week, let's talk about the week ahead, because it's going to be a big one:

1. This will be our first full week without having either of our moms in town. That means that when Brian leaves the house at 7 am, I am on my own with the twins until he gets home at 6 pm. I'm excited to spend some alone time with them and get into our own routine, but I would be lying if I didn't also admit to feeling overwhelmed and mildly terrified. Wish me luck!

2. Brian turns 30 on Friday! We had originally hoped to have a party or plan some kind of celebration, but apparently having newborn twins requires a little more energy than we anticipated, so we have toned down our expectations a little. I am, however, planning to take the babies up to his office to meet some of his co-workers and then out for a quick lunch, which means this week will also include my first attempt at getting out of the house alone with them in tow. I am planning to add on an extra half hour to whatever time I need to leave because it very well may take that long to get out of the door with them!

3. Davis turns 2 today! We are bummed not to be able to be in Austin to celebrate with him, but Colby, Clara, and I look forward to FaceTiming with him to wish him a happy birthday frequently :)

4. And speaking of big milestones, Colby and Clara will be one month old on Sunday (yep, Cinco de Mayo)! I don't know how it's possible either, so don't ask me. There will be a photo shoot, of course, and an update on all of the fun and exciting things they have been up to, so stay tuned.

We should be getting the rest of the pictures from their newborn photo shoot any day now, by the way, so hopefully I'll get to share some of those this week as well. And speaking of pictures, there are very few that have been taken that have not already been posted on facebook and/or Instagram, so I feel kind of silly repeating them here. I picked out a few that you may not have seen yet, so enjoy:

Colby has an affinity for hanging out in the nap nanny, and specifically in this slumped over position, preferably with his blanket kicked off as much as possible. Funny baby.

Clara is (a) tan and (b) very expressive. Thought this was a cute little face she was making.

The babies snoozed with their daddy on Saturday morning (while Mommy pumped... it's a glamorous life I lead). And no, they do not co-sleep in our bed with us- just a short supervised nap!

This picture was taken on Colby's & Clara's first walk in the neighborhood a couple of weeks ago, but there have been many (ok 3 or 4) walks since then! They seem to enjoy it, as do the dogs, who suffered greatly as a result of the fact that I didn't exercise for the second half of my pregnancy. 

So that's the latest! I'll be sure to update again soon, but if anyone has any burning questions about how life is going with 3-week-old twins at home, feel free to ask :)


the blogivers said...

A few things... it just registered that I will be in town on Cinco de Mayo! Will you be feeding me queso?

Also, Davis says thanks for the HBD love!

And I bet pushing that double stroller is good practice for the days ahead when you have to use those bleeping enormous car grocery carts at HEB.

Angela said...

Dallas looked at all of these pictures with me and had tons questions about your babies - who they are, why were they sleeping in a "big girl bed" (aka your bed), why their stroller is so big, and if they live near us and can come over, to name a few. I told her their names, and she wants them to come here from Texas (she knows where that is on a map) and play in her room because they are "so cute." So I guess that settles it that you now have to come to FL.

Courtney Squillante said...

Good luck this week! You will love getting into your own little routine!! Fun!!

Erika said...

I think this week will be very exciting for you!! And I think you should add more than 30 minutes to your 'getting out of the house' routine. Maybe more like an hour. And I'm very intrigued by the difference in skin tones Clara & Colby have! Is Clara already hitting the tanning bed hard? She should wait til she's 10 at least, in my opinion...but I guess if she's in a pageant next weekend or something, it's understandable.

Mollyanne said...

I'm gonna agree with Erika about adding more than 30 minutes. Babies like to do extra special things like major diaper blow outs or spit up contests right as you're about to leave the house for anything special.
Perhaps this topic would bore the stew out of other readers, but I am really curious about the logistics of nursing 2 babies. For example, do they eat for about the same amount of time? When one is finished do you manage to burp him/her while the other continues to nurse? If so, how does that work with only 2 hands? And things like that.

Brittany Sciba said...

You will do GREAT this week!!! You're such a wonderful mommy already!! :) Love yall!

mom7 said...

They are beautiful and you will be in a routine in no time. Enjoy!

Natasha said...

I would add my two cents about leaving more than 30 minutes extra time to get out of the house. Also, since I'm not a Facebook friend or on Instagram please feel free to re-post any adorable pictures to your blog. I'd love to see more. And how is being on your own with C&C going? I hope well!