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Monday, March 25, 2013

More bullet points

- I think I had my first contraction last Thursday night. It was obviously not labor because I only had one, but it was pretty unpleasant. It sort of felt like having a charley horse in my abdomen and back at the same time and also a little like being stabbed with a knife from the inside. So that was fun.

I couldn't seem to get comfortable lying down after it subsided so I ended up sleeping on the couch where I could lay at more of an incline. Brian very kindly joined me on the other end of the sectional to keep me company... it was probably nice for him not to have to share his sleeping space with me and the body pillow for a change!

- At Friday's perinatologist appointment, the ultrasound tech and doctor both declared that Colby and Clara are very clearly morning people. They were both very active and passed their biophysical profiles in record time, whereas they can sometimes be a little more slow-moving at the afternoon appointments. Being a morning person myself, I was beaming with pride at this thought. Brian, however, is likely not quite as thrilled... he already has one person poking him in the eyes at 8 am on Saturday mornings in an attempt to get him to wake up, so not sure how he's going to handle three :)

- I watched "Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition" yesterday and sadly felt a little bit like I could relate to the (548-pound) man on the show just because of how hard it was for him to get up and move around and how little it took to make him sweat/lose his breath. Except for the fact that his boobs were bigger than mine.

And now allow me to share a few videos with you that are currently relevant and/or entertaining:

Brian laughs every time this commercial comes on and says he can't wait to pull the same stunt with Clara:

Remember when I shared "The Duck Song" with you? I can't help but get the "waddle waddle" part stuck in my head now every time I walk:

I made a playlist recently called "Songs for the Twins." One of my favorites is "It Won't Be Like This For Long" by Darius Rucker:

I have already told Brian that there's a strong chance of me playing it when we drop the twins off at daycare for the first time while crying uncontrollably. He can't wait!

That's all I have to share for now. Fingers crossed that we'll get to nail down a delivery date some time this week... stay tuned!


the blogivers said...

Ha I haven't seen that commercial before but it's pretty amusing! But if Clara is anything like her mom, she won't be that gullible... and she will also be scarier when talking on the phone to a boy she likes. I speak from experience.

Erika said...

I used to listen to The Duck Song w/ my kids at school all the time and the 'waddle waddle' section would NEVER leave my head. And now it's back, just from you mentioning it. Thanks so much!! And LOL at the 548 pound man with bigger boobs than you. So jealous of him.

Nikki Miller said...

My 16th month old and my HUSBAND love the duck song!

Courtney Squillante said...

I have watched that duck one 6,451 times with Jay. Seriously. And the boobs comment me made laugh do loud. Hysterical.

Sarah said...

HOORAH for first contractions!!! "Oh and love that Rucker song.

Brittany Sciba said...

I love that Darius Rucker song...makes me cry every time! Exciting (I think) about having a contraction! :) The babies are getting ready to make their debut!

HoagsandKisses said...

Delivery Date prediction: Tuesday, April 2 (2 for twins!) If I'm right you must do a vlog singing the duck song :)

Brittnie said...

Love that commercial!!

And praise God for epidurals & anesthesia. I am not sure why anyone would want to get stabbed in the back over and over and over and over again during labor. :) But that is just me!!