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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

(Barely) better than nothing

As promised, I'm back for a second post! No promises, however, that it will be worth your time to read it :)

- Yesterday's ultrasound went well and both babies were relatively cooperative. Clara is still breech, and was wiggling away as is her norm these days. Colby was being fairly lazy so it took some prodding to get him to show off his muscle tone (kicking, punching, etc.), but I can't really blame him being that it was about an hour after lunch and the poor kid probably just wanted a nap. I was amused, however, that as soon as I pressed "send" on a text message to Brian telling him that his son was being a "lazy bum," Colby kicked me. So perhaps in addition to inheriting his daddy's mellowness, he'll have some of mommy's feistiness, too?

Oh, and the perinatologist told me that both babies look great and that I'm allowed to go into labor any day now. Ha, well thanks for the permission- I'll be sure to pass the memo onto the twins!

- Thanks for your compliments on my shoes from Monday's post! I like them too, but am admittedly getting tired of them being that they are the only pair of flats that I wear these days (yes, I am still crazy enough to wear heels some days). I haven't had any real issues with swelling, but somehow my feet still seem to have expanded in size, so they are really the only pair of flats that still fits :o/

- I am so incredibly thankful not to be pregnant during the summer. The temperature has been creeping into the 80s the past couple of days and it is enough to make me cranky... and sweaty. I am also thankful that my husband doesn't judge me if I walk around with no pants on.

- It doesn't surprise me that things like walking at a brisk pace make me run out of breath. It does surprise me, however, that having conversations with people and riding in the car somehow make me run out of breath.

- A whopping two of you gave me suggestions for blog topics after my plea on Monday (shout out to Erika and my sis), so thanks for that! I'll attempt to address some of the suggested topics below:

Favorite indulgences over the course of the pregnancy:
- cookies, bacon, cheese, M&M's (primarily the peanut butter, peanut, and pretzel varieties), kid cereals (Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Lucky Charms)

Write about your favorite twin sister:
- My favorite twins sister is Allison. Not for any particular reason, really, other than the fact that she's my only option.

Kidding, obviously! Allison is my favorite twin sister because we can relate on just about everything and I don't ever have to explain myself to her. Also, it's nice to have the exact same sense of humor as someone else... good thing we are both so hysterical ;o)

What cosmetic surgery I would get:
- Is there a cosmetic surgery that could make me permanently tan? Because that's what I would pick.

What kind of identity I would choose for myself if I had to go into the Witness Protection Program:
- Where would I live: Seattle
- Career: Work at the zoo/aquarium
- Name: Joey Potter (name that TV show)

So there you go. I'm trying to peer pressure Brian into writing a guest post for me, but so far I haven't had any luck. Anything you'd like to hear about from him?


Brittnie said...

If for some reason swelling decides to make an appearance in the next few weeks, just know that Payless makes some awesome WIDE flats. I am so thankful that I know this and can share this tip with the world. Not. :)

Aubrey said...

I'm not pregnant but I also have an indulgence for M&M's - love them, especially the pretzel ones!!

Also... Joey Potter... Dawson's Creek!! Miss that show!

the blogivers said...

I remember when it started getting warm toward the end of my pregnancy with Davis, I would sometimes try to stealthily take my bra off in the car... and someone saw me do it once, oops. And I, too, liked kid cereals when I was pregnant with him! But it was Froot Loops for me.

Oh and you're right, I am awesome. Thanks.

As for Brian, I would like to hear from him about his experiences in dealing with an irrational pregnant wife over the last 8 months. Like that time you cried about ordering pizza when I was at your house.

Erika said...

You would steal Joey's identity??!?! Crazy. Also, sign me up for the permanently tan cosmetic surgery. That sounds like a winner for sure!!

Sarah said...

I'll be thinking about you in the upcoming weeks my blog friend! Can't WAIT to see pictures of C&C! And I like your tan idea. Screw big boobs and plumpy lips when I can be dark all year round without skin cancer. WIN!

Natasha said...

You're almost there. I have been reading since just before you announced your pregnancy and the time seems to have gone so fast. Although I know you're likely not feeling that way.

I'd like to hear from Brian what has been his favourite part of your pregnancy? What will he miss about not having a pregnant wife?