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Friday, March 29, 2013

A letter to Colby and Clara

Believe it or not, I actually wrote this earlier in the week and scheduled it to post today, not knowing Allison would be posting a letter to the twins just yesterday. I'm sure you are all completely shocked that we had the same idea relatively close together... we never do things like that ;o)

Dear Colby and Clara,

First of all, I'm sorry that this isn't a handwritten letter. The reality is that Third Trimester Mommy is a lot less motivated and energetic than Normal Mommy... that, and the fact that the blog is my writing outlet of choice. Hopefully you'll forgive me.

It is hard for me to believe that in less than a week (Lord willing), Daddy and I will be holding you in our arms. While I'm sure I will miss witnessing your dance parties/twin fights in my tummy, I can't wait to see what your sweet faces look like (and not on an ultrasound screen for a change). I can't wait to know that you are finally here with us, safe and sound.

And when I say "finally," you should know that we've been waiting for you two to arrive for more than 9 months. In fact, it's safe to say that we've been waiting for over 3 years now. And while some points we waited less patiently (and more painfully) than others, I can say without a doubt that every second, every disappointment, every heartache, every setback, every tear, and every dollar was worth it.

Although I'm thankful that it's behind us now, I hope that Daddy and I never forget just how long and hard we prayed and fought for you. I hope that in the middle of the night, when you're both screaming and we're exhausted and not sure what to do, that we remember just how desperately we begged God for you.

On a more shallow note, I really hope you're cute. The good news is that because we're your parents, we'll have no idea even if you aren't... but surely you will be :) I also hope you're good sleepers that truly understand the value of getting in those 8 hours each night. And although everyone assures me that it's impossible, I am secretly holding out hope that you'll both be born potty-trained.

I know you're going to fight with each other, and there will be days when you each wish you could have been born an only child. But you won't mean it. Being a twin is one of the most fun things ever (trust me, I speak from experience) and one I hope you'll never take for granted.

There's a pretty good chance that you're going to think Daddy and I are weird. I just hope that you share our same quirky sense of humor and that you learn to embrace our weirdness... imaginary friends, made up song lyrics, and all.

Most of all, I hope you know just how loved you are. Daddy and I have loved you since the moment we knew you existed, as have so many family members, friends, and even strangers! But most importantly, God knew about you both long before any of the rest of us ever did and He has loved you all along.

We're praying for you, sweet babies, every second of every day, now and always. Can't wait to see you soon!

All my love,

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Warning: bare belly and alien-like movements ahead

Yep, you guessed it. For your viewing pleasure, I now present to you a video of Colby and Clara in action. I apologize for the bare stomach, but I had to lift my shirt up to get the maximum effect. I also apologize if this creeps you out, but it was far too entertaining for me not to share.

Pretty crazy, right? You can thank Clara for the majority of that freak show... pretty sure her forearm/elbow was responsible for most of the action.

Have you ever watched a baby chick hatch, by the way? Because that's sort of how I feel when I'm watching them sometimes... almost certain that one of them is going to pop out unexpectedly all of a sudden. Thankfully that hasn't happened, yet, and we're hoping they'll stay inside until it's actually time for them to "hatch" :)

Happy Wednesday!

Monday, March 25, 2013

More bullet points

- I think I had my first contraction last Thursday night. It was obviously not labor because I only had one, but it was pretty unpleasant. It sort of felt like having a charley horse in my abdomen and back at the same time and also a little like being stabbed with a knife from the inside. So that was fun.

I couldn't seem to get comfortable lying down after it subsided so I ended up sleeping on the couch where I could lay at more of an incline. Brian very kindly joined me on the other end of the sectional to keep me company... it was probably nice for him not to have to share his sleeping space with me and the body pillow for a change!

- At Friday's perinatologist appointment, the ultrasound tech and doctor both declared that Colby and Clara are very clearly morning people. They were both very active and passed their biophysical profiles in record time, whereas they can sometimes be a little more slow-moving at the afternoon appointments. Being a morning person myself, I was beaming with pride at this thought. Brian, however, is likely not quite as thrilled... he already has one person poking him in the eyes at 8 am on Saturday mornings in an attempt to get him to wake up, so not sure how he's going to handle three :)

- I watched "Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition" yesterday and sadly felt a little bit like I could relate to the (548-pound) man on the show just because of how hard it was for him to get up and move around and how little it took to make him sweat/lose his breath. Except for the fact that his boobs were bigger than mine.

And now allow me to share a few videos with you that are currently relevant and/or entertaining:

Brian laughs every time this commercial comes on and says he can't wait to pull the same stunt with Clara:

Remember when I shared "The Duck Song" with you? I can't help but get the "waddle waddle" part stuck in my head now every time I walk:

I made a playlist recently called "Songs for the Twins." One of my favorites is "It Won't Be Like This For Long" by Darius Rucker:

I have already told Brian that there's a strong chance of me playing it when we drop the twins off at daycare for the first time while crying uncontrollably. He can't wait!

That's all I have to share for now. Fingers crossed that we'll get to nail down a delivery date some time this week... stay tuned!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

(Barely) better than nothing

As promised, I'm back for a second post! No promises, however, that it will be worth your time to read it :)

- Yesterday's ultrasound went well and both babies were relatively cooperative. Clara is still breech, and was wiggling away as is her norm these days. Colby was being fairly lazy so it took some prodding to get him to show off his muscle tone (kicking, punching, etc.), but I can't really blame him being that it was about an hour after lunch and the poor kid probably just wanted a nap. I was amused, however, that as soon as I pressed "send" on a text message to Brian telling him that his son was being a "lazy bum," Colby kicked me. So perhaps in addition to inheriting his daddy's mellowness, he'll have some of mommy's feistiness, too?

Oh, and the perinatologist told me that both babies look great and that I'm allowed to go into labor any day now. Ha, well thanks for the permission- I'll be sure to pass the memo onto the twins!

- Thanks for your compliments on my shoes from Monday's post! I like them too, but am admittedly getting tired of them being that they are the only pair of flats that I wear these days (yes, I am still crazy enough to wear heels some days). I haven't had any real issues with swelling, but somehow my feet still seem to have expanded in size, so they are really the only pair of flats that still fits :o/

- I am so incredibly thankful not to be pregnant during the summer. The temperature has been creeping into the 80s the past couple of days and it is enough to make me cranky... and sweaty. I am also thankful that my husband doesn't judge me if I walk around with no pants on.

- It doesn't surprise me that things like walking at a brisk pace make me run out of breath. It does surprise me, however, that having conversations with people and riding in the car somehow make me run out of breath.

- A whopping two of you gave me suggestions for blog topics after my plea on Monday (shout out to Erika and my sis), so thanks for that! I'll attempt to address some of the suggested topics below:

Favorite indulgences over the course of the pregnancy:
- cookies, bacon, cheese, M&M's (primarily the peanut butter, peanut, and pretzel varieties), kid cereals (Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Lucky Charms)

Write about your favorite twin sister:
- My favorite twins sister is Allison. Not for any particular reason, really, other than the fact that she's my only option.

Kidding, obviously! Allison is my favorite twin sister because we can relate on just about everything and I don't ever have to explain myself to her. Also, it's nice to have the exact same sense of humor as someone else... good thing we are both so hysterical ;o)

What cosmetic surgery I would get:
- Is there a cosmetic surgery that could make me permanently tan? Because that's what I would pick.

What kind of identity I would choose for myself if I had to go into the Witness Protection Program:
- Where would I live: Seattle
- Career: Work at the zoo/aquarium
- Name: Joey Potter (name that TV show)

So there you go. I'm trying to peer pressure Brian into writing a guest post for me, but so far I haven't had any luck. Anything you'd like to hear about from him?

Monday, March 18, 2013

Lucky for you, I chose to do this instead of nap

Oh, hey, did I forget to mention that I was on Spring Break last week? Ok so I wasn't, but I was too tired to string together coherent thoughts thanks to the time change and this whole business of gestating twins. 

But now I'm back, and hopefully will come up with something exciting to say at least a couple of times this week. No promises, however, because I am having a hard time focusing on anything other than the fact that Colby and Clara will be arriving in 3 weeks or less. But I'll give it my best shot.

I am officially 34 weeks and 1 day along as of today. Last week's appointments went well and both babies passed all of their tests once again. Clara has returned to being breech, so I'm very interested to see if that changes or if she has officially run out of room. 

Although some doctors will attempt a regular delivery as long as baby A is head down (regardless of baby B), my OB will only do so if both babies are head down, so if she stays breech, then I'll for sure be having a c-section. I am totally fine with this. In fact, I am totally fine with whatever type of delivery gets both babies out safely and without too much trauma for any of us! So we shall see.

My OB is out of town for the next week and a half, so I'll have my next appointment with him on the 27th, the last growth scan with the perinatologist on the 29th, and at that time, we'll hopefully set a delivery date- hooray!

In the meantime, I'll continue my twice weekly visits to the perinatologist. In case you were wondering, here is what my view is like for the second half of the appointments (the non-stress test):

I get 3 monitors: one for Colby, one for Clara, and one for me! 

In addition to appointments and work, we spend most of our free time resting... and eating. I wouldn't say that I'm starving or anything, but this has definitely been my hungriest phase of pregnancy.

Anyway, here are a few other pictures from our thrilling weekend:

34 weeks!

Lucky Charms + green milk = St. Patrick's Day breakfast of champions

Panoramic shot of all 3 of my boys enjoying an afternoon nap

And that's a wrap. If there's anything you'd love to read about (or if you just want to help a sister with writer's block out), please let me know :)

Monday, March 11, 2013

Home stretch

For those of you that didn't already read about it on facebook, Friday's growth scan went well. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, Clara is still on the petite side, but they are both still growing, so  thankfully, there's still no cause for concern. They estimated that Clara was weighing around 3 pounds, 6 ounces, just a pound under a slightly chunkier Colby, who was estimated to weigh 4 pounds, 7 ounces. 

Their heartbeats, fluid, and cord flow are all looking good, so the plan for now is to keep trucking along! We will continue having biophysical profiles and non-stress tests done twice a week for the next 3 weeks, and then on Good Friday (3/29), we'll do our next - and FINAL- growth scan. Crazy, right?

At that point, I'll be just about 36 weeks along. The plan is still to deliver no later than 37 weeks, so assuming all goes well between now and then, we can expect the twins to make their arrival some time during the first week of April. 

There's no reason to believe I'll go into labor on my own before then, so we will hopefully have at least a little bit of notice before they make their debut. I'm currently rooting for Friday, April 5th, because it's right before the weekend (making it easier for family to come into town) AND it's Chi Omega's birthday. Which is more sad: the fact that I know that, or the fact that I care?

So that's the latest. I'm sure these next few weeks will go by quickly, but now that we have checked the majority of the items off of the "to do" list, it's starting to feel a little bit like the days are just crawling by. Not to worry, though, because much to Brian's delight, I'm sure, I still seem to come up with things that "need" to be done on a fairly regular basis :) 

Speaking of Brian, his very thoughtful co-workers threw him a surprise shower last week and generously gifted us with our video monitor, gift cards, and an assortment of other gifts! One of them took pictures so hopefully I'll be able to share some of those soon. Also, Brian officially wins husband/dad-of-the-year because he volunteered to write all 20+ of the thank you notes... that might be the greatest gift of all in my book!

Not much else to report at this point, but I'll be sure to keep you all posted. Oh, and to thank you for your patience in reading these less-than-thrilling updates, I'll now give you a 3D sneak peek of the babies from Friday's appointment (please pardon the body parts, placenta, etc. in their faces!):

Colby Wayne

Clara Lane

Squished, but cute, right? Can't wait to see what they look like from the outside!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Colby and Clara's Nursery Reveal

Yes, that's right, the babies' nursery is FINISHED! I was never one of those people that had a "vision" for the nursery- let's be honest, I spent many years just imagining how exciting it would be to put a crib in that room instead of the treadmill and some extra furniture.

I will say that I never imagined a nursery with bright colors, but then Allison found super cute matching boy/girl paisley bedding and I never looked back.

Anyway, without further delay, allow me to take you on a tour...

This is the view when you walk in the room. All of the walls in the house are actually painted this neutral beige color. We toyed with the idea of painting this room but opted not to in the end.

Immediately to your right is this bookshelf/storage area (from Target). It looks black in the picture, but it's actually a dark brown. 

I have had this "twins" picture frame for 13+ years! That lovely lady in the picture would be my mom and those cute babies would be me and Allison :) We'll eventually put a pic of C&C in there, but I thought this was fitting in the meantime.

And here's Clara's side of the room!

Bedding + Mobile: My Baby Sam - Paisley Splash in Pink (sold at Target and Babies R Us)
Wall Art: Home Goods
Name Wall Hanging: NelsonsGifts on etsy

And here's the glider... would be nice not to have it in the middle of the room, but it's really the only place that it fit/made sense!

And here's Colby's side of the room!

Bedding + Mobile: My Baby Sam Paisley - Paisley Splash in Lime (sold at Target and Babies R Us)
Shelf: Leftover from my room at the sorority house in college :)
Not sure where the stuffed bunny came from (handed down from my mom), but the stuffed bear came from our Babymoon at the Houstonian!
Name Wall Hanging: NelsonsGifts on etsy

And here is what a closet stocked for two babies looks like! Don't be too impressed with the stockpile of diapers at the top... from what I hear, we will go through this supply in 2-3 weeks or less :o/ Oh, and please pardon the stash of Boppies, nursing pillows, and the nap nanny lurking in the right corner... those will be scattered around the house once the babies arrive, no doubt!

Dresser: Hand-me-down Jenny Lind (lovingly repainted by Brian in white!)

And last, but not least, our changing table!

Changing Table: Hand-me-down Jenny Lind
Wall Art: Home Goods
Vinyl Decal Letters: Welcoming Walls on etsy (thanks for the idea, Amber!)
(Lyrics from "Half of My Heart" by John Mayer and Taylor Swift, and inspired by our imaginary friends, who have kept us company while we've waited for real children of our own :)

So there you have it! Colby and Clara, if you're reading this, NO RUSH, but your room is ready when you are... and also, props to you for learning how to read in utero :)

Monday, March 4, 2013

32 weeks

How far along? 32 weeks and 1 day

Total weight gain: 30 pounds exactly (well, as of Friday)- as many of you read on facebook, I have officially matched Brian's weight... any bets on how much I'll surpass him? On second thought, no guesses, please.

Maternity clothes: Let's all visualize how attractive my non-maternity clothes would look on me while carrying 30 extra pounds around. (By the way, that coral top I was wearing on our mini-babymoon was from the Jessica Simpson line at Motherhood Maternity for those that were interested!)

Stretch marks: Miraculously, no. I think my belly button looks like a nose right now, so I still wouldn't go around saying my stomach looks attractive or anything.
Sleep: Still waking up a few times per night to switch sides (which is more of an ordeal that I ever would have imagined), but for the most part, it hasn't been terrible. I'm just cherishing every night of uninterrupted sleep that we get for these next few weeks!
Best moment this week: Finishing the nursery- reveal to come on the blog later this week!
Miss Anything: Sleeping on my stomach and working out... lame, but true.

Movement: Constantly! Sometimes I feel like the host of a rave. Clara is camped out higher up, just under my lungs, and Colby has taken up residence lower down, right on top of my bladder. So the raves are generally more fun for them than they are for me, but I suppose I don't mind hosting :)
Food cravings: Still not anything in particular, although I have been eating a lot of cookies lately. My favorites? Oatmeal chocolate chip from Potbelly, chocolate chip from Zoe's Kitchen, pretty much anything from Tiff's Treats, and thanks to leftovers from Brian's office last week, chocolate chip from Tiny Boxwoods (even though I've never actually been there).
Symptoms: My feet/hands swell if I'm on my feet a lot, but nothing too out of control. Other than that, occasional crampiness, shortness of breath, and the general discomfort that comes with gestating humans.

Happy or moody most of the time: Happy! Occasionally I lose my cool over something little and can sense a breakdown coming, but the tears have been kept to a minimum, as have the temper tantrums, much to Brian's relief, I'm sure.

Have you started to show yet: Yep. I think it's funny that men comment more about it than women in public. My favorite was when a male co-worker (that I really don't know) looked down at my stomach last week and said, "What happened to you?!" Hmm, where to start...

Looking forward to: The babies' next growth scan on Friday, my mom-in-law and sis-in-law joining me for an ultrasound next week, and of course, meeting Colby and Clara!

General updates:
Thankfully, the perinatologist appointments have continued to go well. Now that I have reached 32 weeks, I have to do a non-stress test at each appointment, which is basically where they attach a heart rate monitor for each baby to my stomach and one to see if I'm having any contractions (none yet).

It seems like the doctors are pleased with their biophysical profile results at each appointment, and the one I saw on Friday even commented about how she wished all babies were as cooperative as ours. I assured her that they inherited this from their daddy and not from me :) Let's hope that continues after they're born!

I am now seeing my OB weekly, and at my last appointment on Friday, he indicated that he expects delivery around 36 weeks. He said my pregnancy could probably go on for "a while," but seems to think we will probably deliver around that time just due to the fact that Clara has continued to be under the 5th percentile. If that's the case, then we have FOUR weeks or less left and should expect their arrival some time around March 31st (Easter Sunday)!

I'll see him again after the next growth scan on Friday so hopefully we'll know more then. In the meantime, we wait! We are so grateful for a relatively uneventful pregnancy this far and are praying that things continue to go smoothly up until delivery and beyond. Stay tuned for more updates to come...