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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Week in review (so far)

- I went to my first perinatologist appointment solo on Tuesday and survived! They checked out both babies (paying extra attention to Clara's cord flow and fluid levels) and everything looked great, which was very encouraging. It was kind of nice not to have them take measurements for a change so that I didn't have to spend the entire appointment fretting about how many millimeters apart their femurs are measuring and other insignificant details. 

Clara was kicking and rolling around (making it very difficult to measure her cord flow) so the ultrasound technician pointed out that although she might be little, she is a feisty one! Wonder where she gets that? :)

- Relatedly, I came across this print yesterday on Etsy and thought it would be perfect for her: 

- My mom also sent me this article earlier this week about a sweet little giraffe named Margaret that was born prematurely measuring "only" 5 feet tall and said it reminded her of Clara... I can only hope she's equally as cute!

- I did our taxes this week and thanks to two failed IUI's and one successful IVF in 2012, we were able to itemize our medical expenses which turned out to be greatly to our advantage! Fun fact: We spent 28% of our annual income last year on medical expenses. Another fun fact: we'll probably spend the same percentage in coming years on diapers- ha!

- I seem to be one of very few bloggers that has not yet hopped on the "What I Wore Wednesday" train, and I was feeling pretty bad about that. So last night after I got home, I snapped this pic for you:

This is obviously not what I wore to work, but it's what I wished I was wearing all day. That happens to be one of maybe 2 or 3 size Large t-shirts we have in the house, so I will likely be sporting it regularly. Bonus points for the appropriately themed pajama pants that my mom gave me for Valentine's Day several years ago.

- Brian and I finally made the decision to register for 2 spots at a daycare starting in July (which is around when I would have to go back to work). I'm still not thrilled with the idea, but have heard good things about the place we picked and have three co-workers that will have their babies (all boys!) there as well. I'm also very relieved to cross this off our to do list, so for now I'll just live in denial and put it outside of my brain for the next few months :)

That's all for now. Looking forward to baby shower #2 this weekend and (briefly) getting to see family and friends!


Brittnie said...

Love the Etsy poster :) So glad everything went well Tuesday!

Katy said...

Yay for good news at the doctor and awesome, comfy jammies! You are just too cute!!

the blogivers said...

I want to bring that baby giraffe home to live with me!

And hooray for having the daycare decision knocked out!

Erika said...

That Etsy print is TOO cute and perfect!! And for real, when did WIWW become so widespread? Glad to see you keeping it real!! I mean, at least your PJ pants and phone case coordinate. That's dedication.

Courtney Squillante said...

I saw you pinned that yesterday and I totally want it for Charley! Love it!!

Brittany Sciba said...

Love the pj's and the cute poster! :)

HoagsandKisses said...

Sounds like a very busy week! You should take Friday off and relax in those cute Valentine's jammies. It's the first week in February and your taxes are done?! I am impressed. And equally embarrassed. I don't even know where my W-2's are!

Chrissy said...

I'm looking forward to baby shower #2 for you also!!! And that little saying on that picture is so cute...