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Monday, February 18, 2013

Presidents' Day Pictorial

Somehow Brian and I lucked out and BOTH got the day off of work today, unlike MLK day last month when Brian was off and I was busy dying of jealousy at my office. Thank you, Presidents, for making this possible!

I figured I would take this random holiday as an opportunity to share some random pictures with you, all courtesy of my iPhone. Enjoy:

Brian's boss's wife got these for C&C for our last shower and I love them! In case you haven't noticed, I love pretty much anything with their names on it. I believe they came from this website, which has all kinds of cute personalized kids' stuff on it.

These are the hostess gifts I gave the hostesses for my last shower and I thought they turned out really cute! My sweet co-worker, Page, started making these bottles as a fundraiser for a mission trip she took to Haiti last month- here's the facebook page in case you're interested! We use ours for dish soap but it could also be used for olive oil, salad dressing, etc. 

I made Brian take this picture with me in our bathroom after our Valentine's Day dinner date. I know what you're going to ask, and yes, we are totally planning to frame this and put it in the babies' nursery.

In fact, maybe we can frame this one too and put them both up on the wall together? 

Speaking of those babies, I just wanted to give you an idea of what my view looks like at the perinatologist's office each week. I felt awkward taking a picture during the actual ultrasound, so just imagine that there are two babies up on the screen. 

FYI, all of the appointments have gone relatively well so far! They aren't practicing their breathing movements regularly yet, so sometimes we have to wait a bit to actually see them do it, but now that they're 30 weeks along, they should start doing them more regularly. The next growth scan is at my appointment tomorrow (we only have those every 3 weeks), so I'll be able to report back with a size update after that. Please keep praying for continued growth for both Colby and Clara, but of course, in particular for Clara to keep up with her brother!

And on a completely unrelated (but totally awesome) note, there's the last picture for your viewing pleasure:

Once upon a time (2005-2006), I was a National Consultant for my sorority. I basically traveled to various colleges around the country to check in and see how the chapters were doing, give them advice/support, make sure they weren't breaking rules, etc. During our 2-week training, we had the privilege of serving as models for  Chi O Creations, the store that sells anything and everything that you can put an owl or Greek letters on. 

This was one of the lovely outfits I got to sport for the photo shoot. I'm pretty sure they could not have found something less flattering for my not-so-slender legs, but oh well. At least now I can list "professional model" on my resume, right?

And that's all I've got. Have a great week!

PS - I added a "Pregnancy" page at the top, so feel free to check it out in case you're desperately wanting to read all of the highlights in chronological order.


Brittnie said...

Yay for work holidays! Enjoy it!

Natasha said...

Enjoy your day off together! It's always the best when you both get the day free. And I love the model picture!

the blogivers said...

Did you eat a lot at your VD dinner? Your stomach is kind of big, just FYI.

Also, I wish there was a way to know if anyone saw the picture of your Chi O outfit and said, "Yes, must have this!"

Amber Massey said...

Enjoy your day off girlie!!

HoagsandKisses said...

I'm loving all the C&C personalized presents. So cute! And the hostess gift monogrammed bottles are such a great idea. You should definitely frame that bathroom photo of you and Brian for the nursery. It's so avant garde! And why stop there, I want to see some laundry room photos and maybe a garage background shot too :) Just kidding. I really do think it's frame worthy! And PS: I always knew you were a supermodel!

Erika said...

Yep, I actually kinda love the bathroom pictures! You could at least frame them and keep them in the bathroom! So glad you shared your modeling career with the rest of the WWW. I know how MY heart was blessed the first time I saw that picture. Also, those personalized bottles are really awesome!

LEB said...

love the plates!

Courtney Squillante said...

Love the modeling pic!!

Sarah said...

Did you see my post a couple days ago with the vday plate full of food for Drew? One of my favorite plates for him is the one from Lima Bean Kids!

Brittany Sciba said...

I love my bottle! (That sentence sounds weird to me, but I couldn't figure out another way to phrase it.)

Sarah said...

I'm totally sold on the outfit :) You might be the best model ever!