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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Babymoon Part II

Remember back at Christmas when I gifted Brian with a reservation for the Babymoon package at the Houstonian? At the time, February 23rd seemed like 8 million years away, but somehow the time passed and last weekend we had the pleasure of experiencing Babymoon Part II right here in town. 

After lunch and a few errands on Saturday, we checked in at the hotel and received the following:

Yes, please! (Minus the fitness club privileges... we opted out on that.)

When we checked into our room, as promised, we were happily greeted with the following welcome basket, complete with teddy bear (C&C will have to share), sparkling cider, various bath products, and CHOCOLATE, including two chocolate cigars that we'll be saving for the day they're born, of course.

We lounged around the hotel for a bit and I made sure to snap a quick 31-week bump picture for your viewing pleasure. 

Then we spent a little time lounging around in the lobby (by the seasonally unnecessary but still appreciated fire) and talking about what life will be like after the babies arrive.

Self-pic time

We finally mustered up the courage to ask someone else to take our picture when we were on our way out to dinner. I foolishly opted for the hand-on-hip pose, which I think just makes me look silly, but oh well.

There's a restaurant attached to one of the movie theaters near our hotel that offers a 3-course dinner + movie ticket combo, which seemed like the perfect low key option to us (especially considering we had a gift card there leftover from our anniversary- thanks, in-laws!). This chocolate cake that was actually the size of 3 normal pieces of cake also seemed like the perfect option to us.

Side note: there was an incredibly obnoxious British woman that sat down at a table near us after having had one two many beers. She spent the duration of the meal yelling (complete with curse words) and eventually crying about how some of her friends think the Sandy Hook shootings were a conspiracy. It was awkward and the manager was asked twice to tell her to pipe down. I was two seconds away from waddling over to her table myself, telling her she was offending me and my unborn children, and smacking her across the face, but I refrained.

Imagine our excitement when she walked into our theater after dinner... thankfully she kept her mouth shut. FYI, the movie we picked was Silver Linings Playbook and I would highly recommend it - a little dark but very entertaining! 

After dinner, we headed back to the hotel and found this waiting for us upon our return (along with chocolates on our pillows and elevator music playing on the alarm clock, which for some reason we continue to listen to for a good hour).

The teddy bear wanted to join in on the non-alcoholic fun.

We woke up the next morning for our massages, but unfortunately there is no photographic evidence of that. Brian got a deep tissue massage during which the masseuse allegedly abused him with her elbows and I got a prenatal massage, during which the masseuse spent way too much time on my upper butt and way too little time on the crippling knots on my shoulder blades that I mentioned to her. Regardless, it was still relaxing!

We finished off the weekend with breakfast at the hotel before checking out and heading home. 

And that was that! We really did have a great time and were thankful to get in one last escape alone together before the babies come. Hard to believe our time as a family of two is coming to a close soon, but of course we're excited about our new life as a family of four. 

Thanks, Brian, for still being fun to hang out with... and for still putting up with me and my occasionally hormonally imbalanced ways. I love you!


the blogivers said...

Sounds like you guys were spoiled for the weekend, AND it made up for the lack of relaxation on your actual babymoon, so hooray!

P.S. The teddy bear looks wasted in the pic where he is double fisting (pawing?) it.

Courtney Squillante said...

Love love that y'all did this! Love that place and the basket is great! Glad you had fun! You should have asked of you could postpone the fitness center use until AFTER the babies come- I mean, who wants to work out prego?!

Amber Massey said...

What a great weekend:) so special for the two of you. and I LOVE your belly!

Erika said...

Things I Love: 1)Your awesome coral top. 2)Your chocolate cake. 3)Massages. 4)The juxtaposition of your sandals and the fireplace. 5)Your breakfast.

Natasha said...

I also love your coral top. And the picture of the bear with the champagne glasses totally made me laugh out loud!!! I'm glad you enjoyed your Babymoon Part 2. It sounds wonderful.

Janet said...

Looks like you had an amazing time, I am so happy for you both!

Nikki Miller said...

love it all... from chocolate to stuffed bears and massages... ALL good and well deserved!

Brittnie said...

Nice. I def think that chocolate cake was a good decision.

kimberly ann said...

Can I do this even if without child? Sounds like such a fun package!

Brittany Sciba said...

What a great getaway! Love your coral top!

Amanda Greavu said...

This sounds AWESOME! My kind of vacation! Hope you're feeling relaxed and ready to conquer motherhood in a few short weeks! So excited for you!

The Durbin Blog said...

Pleaseeee wear that adorable coral top to work, LOVE IT!

Sarah said...

I'm a couple days late reading this but that cake looks AWESOME! Kinda jealous your guy will get a massage as Derek wouldn't ever do that! What a wonderful, wonderful babymoon!

PS - love your coral shirt! :)

Chrissy said...

32 weeks! Big milestone in my book. :) And you are beautiful!