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Friday, January 4, 2013

What's new with the babies (and their host)

It's been a while since I filled you in on the life and times of Colby and Clara, hasn't it? Well you'll be glad to know that they have been busier than ever, constantly poking and prodding me to make sure I haven't forgotten that they're in there. And it is because of these little active babies that I discovered a new purpose for my bladder - a trampoline! I am fairly certain that Colby is the culprit, and I fully intend to ground him for it when he's born.

But really, it has been so fun to watch and feel them move around. I did so much sitting around during the holidays that I had plenty of time to just watch and wait for one of them to make a move, and I was actually worried that once I went back to work, I would be too busy/distracted to notice or enjoy it. Apparently it was silly of me to think that, however, because I feel like I have been hosting a dance party in my stomach during just about every meeting I've sat through in the past couple of days!

I had my glucose test on Wednesday morning (yep, right after the holidays- special, right?) and I should know by the end of the day today if I passed or not, as well as whether or not I'm showing any signs of anemia. And for the medical update you're all wondering about, no, we haven't had another ultrasound yet, but will be going in for one on Monday afternoon. We appreciate your continued prayers for growth for both babies, but particularly for Clara to catch up with her brother.

In other news, we finally got started on preparing the nursery, thanks in no small part to the motivation of my sissy while she was in town last weekend. I would have been perfectly content to lounge worthlessly around the house in my pajamas, but she kept me in line and insisted that we be productive- God bless her.

In the short time that they were here, we:

- moved the treadmill out of the nursery and into the garage
- moved the extra desk into a guest room closet
- cleared out the closet in the nursery and redistributed its contents into other closets
- installed the ceiling fan
- set up one of the cribs (the other one has been ordered and is en route from Amazon!)
- went through several boxes of hand-me-down girls' clothes from my mom/older sister and organized them by size AND washed and hung up the newborn sizes
- did the same with the hand-me-down boy clothes, except washing/organizing them wasn't necessary because Allison had already taken care of that once Davis was done with them :)

We also set up Clara's bedding in the crib just to see what it looked like, and I am so happy with how it looks! We decided to get coordinating boy/girl paisley bedding, which Allison actually happened to pick out. I know what you're thinking, and yes, she is the most helpful sister ever created. And no, you cannot take her because I've already claimed her.

Here's a pic of both of the bedding sets:

Not sure why the pictures are two different sizes, but you get the idea.

So that's where we are so far! A big thank you to Allison for all of her help, especially when I know helping someone else prepare for a baby is the last thing she wants to be doing right now :o/ Hopefully I will get to return the favor soon, and in the meantime, I will just say thank you as much as I can!

Anyway, our next item on the to do list is picking out a glider... suggestions welcome, as are donations :) Hope you all have a great first weekend of 2013. Stay tuned for a 24-week bump update on Monday!


Amber Massey said...

I love the bedding!! How cute! We ordered our rocker from Target and love it! It is resonable in size since two cribs take up so much space.. The design is a sage green and cream color. Paisley print, or close to it! Would go perfectly with your bedding! The brand is Little Castle.. Ill email you the link;) xoxo!

Brittnie said...

Love the bedding!

Sounds like y'all were super productive with the nursery!! I'm not much help in the glider/rocker department. We got a used one passed down from some people at church, then we just recovered the cushions. I actually spent zero time in our glider until Clara was about 6 mo old. Weird. Now I use it all the time for bedtime books/bottle. :)

See ya later today!

the blogivers said...

Yay for productivity! Glad I was able to help :)

Erika said...

The crib bedding is perfect! I'm guess you're getting two different cribs (since one you already have and one is on order)? My only glider advice is that I like when people get the kind that looks a little more armchair-ish and less "oh hey cutesy baaaaby!!"ish because then it will more easily transition somewhere else in the house when you don't need it in the nursery anymore. So you can take that to heart or not. :)

Mollyanne said...

I love your bedding! Where is it from? I am having a hard time finding girl bedding I like, but I do like paisley.

Also, I echo what Erika said. The glider/rocker chairs that look like regular armchairs will last you much longer, even though they take up a little more space. I would also think one of those would make it easier to feed 2 babies at once. Classic gliders are surprisingly narrow to me. Remember that they'll only have a nursery for a couple of years and then you'll want to use the chair in some other way.

Courtney Squillante said...

So cute and so exciting getting stuff done! Eek!

We LOVE our glider- though it was not cheap and it is HUGE! However, considering I have slept in it at least two hours a day for the first year of both of my kids' lives, I'd say it was a great investment! We got a big, white, fully reclining rocking armchair. I had a total meltdown when we first got it delivered because it was so huge and I was questioning how much I would actually use it. I'm so thankful it's so big and so comfy and that it reclines (with a footrest!). So that is my helpful advice :)

Brittany Sciba said...

Sounds like GREAT progress!! Love, love, love the bedding! Can't wait to see the finished product! :) We like our glider but I don't remember the brand, so that's not helpful. We got it at Baby's First Furniture in Sugar Land.

~Stephanie said...

I love the bedding!!!!! (I wandered over from Erika's blog...)

Anonymous said...

echo everyone on the bedding love!

as for the glider, we have the BRU armchair style which we love for comfort... but the rocking mechanism is already jacked up, so that's lame at 11 months.

i need to pat your belly. asap.


LEB said...

I absolutely LOVE the bedding! Their nursery will be adorable!
Hope your glucose test comes back normal! I had mine this morning so am hoping I didn't fail! I am anemic though so I get to stat taking more iron- fun fun.
I have a friend that just had girl/boy twins and the boy was 6lbs something and the girl was 4lbs something so even if Clara is a little smaller she'll be alright :)

The Durbin Blog said...

The bedding is adorable! I can't wait to see pics of the nursery (:

Natasha said...

I twelth (you know, instead of second-ing???) loving the bedding!!! And I have no opinion on gliders because both of ours were given to us. But have something to put your feet on. I've loved that with Sam's.

And yes, many cheers for Allison helping you out and prayers that you will get to help her soon.

The Bird said...

Oh, I love that bedding! Your nursery will be so classy/chic! Hope the glucose and anemia tests come back with good results (they most likely will!).