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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Perinatologist update: 27 weeks + 2 days

Where to begin? Let's start with yesterday morning.

I woke up with a strong suspicion that I had a UTI. That was special, because my nerves weren't rattled enough about the upcoming ultrasound. Thankfully I called my OB's office in the morning and they agreed to have me come by before the perinatologist appointment to run a quick test and write me a prescription. Also thankfully, I was so busy running to and from the bathroom that I didn't have time to sit and obsess about what could go wrong at the ultrasound. Un-thankfully, it got worse throughout the day and had me in tears by mid-evening.

Anyway, let's talk about the appointment. Basically I would say it went the same as all of our most recent ultrasounds have gone: both babies are growing, but Clara is still pretty small (less than the 5th percentile). They both have a good amount of amniotic fluid available and the bloodflow from the placentas to each baby is looking good as well. Their heartbeats were good (154 bpm for him and 151 bpm for her) and everything else looked normal. Oh, and both babies are head down at the moment (which also explains the added pressure on my bladder).

Apparently we interrupted nap time because both babies were pretty mellow at this appointment, including our little wild man who normally won't stay still for measurements. We got a few peeks of him yawning, which was pretty darn cute, I must say!

The doctor said that typically at 28 weeks, they start having twin pregnancy patients come in once a week. However, due to Clara's small size, they want me to start coming in twice a week. So it sounds like this pregnancy will end much like it began with frequent trips to the doctor's office, especially when you consider that I'm going to start going to the OB more often as well.

They will measure the amniotic fluid, bloodflow from the placentas, muscle tone, and lung capacity for both babies at each perinatologist appointment, and every 3 weeks, they will do another growth scan. Assuming all goes well, she said we should expect to deliver between 34-37 weeks.

In case you didn't catch that, this means that Colby and Clara will make their debut some time in the next 7-10 weeks. HOW is that even possible?

In the meantime, I'll just continue to take it easy and keep the 3 of us well-fed. Brian will probably help quite a bit with both of those tasks as well :)

We appreciate your continued prayers that both babies would grow and stay put as long as possible! I'll be sure to keep you posted with our progress along the way, including the next bump-date on Monday. Until then, you'll find me popping antibiotics and downing cranberry juice like it's my job... try to contain your jealousy.


Amanda Greavu said...

Ughhhhh, I am so not jealous of that UTI. YUCK! They are soooooo painful. Take really good care of yourself and stay on top of it. I had one in college that almost landed me in the hospital. Bless your heart!

I'm glad everybody's growing! That is CRAZY to think they could be here in 7 weeks! CRAZY!!! Praying that they'll decide it's warm and cozy in there and stay a little longer to fatten themselves up a bit!

Hang in there and get lots of rest!

the blogivers said...

Boo to the UTI and frequent trips to the doctor, though it really is great that they are being so proactive by monitoring you so closely and taking good care of you! Davis says he is glad their arrival is getting closer because he wants them to come out and play :)

Erika said... bueno. Hope that one goes away quickly. Glad to hear that the babies are still growing...maybe you need to watch some extra episodes of Honey Boo Boo so that Clara realizes that people of extra-substantial size have the most fun?? You could stuff your face with Cheez Balls while watching, for added effect. Just my professional medical opinion. Love you!!

Brittany Sciba said...

Ugh!! So sorry you are dealing with a UTI! Miserable in general, extra miserable when pregnant I'm sure. I cannot believe they will be here in 7-10 weeks. It's just crazy how fast it has gone. So, so, so exciting!!! Continuing to pray for Clara's growth!

Natasha said...

7-10 weeks?!?! Wow! It seems like you just announced you were expecting. Praying that the UTI resolves quickly without too much discomfort for you and that Clara continues to grow, grow, grow.

Brittnie said...

Oh my gosh Erikas comment made me lol. Honey Boo boo..... ha!

I am sorry you are having to go in for so many appointments but the positive is that they will stay ahead of the game and catch anything that could be a concern for Clara. When they were concerned with my Clara's size, I had to go weekly to the specialist, so I imagine that twice a week is just a little (and I mean a lot) overwhelming for you!

Praying praying and I cannot wait to meet these two!!

Catherine said...

Amanda this is very exciting news to hear you will meet your little blessings in only a few more weeks!

Sally said...

Thinking of you! Will be so awesome to hear about Clara & Colby's welcome to the world in a few short weeks!

The Bird said...

7-10 weeks :) So amazing! I'll continue praying for all of you! I think Clara is just going to be petite! Sounds like she is growing well and has a healthy heartbeat! Rest, eat, and imagine life with your sweet Colby and Clara!

Gina Manifesta said...

Time is going very quickly! Praying for healthy momma and healthy babes.

Annie Gruetzmacher said...

Girl two appointments every week? I know this is the least of your concerns, but I'm interested to know this: How does that work with a full time job? I feel like that would add more stress to my life, obviously my family and future children would come first but even when I have to leave work for a dental appointment I can get stressed! Your advice may help me in the future when I get preggers!