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Monday, January 14, 2013

Making progress

Hallelujah, the cribs are now the same height! I'm not going to post a picture because I'd rather wait until the nursery is finished, but trust me when I tell you that Brian did a great job and should be hired out to help others solve their seemingly unfixable nursery problems... when he's done fixing ours, that is.

Our weekend was filled with baby errands once again, which left me feeling productive but also a little exhausted. I know I already mentioned this, but it is amazing how little activity is required to make me feel out of breath. I even sat down on the floor of Home Depot (under the guise of needing to look at what was on the lowest shelf, of course) just so I could get some rest. I was promptly dismissed by my husband and instructed to wait in the car, which was a-ok with me.

After we were finished at Home Depot, we headed to Babies R Us to pick up our crib mattresses. What I did not find amusing was that there was a man standing outside the entrance smoking. I am certain that I wasn't the only pregnant person and/or mother to glare at him as we walked by. What I did find amusing was hearing Brian talk trash (from the safety of our own car, thankfully) to another driver in the parking lot after he skillfully snagged a coveted "Expectant Mother" parking spot near the front. Whatever keeps him motivated, I guess?

Saturday's adventures also included a tour of the hospital where we'll be delivering, and although the tour didn't last more than 10 minutes, it was still nice to get our bearings and take a look at where all the action will be happening (in 13 weeks or less... eek).

Other items currently at the top of our to do list:
- Pick out a pediatrician.
- Pick up the dresser and changing table from my parents (so that Brian can paint them- lucky guy).
- Figure out whether or not we're going to attend any pre-baby classes (thoughts on this topic?).
- Procure a glider (Thanks for all of your suggestions! We have narrowed it down to 2 or 3 that we like but are stalking Craig's List for another week or two before we bite the bullet and buy one.)
- Finish decorating the nursery.
- Shampoo the carpets.

Sounds like a blast, right?

And to close I'll share a picture from a baby shower I helped throw for a co-worker on Friday:

Allie (left) is due this month with a boy, Teddy (middle) is due next month with a boy, and then I'm due in April with one of each as you know :). Although there is about a 14-week spread between the 3 of us, somehow I think this picture all makes us look the same size? I think it's just the angle and/or what we're wearing.

That's all I've got. Hope your weekends were equally as exciting!


Brittnie said...

We took the all day Saturday class at Methodist (instead of spreading it out over 3 nights) and I actually found it helpful. They had a pedi come talk as well as an anesthesiologist and both answered lots of questions. I mean some of the info from the presenter/nurse wasn't life changing but there was some info that was good and interesting. Overall I'm glad we went. :)

Oh and it wasn't biased towards any one type of birth. I was a little worried it would be all about natural childbirth, since I obviously wanted the joy juice, but it wasn't biased at all. Touched on everything equally.

the blogivers said...

Are you feeling like this yet?

Erika said...

Can't wait to see the nursery! And that's totally weird-- you and your 2 co-workers DO all look the same size. Maybe you can triple the wardrobe by trading with these ladies!

Brittany Sciba said...

Sounds like a very productive weekend! We didn't do any classes other than the tour. I was kind of going with the less is more mentality. I decided that knowing everything ahead of time would probably give me anxiety. :) I figured that the nurses and my doctor would tell me what I needed to know along the way and they did. I didn't feel like there were any major surprises. Since we ended up with a c section anyway, I am glad we didn't spend the time. BUT, everyone is different and I think it could be helpful if you want to know what to expect ahead of time! so exciting!!! And 13 weeks or less??? CRAZY!

Courtney Squillante said...

Yay for cribs! And look at you and all your progress! Way to go!

Ok my opinion on the classes- you will learn something if you go, but will be fine if you don't. We went and laughed at 95% of the stuff (look at your partner and breathe in through your mouth and exhale in short rhythms- so lame!). The video was awful (tmi) and the questions people asked were ridiculous (am I really going to poop on the delivery table?). BUT it helped with learning how to time contractions and overall made us feel way more normal than anyone else in the class ;)

Either way, you'll be fine!

Risa said...

You are looking GOOD!! I can't wait to see the nursery either. :)

We didn't do any classes. We are in a world of natural birth people but I knew I had too much anxiety/too much of a pansy for no epidural. However, it was good to learn about the birth process and ways you can help/hinder the labor process. That being said we ordered some videos and watched them on our own. You can borrow them! They are maybe 2 hours total. It just gave basic info and it was in the comfort of our own house instead of in a class with all sorts of personalities. :)

Tasha said...

I would definitely recommend a class. My husband and I took one at the local hospital, and it was so much fun! We made friends, and really considered it a date night every week. Plus, they always had the best snacks! I'm talking fig newtons, juice boxes, trail mix, etc :).

Also, we learned a ton about timing contractions, and breathing through them.

LEB said...

Allison I like your link! Ive said numerous times in the last week I wish I could live in a sanitized bubble and hibernate until April!

Looking good Amanda! yay 13 weeks or less! maybe our babies will have the same birthday :)

Amber Massey said...

You are beautiful my friend! I hope you are feeling well.. I know that exhaustion feeling you have after such little activity. There at the end I would get light headed from putting lotion on my legs after a shower. Oh, the things to look forward to;)

Breast feeding class is a MUST. It help both Jordan and myself tremendously!!

Can't wait to see what the nursery looks like! I'm envisioning owls of the neutral kind;)

Anonymous said...

we signed up for a class, but backed out the week of because we had been so busy and decided we needed to see a movie instead. (don't call the mom police!) anyway, I forced drewby to watch the baby center set of classes online with me and I felt prepared.

I read a few breastfeeding books, but having support after the baby (or babies in your case) come is way more helpful (and crucial if you are challenged like I was)!

ahhh! so excited for yall!

- lauren :)

Jane Hatter said...

Lot's of good advice here! We went to the class at our hospital, so we got good suggestions of how to work the system, you know? Things like, bottle or no bottle? Paci or no paci? how often nurses would be around, what to do if you notice someone that shouldn't be on the floor...which is scary, but good to know!

They taught us how to swaddle, gave tips on bottles, and gave a review sex ed course of what all the terms mean...which was actually really great, and in addition what station the baby (babies) are in, effaced, dilation etc. etc. means. Good for me, but really great for the husband. It can help him explain to people how progressed you are when everyone is texting/calling for updates.

You guys are doing great!

Becky said...

I am a new follower! Congrats on your twins! I am actually a twin too but with a boy! So if you need any help predicting the thoughts of your future boy/girl twins, I'm glad to help! I can tell you many stories! Have a great weekend!

Victoria Strong said...

I would REALLY recommend taking at least 1 breastfeeding class. I know you're not in Austin, but since it seems like you visit Allison somewhat regularly, it would be a great idea to come into town to make a visit to a store called Special Addition, at 38th & Lamar. They're a maternity and nursing boutique, and they have a twin breastfeeding class! They'll show you all sorts of different holds, and give great tips and tricks for nursing twins! Their next class is on Feb 3. Here's their schedule:

I'd also check around your area to see if there are any places that offer a twin breastfeeding class.