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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A day in the life

My blog BFF, Erika, recently did a "day in the life" post, and I was so amused/inspired by it, that I felt compelled to do the same. I would apologize for how boring this post is probably going to be, but I have a feeling that your daily lives aren't all that thrilling either, so no apology from me!

5:40 am – Time to rise and shine! I couldn’t decide between these two pictures so you get both:

Apparently I’m planning to use this toothbrush as an assault weapon?

5:45-6:15 am – Shower and put on makeup
6:10-6:30 am – Make sure Brian is awake, eat breakfast, make lunch for the day, catch up on e-mail/facebook/blogs... a lot to cram in to 20 minutes, especially if I have to dry/straighten my hair!

On Mondays/Wednesdays/Fridays, I usually have an English muffin and cottage cheese for breakfast, and Tuesdays/Thursdays it’s cereal. Today, however, I was feeling crazy and went with grapes and a waffle with peanut butter. And water, because that's pretty much all I drink.

6:30-6:45 am  Get dressed

Hair – wet bun
Pink 3/4 length sleeved shirt – Motherhood Maternity
Black cardigan – Motherhood Maternity
Gray pants – maternity pants inherited from my sis
Shoes – Bandolino

Let’s be honest, here’s the pic you really want to see:

6:50ish am – Leave for work! I am very fortunate to have my own personal chauffeur for the commute.

Handsome, isn’t he? Also, how depressing is it that we have to drive to work in the dark?

Usually during the commute, I finish checking facebook/blogs and check my work e-mail so I know what to expect when I get to the office. Translation: I am probably the most boring passenger ever, but Brian doesn’t complain (usually).

7:15 am – Arrive at work. Slave away until lunch time (breaking intermittently for snacks, of course). 
12 pm – Eat lunch with co-workers in the break room, more awesomely referred to as "lunch bunch." I hardly ever eat out because (a) we carpool and Brian has the car, (b) it saves money, (c) it saves time, and (d) it saves calories! Today I had an apple, some crackers, chicken pot pie soup, and yes, water.

Not pictured: the mini Kit Kat and Baby Ruth I had for dessert

1-5:30 pm – Continue slaving away at work, again, with intermittent snack breaks. My morning snack varies but my afternoon snack is almost always a Luna bar, with Caramel Nut Brownie being my current favorite flavor.
5:30-6pm – My wonderful chauffeur escorts me home, during which time I catch up on the important e-mails/blogs/facebook updates I missed while at work. Once again, I am not the most exciting passenger. I do make sure to ask how his day was, so I get credit for that, right?
6-6:30 pm – Dinner time! I have mentioned this before, but we usually make dinner for the whole week on Sunday and just heat it up when we get home each night. This week’s dinner is baked ziti with spinach.

After dinner last night, we had the treat of opening an early baby shower gift that arrived in the mail- thanks, Lauren B!

6:30-9 pm – I’m going to be honest with you: I typically only get up from my spot on the couch to go to the bathroom and/or get dessert. And most of the time I ask Brian to get my dessert, so that doesn’t even happen often. Heck, I would ask him to go to the bathroom for me if I could on some nights. In my pre-gestating-the-twins days, we would probably take the dogs for a walk, but in an effort to “take it easy,” I basically put on my pajamas before dinner and stay put for the night.

During that 2.5-hour stretch, I (you guessed it) catch up on blogs, facebook, etc. while we watch TV. And lately this strenuous activity also includes updating the baby registries and perusing etsy. Oh, and there is usually a heating pad involved because back pain has become a fairly regular companion of mine.

9 pm – Take a bath and get ready for bed.
9:30 pm – Lights out! Sometimes Brian stays up and reads/studies/watches X-Files (I’m not making this up), but I make every effort to be asleep by 10 pm.

So there you have it. Is my life every bit as glamorous as you thought it would be and more?


Brittnie said...

I had a lunch bunch when I worked at DePelchin!! :( I miss our little group sometimes!

Aubrey said...

Hi there! I found your blog from your sister/Erika and just wanted to say hello :). Also, I'm insanely jealous of your, what looks like a ginormous, bathroom from the pictures!

the blogivers said...

1. I like that you ate your breakfast on a paper towel.
2. I hope you didn't heat the soup up in the plastic container!
3. What did you get from Lauren?
4. You didn't mention that you are also usually g-chatting with me in the 6:30-9:00 range. Jerkapotamus.

The Bird said...

Okay, you and Erika BOTH get to carpool with your husbands?! I would seriously love that! All the pictures are so fun...I don't think your day sounds boring at all. And I am thoroughly amazed/impressed/inspired by how you prepare your dinners for the week on Sunday night! That will have to be a goal for me! Such a wonderful skill!

Nancie Bee said...

You look absolutely amazing from straight on!!! You look absolutely amazing from a side view-but more in the very pregnant amazing way. Straight on you don't look pregnant in that your thighs aren't eclipsing your stomach, your face isn't perfectly round, etc. Great job. I never figured out how to keep the baby weight in the baby only area. Sideways you just look adorable. And amazing.

Erika said...

Ditto on Allison's #1 & 2. So glad you did this and posted the just-woke-up photo-- do you sleep with your hair pulled back?? Or did you tame it just for the pic? I can never sleep with a ponytail. OK-- why do you have to work for so many hours??! 7:15 til 5:30 with only an hour break? We don't roll like that in Georgia. (OK probably lots of people do. I just don't. :) )

Amanda Greavu said...

I'm with Erika- 9.25 hour working days… yuck! I initially heard 7:15 and thought "how lovely to get off so early". I'm impressed with your job dedication. I'm not sure I have that in me ESPECIALLY is I was carrying twins! I'd be asleep on the couch by 6:30.

Courtney Squillante said...

Ha!! I love it! Enjoy all that calm/downtime now... :)

Katy said...

You work 10+ hours a day?!?! Please tell me you only work 4 days....

Nike Onile said...

Wow! What a full day!! All while being preggers. Super woman!

Nike O.

HoagsandKisses said...

I'm exhausted from just reading this post! You are definitely not capitalizing on the whole pregnant with twins thing enough... You should get a two hour lunch break - double the time for double the babies :) And making dinners for the week ahead of time is genius! I'm going to tell hubby to get right on that!

Brittany Sciba said...

I loved this post! It's fun getting a little peek into other people's day to day lives! Also, I love that you've had a purple nalgene since I've known you. :)

Natasha said...

I wish I was as disciplined as you in terms of getting to bed early and getting up early. Also I spent every evening of my first pregnancy getting home from work, putting my pjs on and not moving from the couch unless I was going to the bathroom or to bed. And I was only carrying one so I'm impressed you're also getting through a really long work day.

I also love these kinds of posts so thanks for sharing.