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Monday, January 7, 2013

24 weeks

Well hello there, stomach!

How far along: 24 weeks and 1 day... can we all stop for a moment and acknowledge that these babies will be arriving in 14 weeks or less?

Total weight gain: 15 pounds, and I'm pretty sure at least half of that comes from cheese products

Maternity clothes: Yes, indeed. It seems I did not invest in (or inherit) enough maternity clothes for cold weather, unfortunately, but I'm making due. Thankfully Allison did lend me her maternity coat, which has been a life-saver these past couple of weeks!
Stretch marks: Not that I've noticed, but if we're being honest, I can't see the underside of my stomach anymore.

Sleep: Sigh. Santa did, in fact, bring me not one, but two body pillows for Christmas, but it has unfortunately not been the solution to my sleeping troubles. I usually fall asleep on my left side with the pillow between my legs and my arm wrapped around the top, but it is very difficult to roll over to my other side and successfully bring the pillow with me. So usually I roll over onto my right side and fall asleep before the pillow makes it with me. And then I wake up with back and leg pain. Spesh!

Best moment this week: Getting the nursery ready AND getting my second baby shower invitation- can't wait for both of those!

Miss anything: Being able to eat and/or perform normal activities without running out of breath

Movement: Yes! Colby and Clara are rocking and rolling in there, most often after meals and right before bed.

Food cravings: Nope. Oddly enough, I have not been one of those pregnant people that has (a) been ravenously hungry or (b) craved specific foods.

Symptoms: I think the most noticeable difference lately is how easily I run out of breath. I also seem to get tired more easily than I used to, and strenuous activities like walking around Target require brief sitting breaks.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope, thankfully!

Happy or moody most of the time: Happy- fortunately (for Brian), the pregnancy rage didn't last past the first trimester. Let's hope that continues to be the case.

Have you started to show yet: Yes, and I have been known to get my feelings hurt if someone points out that I look "small for being pregnant with twins," particularly because I am sensitive about Clara's growth, even though I know my size is not directly reflective of her size!

Boy or Girl: Colby Wayne and Clara Lane :)

Looking forward to: Seeing the babies at the ultrasound this afternoon, my first shower in a couple of weeks, making more progress on the nursery

That's all, folks. I'll be sure to report back on the results from this afternoon's ultrasound. Your prayers are greatly appreciated!


the blogivers said...

I appreciate that you are wearing MY clothes in all of your weekly pictures so far... I have pretty great taste, right?

Praying for Clara (and Colby, too)!

Mollyanne said...

Praying for good news this afternoon!

I think people need to learn to never comment at all on a pregnant woman's size. They make you feel like maybe you're too small, meanwhile my own father-in-law asked me the other day if I'm sure "there aren't two in there." Which he obviously already knows. So basically he was just calling me huge. No good can come of this, people.

Katy said...

Praying for a great report today!

I was also very sensitive to the "you look really small!" comment. Most of the time, people say it because they think it is what you want to hear, but I was the opposite! I loved my belly and the idea that my baby was growing big and strong. When they called me small, it made me feel weird and oddly self conscience!

Courtney Squillante said...

Cute post!! It did make me laugh that your strenuous activity was walking around Target- girl after my own heart!! :)

Brittnie said...

Love your updates :)

I get a little tired of people telling me that Clara is "so small for her age/8 months." I guess, kind of like what you said, it is b/c the dr. has some concerns with her delayed development and small head size. I probably wouldn't care at all if there were no concerns.

Fun seeing you last Friday!!

Praying for great results today.

Amber Massey said...

Good luck today, friend! Clara will rock it I'm sure! You look beautiful:) I get the whole 'you look so small for carrying twins' thing. I was told that numerous times and every time I'm sure the look of offense was on my face, haha! Let me know how it goes!!! Also.. You need the Snoogle. You NEED it. Body pillows won't do.

Erika said...

I think your size looks perfect. My doctor-eyes examined the picture and you are right on schedule. My main question is: why are there 3 owls in the photo with you? Normally there are just 2 of whatever. Are you trying to tell us something...additional...?? ;) (Because I would definitely have to say you are too small to be having triplets. Again-- professional medical opinion.)

the blogivers said...

Erika makes a great point about the owls...

The Durbin Blog said...

Love the bump pictures and I feel so blessed that I get to see your bump in person everyday (;