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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Pictures from the real camera

As promised, I finally got around to uploading pictures from the real camera from our trip. Remember that we are still learning how to use this camera, so bear with us as we figure out the settings!

Actually, first I'm first going to share a few practice pictures we took when we first got the camera:

Davis saying "cheese" for the camera... don't you want to eat him for dinner?

Up close and personal with Buster... don't you want to eat him for dinner, too?

Noah, clearly loving life- it's safe to say he is the more serious of our two pups.

And one more of Buster for good measure. Don't worry, he isn't dead.

Ok so here come the New Orleans pics! This is one of the mansions in the historic district- surprisingly (and disappointingly) not that many of them were decorated for Christmas!

My fellow pregnant twin mom, Alexa, took this for us- the blurriness is the fault of the camera, sadly.

Only in Louisiana!

Jellyfish at the aquarium

I spy two hootie owls in this pic

We don't like asking strangers to take pictures of us together. This is the result.

I'm pretty sure this catfish was posing for the picture.

This outdoor open-air parakeet area would have been Brittany's worst nightmare. I was admittedly a little afraid of being attacked and/or pooped on myself!

St. Patrick's Church (aka: where the stranger asked to touch my stomach)

Festive building in the French Quarter

Self-pic in front of Jackson Square

A very eager stranger offered to take this pic for us if we would return the favor for him. I looked around thinking his wife/friend would be nearby, but nope, he just wanted a picture of himself in front of Jackson Square.

Our street entertainer at Jackson Square... pretty sure this is his day job.

The end!


Erika said...

I love the up-close-and-personal of Buster! That's my favorite kind of dog picture. embarrassing you got that picture of me doing a handstand on the stairs. Normally my technique is so much better...

the blogivers said...

in the last picture, is the guy taking a picture of the entertainer or something else? Because that's a really close shot if he's going for the entertainer.

Also, yes, I would like Davis with a side of Buster for dinner tonight.

hollie marie said...

After dozens of out of focus/not centered/too close/too far photos, I never ask strangers to help out with the picture taking...... and I am always reluctant to agree when they spontaneously offer!

Looks like you guys had a great time!

Merry Christmas!!

Bren said...

FUN! We're planning a trip to Nawlins next month... my new goal: get a picture with that street performer.

Brittany Sciba said...

Great pics! Maybe we can learn how to use our cameras together. I haven't really mastered it yet.

Lenore said...

Great pictures! It was so great to see you yesterday, it made my week.