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Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas highlights

I figured I'd squeeze one last post into 2012 by forcing you all to read about giving you a glimpse into our Christmas adventures.

Brian and I exchanged gifts on the 21st before we left town to celebrate with our families. I opened mine first and was pleasantly surprised to find a gift certificate with my name on it for a pedicure AND a prenatal massage!

My gift to him was a reservation for the babymoon package (one-night stay) at The Houstonian in February. Yes, we already took our official babymoon, but as you might recall, it wasn't exactly relaxing, so this will be considered Babymoon Part II. And the best part? It includes a massage for Brian and a(nother) prenatal massage for me. It's safe to say I lucked out on that gift exchange!

We spent the first few days of our Christmas "break" with Brian's family in La Grange, where we did a lot of sitting, eating, and talking. The more adventurous members of the group (my SIL included) went out to shoot guns one day, while the rest of us continued to sit, eat, and talk :)

We also had a unique gift exchange with the family this year thanks to that same SIL. Everyone e-mailed her with the initials of what we wanted most for Christmas (for example, if you wanted one million dollars, your initials would be OMD). She then assigned everyone a person to buy for and only told them the initials of what that person asked for. From there, we had to do our best to guess what the initials stood for, spending a maximum of $10.

My initials were "BB" for "baby bedding" (which obviously was above $10!), and my mother-in-law was assigned to get my gift. As you'll see in the picture below, she got the "baby" part right!

Me posing with the bottle of baby bath

Brian's initials were "TSB" which allegedly stood for "Texans Super Bowl" or "Two Sweet Babies." His grandfather was assigned to get his gift and believe it or not, guessed correctly with two sweet babies (dolls, that is):

This was much more entertaining to me than a normal white elephant exchange, so in case you're looking to switch things up next year, you should give this idea a try! Thanks, Shannon!

After the gift exchange, Shannon very patiently did an impromptu photo shoot of Brian and me in front of the Christmas tree. I rationally declared that every picture either made me look like a beached whale or made Brian look like he was allergic to me, which meant that we ended up doing a lot of retakes:

Let's try to be normal.

Apparently he's a magician.

This picture had a lot of potential... hard to pinpoint where things went wrong.

I think this is my favorite.

We look progressively less and less comfortable with one another.

I call this the sassy fat girl pose.

Shannon told us to look lovingly at each other... which would have worked out well if we were capable of being serious for more than 2 seconds at a time.

And that's a wrap.

You're welcome for that photo montage.

We spent a few days in Austin as well, but sadly I took no pictures. Good thing I have a twin sister to do that for me

So that was that. Hope you all had an equally merry Christmas and that you're getting pumped up to ring in 2013. Happy New Year's Eve!

Wait! You didn't think I would leave these two family members out, did you?


Brittnie said...

Love that idea for a gift exchange. . . way more fun than the normal white elephant! Happy New Years Eve!

Courtney Squillante said...

Those pictures are adorable and I love that gift exchange idea!!

the blogivers said...

You should teach Noah and Buster to do the sassy fat girl pose.

Erika said...

Love the photo shoot! And what a fun variation on white elephant! Another friend of mine told about one where all gifts had to be from the gas station. There were some really funny ones (and lots of lotto tickets). Thanks for throwing in the dogs there at the end...almost thought you'd forgotten about them.

Susan said...

Totally doing that gift exchange next year! The adults in my family never exchange, so this will be super fun!!! Happy New Year!!!

Kimmie Schiffel said...

Live the gift exchange idea! And you're quite an adorable mommy to be. =)

The Bird said...

Sounds like a very fun Christmas! The white elephant exchange is really neat that way! And, a beached whale, really? As if! You look adorable, even in the super silly ones! To me, it looks like you have only gained a belly (which is amazing considering there are TWO babies in there!).

Brittany Sciba said...

I love the pictures! :) So glad I finally got to see the bump in person last night! Also, what a fun gift exchange idea!

Ashley said...

Photo shoot was hilarious!

Shannon said...

I feel like I should confess that I found the gift exchange idea online...and that I think my favorite picture is magician Brian