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Thursday, November 8, 2012

What Should I Blog About? - HIJACK


On the way home from small group last night, Amanda shared with me that she had posed the question above on Facebook and had received a response from one of my friends*, which I happened to find amusing. So, naturally, I asked about the other things people had suggested and found those to be pretty funny as well, and so I suggested that she combine all those ideas into one blog. And write it when we got home before bed. Her response: "I can't write that fast. My writing is a work of art. Why don't you do it?"

Fine. I will. So here we are. Thanks for joining me! For starters, the suggestions she received are as follows:

- Erika
- Needle Lady
- Phyllis or Bad Santa
- The ridiculous November heat, baby predictions, mom fears, book/movie reviews
- Goals for the next 4 years**
- How wonderful her in-laws are
- Spice Girls
- Larry's*
- snails
- Her awesome coworkers and all the fun they have at work
- What she would do the same and differently with our twins compared to her twin upbringing**
- How she imagines the babies' personalities will be based on pregnancy symptoms/ultrasounds
- Our awesome neighbors

I'm not sure quite how this will turn out, however, one thing I am sure of is that Erika will most likely comment on it, and that comment will be within the first hour of this being published. One other thing I am sure of is that if there was a show called "Needle Lady" all that the famous Needle Lady would need to do to get aired on TLC is talk with a redneck accent and do things no sane human being would do - like give acupuncture to her friend's prize hog or something. I don't watch much TLC but I do know who Honey Boo Boo is and although I don't envision myself ever watching her show, I will admit my guilty pleasure redneck show is "Duck Dynasty." If you haven't watched it, it is about these eccentric, rich Louisiana folks that sometimes work and sometimes don't.

One person that may have fit right into that show would be Amanda's housekeeper while she was growing up - Phyllis. I can't recall if she has been mentioned here before, but for you "Duck Dynasty" fans, imagine Mama Kay with bright orange hair and wearing some really loud, colorful, flowery dresses. I'll never forget the time I met Phyllis and she said the N-word. Well she wasn't saying it exactly - she was quoting someone else. But, when she said it I laughed because it was so unexpected, and now I am pretty sure she recalls the time I laughed at that word every time my wife speaks to her.

Moving right along, has this warm November been kind of a let down to anyone else? I feel like October tempted us for a couple days with cool temps and then November was like "Not so fast!!" Anyway, one of my favorite things to do when it does feel like winter is watch movies in my nice warm house. Speaking of movies, we recently watched "What to Expect When You're Expecting." Funny movie, and my favorite parts all involved the group of dads that took their kids on walks together, and the brotherhood that they shared. I look forward to that when (prediction) we have our little boy and little girl. Honestly though, whatever we have, boy/girl, boy/boy, or girl/girl, I really can't wait to be a dad. And, I know my parents and in-laws are just as excited to be first time grandparents and 6th and 7th time grandparents respectively!

A prediction that I can say will come true for the babies is that they will listen to old-school jams like the Spice Girls and the Beastie Boys (none of the Beastie Boys songs with bad words though). And they will also be treated to at least one meal pre-birth and post-birth at one of the finest (or worst depending on who you ask) eating establishments in Richmond..... Larry's! If you have ever lived in Richmond (like our awesome neighbors the Higginses), you know that everyone out here either loves or hates that place. I love it. Their cheese enchiladas are the gauge by which I rate all other cheese enchiladas. Not saying they are the best, but they have been doing something right all these years.

One last prediction, and I can't say exactly why I think this, but I have this feeling that if we do have a boy and a girl, the boy will have a personality more like Amanda, and the girl will be more like me. My only fear is that I have two girls that are just like their mother. Wait, did I say fear? I meant HOPE. If we had two boys just like me... now THAT would be scary for Amanda!

Finally, I have really noticed lately that I have the privilege to work with some really awesome people, and my wife does as well from what the stories I hear from her. When I was finally able to tell the folks that I work with that we were pregnant, and later that it was with twins, they celebrated with me and said they were so happy and had been praying for us... and, well, it meant a lot to me, and I know it did to Amanda as well. So for those co-workers of ours that are out there reading this - thank you, you make working fun and our lives better.

Hope you enjoyed this random flow of thoughts and ideas produced from the suggestions on Facebook.  If you didn't, thanks for reading this far anyway. **There were two questions I couldn't tackle because they were pretty specific to Amanda, so if that was you, don't worry, I bet Amanda will answer them.

And.... snails.


the blogivers said...

Now I wish I had contributed an idea! I felt it would get lost in the sea of ideas, but I was wrong. This is my favorite line from Brian's post: "I'll never forget the time I met Phyllis and she said the N-word."

Erika said...

Nicely done, Bri-Bri!! I hope I made it within my usual one-hour window. I think Amanda (or you, either way) should do a series based on Phyllis, especially if there are pictures. She sounds like a fun character!

Brittnie said...

The warm November is killing me. I was in shorts two days ago for crying out loud!!

Brittany Sciba said...

Very impressive! I like the "and snails" part. :)

Lenore said...

Nice post Brian! However I still feel like you could've answered the goals for the next four years question. I know I am going to working on my goals this weekend. So excited for you guys to find out which combination you will get, boy/girl, boy/boy, or girl/girl.

Bren said...

I really want to meet this Phyllis that you speak of :) And also, I want to get in on the baby gender pool (has anyone started one yet? Get on it!) 5 bucks says it's a boy and a girl!

Baby Gender said...

Interesting blog post! Particularly on baby gender prediction.