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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Why I've decided that nurses are superior to doctors

We got to see the babies again yesterday and they said to tell you all "hey"... so "hey" from baby A and baby B! They also said to tell you that they were NOT pleased with the ultrasound experience. Because we hadn't seen Dr. H since our 2nd IUI didn't work/we decided to try IVF back in JUNE, the nurses wanted me to make sure and see him once before we were released to my normal OB.

This was all fine and good even though it meant a trip into the medical center (versus the office I normally visit which is approximately 5 minutes from my office). I had visions of the doctor spending a decent amount of time answering all of our questions and then performing a very thorough and drawn-out ultrasound, during which we would get to see the twins from every possible angle.

What really happened, however, is that he walked in, shook our hands, got the ultrasound started, saw baby A and said, "This one looks good and so does the heartbeat," moved onto baby B and said, "This one also looks good and so does the heartbeat," printed off an unrecognizable picture, asked me what meds I was on (um, shouldn't you already know that?), asked if we were excited to have twins (um, does anyone answer this question with a "no" in your office?), and left. This exchange literally lasted a maximum of 3 minutes.

I know we have been spoiled with our frequent ultrasounds and focused attention from the nurses, but come on! We did not take time off from work, drive all the way into town, pay a $35 co-pay (and not to mention how much we paid for IVF!), just for you to treat me like a one-night stand! Argh!

Ok that is the end of my ranting, I promise. I know he is a busy man and he has other couples to help get pregnant. The good news is that the babies look good and everything is on track. The also good news is that my labs looked good and I was given permission to (wait for it) (are you ready for this?) (it's pretty amazing) STOP TAKING THE PROGESTERONE AND ESTROGEN! Exciting, isn't it?


Not sure I have shared this with you all, but the progesterone comes in a suppository form. And let's just say that it doesn't go in the same place that a baby's suppository would go. For more information, go here.


Anyway, I am pretty pumped. I even toyed with the idea of throwing a party, and my friend, Brittnie, had the excellent idea of burning all of my leftover medicine as part of the celebration! Realistically, however, I will probably just celebrate by clearing all of the medicine off of my bathroom counter and trying not to fret about whether or not my body will continue doing what it's supposed to without the assistance of the medicine (prayers appreciated). Sounds like a blast, I know.

Anyway, that's all I've got. I'm 10 weeks and 4 days along as of today, and I have my (hopefully) LAST appointment with the fertility clinic next Tuesday before our first OB appointment next Friday. We are moving on up in the world (and yet still not through the first trimester - ha!).

Hope you're all having a great week!

Oh, and PS- I am feeling much better now. Thanks for all of the suggestions!


Erika said...

YAY for finishing the estrogen!! And for seeing A&B! Tell them auntie Erika said "what's up," k?

Brittnie said...

Ok Ok well if you decide to have a burn party let me know and I will be first in line. Ha! I even have some leftover progesterone suppositories I could add to the pile. :)

On a totally different. . . if you ever want to discard the sharp containers you can take them back to FHI Sugar Land office and they will dispose of them for you. That is what I had to do. Neither the pharmacy or Methodist Hospital would take them. Just a random fyi.

Brittnie said...

And I meant to say "on a totally different note.".... :) and HFI not FHI. Apparently I am not awake yet.

the blogivers said...

I'm sure Beavis & Butthead were also disappointed with the lack of thorough attention yesterday - I will try to cheer them up this weekend!

Allena said...

I am 28 weeks pregnant and just fired my OB today, ha! I couldn't even say that my nurses were good, which was 1 of the many reasons I decided to switch. They all seem to suck to me (at my old place)!!!

Brittany Sciba said...

Yay for healthy babies, getting off meds, switching to your regular ob, and being 10 weeks!!! Can't wait to know genders! I'm ready for shopping and shower planning! ;) I am thinking 2 girls this week. Last week I was thinking one of each.

HoagsandKisses said...

Ugh, doctors. I hate when they ask you what meds you're on. I'm always like "the ones you prescribed for me last time, duh!" Hip Hip Hooray for no more suppositories! Definitely party-worthy! And holy cow, you're already almost second trimester... time for belly pics :)

Amanda McD said...

Ugh, Dr H did the same thing with us...such a disappointment. So much so that for my next appointment I made it when he would be out of the office! Nurses are completely superior!