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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Twin Vlog: The Trilogy

Allison came in town this past weekend for the memorial service for our uncle, and because the visit was somewhat unplanned, we found ourselves with some extra free time on Saturday evening. Lucky for you, we had the genius idea to use that time to make yet another twin vlog for your viewing pleasure, so enjoy:

(Spoiler alert: we are wearing matching outfits.)

Oh, and in case you missed the first two, be sure to go check out our first and second editions as well!


the blogivers said...

The one on the right is really pretty.

Erika said...

Haaa. I enjoy these very much. And I think I gain more than 18 pounds like...every time I eat. So basically, your mom is totally lame.

Bren said...

Props for matching. I love it! And also, when you have the twins, make sure and share their combined weights first. Giving birth to a 15 pounder is nothing short of amazing. How many people get to say that?!

Leah said...

haha allison's comment up there is funny. :) I think she seems different around you than just by herself. I wonder if you're the same way??

Annie Gruetzmacher said...

Loved the vlog!! Going to catch up on the other two...not sure how I missed them! :)
P.S. You look so pretty and thin! How do you have two babies in you?!