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Monday, October 1, 2012

Thoughts from the other person having twins

Remember that cold I mentioned last week? It seems to have graduated into a sinus infection. Congratulations on this major milestone, cold, and thank you for continuing to make me miserable!

All that to say, I was not feeling up to the task of coming up with a blog post for today, so I was very relieved when Brian agreed to do a guest post and give you a little bit of his perspective on the pregnancy thus far. Enjoy!

1. I would like to claim that I was first to think we were going to have twins and eventually see that we were having twins. What I mean by that is on our first ultrasound appointment after the transfer, I saw a dark spot that I thought was a second baby, but that thought was dismissed by the nurse. On our second appointment when I saw the screen, I remember it sort of like this:

Brian: "Wait... are there two?"
Nurse: "Looks like it!"
Brian: "Holy crap."
Amanda "Are you serious?!"

What followed that exchange was a blur of emotions and thoughts ranging from "holy crap" to "this is awesome," to "what am I going to do," and finally - "this will be great!"

2. I am continuing to pressure Amanda into "requesting" food. A couple of victories include chicken strips from Whataburger, and some tortilla chips from the grocery store that resulted in a Sonic drink for me. I will continue to be ready at a moment's notice for anything she needs to consume.

3. When I share the news that we are having twins with people, their first reaction is usually something along the lines of, "That's great! You better start sleeping now because once they come you won't get to for a long time. Good luck!" Honestly, when I hear those things all I can do is laugh nervously because part of me knows they are speaking some truth, and a different part of me thinks that I can do this, and with the help of my wonderful wife it won't be nearly as hard as they are making it out to be.

4. Lastly, I know that most of this is all very new, but the one emotion that I can honestly say that I can't get over is how blessed I feel. I know that 3 years isn't the longest period of time to be trying for a child, but it sure did feel like it sometimes. I can't remember the first time the "what if..." about having twins came up between me and Amanda, but I remember thinking about that possibility of twins and knowing that if that were to happen it would be a huge blessing. And I still feel that way.

I'm sure I will get convinced to post again on here in the future, but maybe next time we can do one of those posts where you all ask the questions. I liked that last time because I didn't really have to figure out what to write since you all told me what you wanted to hear. 

Anyway, thanks for reading and since I am writing this while Arnold Schwarzenegger is being interviewed, there is no better way to end this other than saying "I'll be back."


Erika said...

Brian: way to man up and take over the blog. This is just further proof that you are going to be the best twin dad ever (well, unless Matt & I ever end up having twins, in which case HE will be the best twin dad ever and you can be 2nd place. Silver medals are totally legit, so don't worry). I will start thinking of questions to ask for your next interview-blog!

Brittnie said...

Ha - I am remembering Brandon ask me many many times during my pregnancy "Do you need a Sonic treat?" Maybe this was his way of secretly wishing I would say yes, so that he could satisfy a craving without letting me in on it?

And like you said with a great partner by your side you will be able to conquer anything baby related. Like yesterday when we were standing in the security line at the airport and Clara was pooping thru her diaper AS WE STOOD THERE (they had no family security privileges and we COULD NOT get out of line). Or the time when Clara puked in Brandon's mouth before he gave her a bath and I ran to get the camera instead of wiping it off his face. :)

the blogivers said...

WTG, Brian! And while generally I think people are just being annoying when they said, "You'd better sleep now!", I am curious to see what reality is like with two babies. Just do what our mom did at night - put us in another room, shut the door, walk out, and don't look back :)

Brittany Sciba said...

I love hearing Brian's perspective! He will be a great dad! :)

The Bird said...

Awe! You and Amanda will be such amazing parents to your twins!

HoagsandKisses said...

Thanks for stepping up and blogging, Brian. So fun to hear the dad's perspective! I definitely second the "water-burger" chicken strips (whenever i pronouce it the normal way people say I'm not a real Texan.) Hope you're feeling better, Amanda! You two are a great team and are totally going to rock the raising twins thing :)

Ali Nixon said...

Love it! Whenever I had a craving Nick got REALLY excited...cause I didn't have many...exceptfreebirds, and he wasn't excited about that bc it stuck the entire 9 mos.