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Monday, October 15, 2012

The promised bump

Allow me to introduce you to the beginning of the bump, aka: what my stomach always looks like after eating a meal:

See those two little pumpkins? They're symbolic of two other little pumpkins, in case you missed that. Props to Brian for suggesting they be in the picture... good thing I already have two little turkeys ready for next month's picture!

This picture was awkward to take for several reasons:

1. It's weird to pose alone in a picture.
2. I don't like to put my hand on my hip, but it was the only way to properly show off my stomach.
3. I think the bump is actually lower than this picture suggests. It is hard to accurately show it off at this point because I didn't want to suck in for the picture and downplay the bump, but it wouldn't have been realistic for me to completely stick my stomach out either, because then the bump would have been exaggerated by my normal fat*.

*I'm not saying that I am fat, just that I have stomach fat, so no need to argue :)

So there you go. I will probably post pictures every 4 weeks or so, so stay tuned for the 16 week bump post!

For those that were curious, graduation week ended well! My last acupuncture appointment was sufficiently relaxing (as in, I momentarily considered just staying there and napping for the next 2 hours before my doctor appointment, but opted to peruse the maternity section at Target instead).

The first OB appointment was also a success! The nurse and doctor were excited for us, and we were thankful to get another look at the babies. Sadly, the OB's ultrasound machine isn't quite as fancy as the one we were used to at the fertility clinic, but we were still able to see them wiggling around, and we got to see a pretty good shot of both of their brains and spinal cords, which were obviously also adorable- ha!

We didn't really talk about the long-term future of the pregnancy much, other than for him to say that I would come in more often than normal patients and probably have more ultrasounds (fine by me!). Our next appointment is at 16 weeks (November 9th), and he said we would be able to schedule the anatomy scan for 17 or 18 weeks, SO fingers crossed that we'll know what the babies are by Thanksgiving!

The doctor also mentioned that the latest they would let me go is 38 weeks, but he seemed to think it was unlikely that we'd make it that far. So if you keep that in mind, the babies are actually due in mid-April (the 14th, to be exact)- this is exciting because it means less time that we have to wait before meeting them. This is mildly terrifying because it means less time we have to prepare, but I suppose we wouldn't have been all that productive during those last 2 weeks anyway. 

So that's that. Not much else to report other than an all-consuming need to be productive (which is tricky since I lack the energy to actually do much), and a quick temper that has resulted in more tantrums than I care to admit. In case you think I'm exaggerating, then you should know that when Brian accidentally put a pair of my jeans in the dryer the other night, there was door slamming, yelling of choice words, and eventually there were even tears. Oops.

My goals for the next couple of weeks are to eat as well as possible and start adding in some more exercise. I'll be sure to report back with details!


The Bird said...

You look great! And I agree: It is weird to pose alone in pictures. And I don't usually pose with my hand on my hip, either, but it looks cuter (and feels less weird) than having your hand under the bump or something (which a lot of people do). I carried really low until a few weeks ago, and then everything moved up, probably around 26 weeks.

Glad that all is going well! Hooray for seeing the babies more and hooray for meeting them a little sooner than originally expected! With your mad organization/planning skillz, I have no doubt that everything will be ready before it needs to be :) And what people say is true: You'll have more energy in the second trimester!

Erika said...

I personally LOVE posing with my hand on my hip, so it makes my inability to get pregnant/take bump pictures even more maddening. I would be the best bump poser ever. Ugh. Anyway, you look super cute and I love the 2 pumpkins. Just think: soon you will have 2 things bigger than that in your belly! Woo!

the blogivers said...

I took MY first bump picture in that dress, too! Though the comparison is hard because I was only showing the top half of my body. Anyway, hooray for getting bigger!

Katy said...

Looking good Mama!! Love that huge smile on your face! :)

Courtney Squillante said...

You are ridiculously skinny/I hate you for looking so good at 12 weeks. But seriously, cute cute pic!!!!

Brittany Sciba said...

You look beautiful!! :)

Chrissy said...

Ummm you look amazing!!! Seriously!!! Thanks for the update.

L said...

You look fantastic!!!! Love the two pumpkins next to your little bump too :)

Brittnie said...

I was totally bummed when I realized that my regular OB's ultrasound machine was nowhere near as fancy as the fertility dr.'s I guess for some reason I thought it would be opposite. :)

If you ever want to get together and walk on a Friday afternoon or weekend let me know!! We could walk and then go get lunch or something, ya know, since I always feel the need to refuel within 2 seconds of "exercise."

Bren said...

Cute Cute Cute!!! I love the two little pumpkins, and now you're going to have to do that for every photo... 2 turkeys, 2 little snowmen, etc. I've seen people use fruit in their pics to document baby's size, but somehow 2 watermelons just seems ouchy. I like the holiday theme more :) Oh and you've got to stick your lil belly out in the next pic because my ice cream for dinner chubs are like "I see your 12 week belly and I raise you a 14 week belly!"

Natasha said...

I love the idea of the two holiday themed things, in this case pumpkins. That is super-cute!

And you may get a burst of energy in the second trimester, which should be getting close??? There is also the burst at the end of "Ahhhhh! The baby (or in your case, babies!) will be here soon and we are so not ready!!! Ahhhhh!"

Annie Gruetzmacher said...

This is so wonderful!!! Giddy for you! And I loved your disclaimer "*" - great touch! :)