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Friday, October 19, 2012

RIP, appetite

Remember how I said that my goals were to eat better and get more exercise? Well I was successful at one of those endeavors.

Not only did I go to a prenatal yoga class with my pal, Beth, on Wednesday night, but last night I also went on a 45-ish minute walk with two of my other favorite pals, Katie & Kristen! The babies are probably really confused since they haven't exactly witnessed mom engaging in much physical activity since they came on the scene.

Eating is a different story. Let's just say that being pregnant during Halloween candy season is dangerous, particularly if nothing sounds or tastes appealing, causing you to shovel mini Twix bars and Reese's peanut butter cups in your face just to make the bad taste go away. Oh, and I should note that I'm still not craving normal "sweets," ie: cookies, cake, cupcakes, sugary candy, etc.

If it's possible, the number of foods that I can stomach has actually decreased in the last week or so, which is interesting since I'm allegedly supposed to start feeling better right about now. My beloved tortilla chips aren't even doing the trick, but considering that is the greatest tragedy going on in the pregnancy at the moment, I think it's safe to say things are going well.

Something else that is interesting: this is the first week that I haven't had any type of appointment to attend in 3 months. No bloodwork, no co-pay, no ultrasound, no needles, no nothing! I never thought this week would come, but lo and behold, it has, and it feels very refreshing, I must say.

And now is the part of my pregnancy blogging that likely won't come often (because I've found that pregnancy comes with enough advice even without asking!), but I'm going to go out on a limb and ask for your input:

1. Childcare: Nanny or daycare? Thoughts? Preferences? Really great recommendations in our immediate area for either one?

2. Babymoon: This has been consuming most of my free time this week, and I would love to hear your suggestions/thoughts!

Some things to keep in mind:

- In order to save up precious 2013 vacation time, we are planning to go in December, so we don't want to go somewhere that will be unbearably frigid (cold weather is ok, just not arctic tundra weather).
- We would like to go somewhere in the US where Southwest flies.
- We don't want to go anywhere that would require too much walking around, BUT we want to be somewhere with plenty of options of things to do. We would like to be able to relax but not get bored.

I realize that (a) those are a lot of stipulations, and (b) this is very much a first world problem, but if you could indulge me by giving some feedback, it would be greatly appreciated.

For now, I'm off to rummage through the pantry and see if anything sounds appealing before I resort to eating ice as a snack.


Katy said...

I have found that everybody and their dog has a strong opinion on day care. Personally, we found an in home day care and it was absolutely amazing for Jonathan. It was an older lady who watched like 7 kids (with another liscensed friend) and this woman devoted her life (and her house!)to "her kids." She made all his snacks and meals, gave him presents for Christmas, decorated for all the holidays was just such a warm, loving environment and I wouldn't have traded it for anything. So that's my home.

Erika said...

I also know a lot of people who love in-home daycare. And I used to be a nanny and I was amazing, so there's that. But what I can REALLY help you with is your babymoon. ATHENS, GA. Southwest flies to Atlanta-- I will come pick you up from there. It will possibly be cold or cool, but certainly not frigid. There are lots of things to do or not do in the Atlanta/Athens area, we can adapt according to how much walking you feel like doing. DONE AND DONE. See you soon!!

Brittnie said...

Don't worry... I am continuing to eat enough tortilla chips (and salsa) for the two of us. I think it might be time for an intervention. :)

I can't really speak to the nanny vs. day care decision although I nannied for two families (one during college and another before having Clara) and LOVED it.

Yes to a babymoon! You need one last getaway before the babies arrive. St. Louis is so fun! Lots to do (and a ton that is totally free) and some things you can walk to and others don't require as much walking. Loved living there for grad school.

the blogivers said...

Sadly I can't give you helpful feedback for either question! If you will recall, we made the unwise decision to spend our babymoon in NYC in January. (Although NYC in December would actually be really fun if you could handle some walking.) Hopefully everyone else will make up for my unhelpfulness!

Mindy Rives said...

No sure on this but you may find that an in home nanny might be cheaper than putting 2 kiddos in daycare. I only work 2 days a week but we have a nanny that comes to our house. I love it because my babies are at their home and everything they need is there. Another big plus, you don't have to pack, unpack and repack their things every night when you get home from work. Getting out of the house on time in the morning with one child is difficult...and with two can be like WWII...ha! You'll figure out what works best for your family...and those sweet babies will adjust and do great in either situation.

Mindy Rives said...

Also, my baby moon suggestion is Lake Tahoe! I've neer been there but it's on our list of US places to visithopefully soon!

Mollyanne said...

I too was thinking that it's much easier if you're the only one you have to get ready and out of the house in the morning. That is also the only way to guarantee you can keep the babies on the schedule you prefer. Plus with 2 babies it might be similar in price or even cheaper than good day care. But I also think an in-home day care could be a nice compromise, especially if you find someone who loves babies and isn't too busy already.

I may as well second Erika in the babymoon suggestion. GA is warmer than most of the country in December. Plus you'd pretty much make Erika's life if you came to visit her.

On an unrelated note, I am about 2 weeks behind you in my pregnancy and it hit me yesterday that while baked goods are one of the few things that sound edible to me right now, the thought of eating candy makes me gag. Pregnancy sure does funny things to people.

Brittany Sciba said...

Everyone that I know that does in home (either at someone else's house or their own) is very happy with it. Also, I've heard Jackson Hole is amazing! I want to go someday! Also, what about Charleston? Always wanted to go there too! So glad that you get to go on a babymoon!! :)

Beth said...

I'm glad you posted so I can get babymoon ideas too! Sorry this conversation got cut short on Wednesday. Lake Tahoe has been somewhere we've discussed but I'm afraid it (and most places I'd like to go) will be too cold in January/February when we (I) want to go. The Carolinas sound nice, or maybe Nashville?

kinsey said...

Nanny. If only even for the first year. That way babies stay on their schedule and in their own beds. Not to mention germs and the hassle of getting two out the door in the mornings with bags packed. No fun! ;)

Shannon Joiner said...

What would you pay a nanny? A nanny named shannon...that sounds like an awesome option. I think it's important for the nanny to be around before the babies are born so that they know her voice. Can i start next week? :)

Courtney Squillante said...

We babymooned in San Diego (1st kid) and Vegas (2nd kid). Both were so so fun (even for a prego Vegas is awesome- shows, great restaurants, great shopping- and of course insane people watching!). San Diego has everything close and lots of fun/relaxing things- plus there weather is the bomb year round! Have fun!!!

Chrissy said...

Ohhh I'm no help on either of your questions since my opinions on daycare vs. nanny are lacking and my options on traveling while pregnant are not what anyone likes to hear ;). BUT, a babymoon sounds amazing and I can't wait to hear what y'all decide!

Anonymous said...

i would look into having a nanny come to your home. i agree with previous comments that it would probably be cheaper, easier, keep the babies away from germs and get them on a good schedule.

as far as a babymoon - how about palm springs or somewhere else in california. weather would be great!

Ashley said...

If you have the option for an in-home nanny or taking them to someone's in-home day care, I think those would be your best two options. We have an in-home nanny, so if you want to know more about what service we used, pay, hours, tax stuff, interview questions, etc., shoot me an email.

When T was 16 mos we started him in a private pre-school with a toddler program, and we have an in-home nanny for the afternoons. I feel like we are providing a good mix of being at home with me/the nanny and socialization at school. There are also Mother's Day Out programs that you or the nanny could take them to. Don't feel like just because you might choose to have an in-home nanny, your kids can't have play dates or be social as they grow into toddlers. I think you're going to want them at your house, if possible, when they are infants anyway!

Amber Massey said...

As far as day care vs nanny vs home day care.. My personal option is nanny. We aren't doing any of the three mentioned (I'm going part time, Jordan will be home on his days off from the fire station, and the mother in law is watching the girls a couple days a week) BUT- if it comes down to it, we have talked about hiring a nanny. I'm jealous of your baby moon planning! By the time we started to plan, my OB practically laughed in my face when I asked her if it was safe for me to fly (I was 23 weeks at the time) SO- we stayed home- spent the weekend like we were on vacation.. Eating out every meal and staying lazy:) the suggestions of California sound great! We wanted to go to CoCo beach or some place like that- warm but not miserable. Hang in there with the food thing.. I have no interest in food at all whatsoever- well.. Except donuts:)

Anonymous said...

Hello! I'm just a stranger who reads your blog. Congratulations by the way. I have two kids. My first started going to daycare at 9 weeks old and my second started going at 17 weeks. Both are happy and healthy. I appreciate the dependability of group childcare and good schools aren't as germy as other people try to make them out to be. Do my kids get sick? Yes, but who know whether they get the germs from me, the other 20 family members they regularly see, their school, the store, the library, music class, church, wherever. My kids are really social too. I found that they both started benefiting from and really enjoying interaction with their friends at about 4-5 months old. The reliability is a huge factor too. My kids LOVE their teachers and their friends. Daycare centers can be wonderful. Expensive, yes, but also wonderful.
Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Hey Amanda! I love hearing/reading your pregnancy updates! :) Brody started daycare at 18mo since I stayed home for the first year with him. I was pretty protective about germs and not getting together with anyone that was sick, and he was super healthy for that time...only 2-3 colds. Since he started daycare, he has been various stages of sick about 90% of the time. He has a lot of fun there though and really likes being around other kids and all the different activities and toys than at home: art/painting projects every day, PE/gym time 2x week, different "friends" and playground equip than the ones by our house, etc.

If I keep working when our next baby comes, I think we'll probably try to get someone at our house, at least until the baby is a year or so. Brody got a cold when a very sick (and not so thoughtful) relative came to visit him in the hospital when he was born. It was so scary seeing him sick when he was new and fragile seeming. After 12 months, he seemed a lot sturdier and I didn't protect him from germs and sick people as much and he did fine until sharing germs with everyone at daycare... Oh! The other thing is that is when your babies are sick at daycare you'll need to stay home with them, but a nanny would be fine at home. We kept Brody out of "school" for 3 days a couple weeks ago b/c the doctor said he was contagious and shouldn't be around other kids. Using up vacation days for all the sicknesses that go along with daycare is another factor to consider. -Rachel :)

The Bird said...

The food thing will get better:)

A babymoon sounds awesome, no matter where you go! I think we are going to have to miss out on that fun experience due to my husband's ridiculous work schedule, so pick somewhere really neat so I can live vicariously through you when you post pictures!

If you can do an in home nanny, I think that would make mornings WAY easier (like others said). As a teacher, I agree with what one of the anonymous commenters said about social is important as well as fun for kids! So, that is a plus for a good group daycare setting!

Kate Coultas said...

For babymoon I'd recommend New Orleans -- Southwest flies there. Don't have to walk too much if you stay in the French Quarter. During December all of the hotels have "Papa Noel" rates -- so you can get a wonderful room for $100 or less a night -- go to the visitors bureau site to check out rates or just call hotels and ask -- such a deal! And a great time to experience New Orleans when it isn't humid. So many fun things to do and to eat -- yummy!