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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Hormones galore

In case we aren’t facebook friends (or in case you aren’t diligently keeping up with my pregnancy timeline), then you might not be aware that as of Sunday, we have officially entered the second trimester! I’m starting to think that my body is having a delayed reaction to this whole pregnancy thing, because as I indicated last week, I seem to be feeling progressively worse rather than better, so that’s special. And to further prove my point, allow me to share with you the following list of things I can no longer seem to control:

- My emotions: Again, facebook friends are well aware that I recently cried about chicken salad. In my defense, it had been a long day and I was really hungry, and finding out that the chicken salad was made with pineapple proved more than I could handle without falling apart at the moment. There might have been some yelling in addition to the tears, which leads me to the next item on the list…

- My temper: It is no secret to those that know me that I have a bit of a quick temper. Let’s just say that pregnancy has seemed to kick that into overdrive. I currently have two modes: (1) content and (2) breathing fire with smoke coming out of my ears. Brian is unfortunately the most frequent victim, but I am sad to report that he is not the only one thus far.

- My sense of smell: I thought this would happen early on, but it hasn’t been an issue until recently. Smells that I find particularly offensive? Coffee, garbage (no surprise there), and the refrigerator at work. Other highly unenjoyable activities? Using public restrooms, riding on elevators with smokers, and being near people that wear a lot of perfume/cologne. Oh, and I also recently described an odor as smelling like my grandmother’s old sea shell collection, so apparently my sense of smell has also become very specific.

- (Still) My appetite: Ugh. There is nothing else to say about this. No food is safe—not even my beloved peanut butter sandwiches or macaroni and cheese. And yet I feel terrible if I don't eat... blah.

I would be remiss in not mentioning how well Brian is coping with my current “state.” I apologize for my behavior as often as I can, but it’s usually well after the damage is done. I just asked him to hold on and bear with me for another 6 months… at which point I will just become a different kind of crazy. Lord help him if there are two girls in there to add to the craziness!

I should also mention that on Saturday (after the chicken salad incident) when I asked him what we should do with the money we made from our garage sale that morning, he responded without hesitation that we should put it towards the nursery. I’m sure he really wanted to suggest putting it towards buying me a straightjacket, but very sweet of him to say otherwise, right?

Oh, and a big thank you to all of you for your feedback from my last post, although we admittedly got way more input on the childcare question than the babymoon question—ha, guess that shouldn’t surprise me!

While we have made pretty much no progress on the nanny search front, we DID decide on a babymoon location: New Orleans. This surprises some people because obviously we aren’t planning to spend our nights out on Bourbon Street, but there is a lot more to do (and eat) in New Orleans than go out to shady bars, and it’s supposed to be pretty at Christmas time, so there’s that. I’ll be sure to keep you posted!

In the meantime, I have yet another opportunity for you to provide feedback—lucky you! We would like to get a nicer camera before the babies are born, but we would prefer not to spend an arm and a leg on it. (Edited to add: I think for now we would just like to get a nicer digital point and shoot camera... not sure it's realistic for us to lug around or take the time to learn how to use the fancy pants digital SLR cameras!) Any suggestions?


the blogivers said...

How have I been fortunate enough to not be on the receiving end of your anger yet? It's only a matter of time, I'm sure! :)

Erika said...

New Orleans is a great choice!! I was there once around New Years (for the Sugar Bowl, actually), and the city was beautiful, the weather was fantastic, and there was plenty to do that didn't involve drunken escapades. As for cameras...our dSLR is a Canon Rebel T3 and we love it!!

Ashley said...

The sense of smell thing stayed with me throughout my first pregnancy and is just as prominent for my second, so I totally feel your pain there. Just wait until it's someone's b.o. or stinky feet in a confined space. ahhhhhhh!!!

We have the Canon Rebel T2i. Great camera. Highly recommend, but it's going to cost you at least an arm by the time you get lenses, a bag, a decent SD card, etc.

Brittany Sciba said...

LOVE our canon G12... Apparently it's the most top of the line point and shoot out there. I think it takes beautiful pictures!

Amanda Greavu said...

yay for second trimester! you should celebrate!

Natalie said...

I love New Orleans! Bourbon street is over rated. It is smelly and nasty! I would definitely go there pregnant as there is so much to do.

Amanda McD said...

Matt keeps bugging me to go with him to NOLA fo some WWII museum. I just want to go for the beignets!
Also, we have a Canon Rebel T3i and it's pretty easy to figure out. We bought ours around Christmas last year and the lenses were on sale BOGO at Best Buy.

Mollyanne said...

I am totally with you on all the crazy pregnancy emotions. The one thing that makes them worse this time around? Taking them out on a (mostly-) innocent toddler. There's a way to feel like mom of the year. Crying and yelling because your kid did something mildly annoying. Also, last time I once had a massive fit because it snowed. I cried for like half an hour after yelling AT the snow.

Melody Martin said...

I have a Canon digital elph. It's pretty good, and takes decent pictures in darker settings so you don't have to use the flash. I would check Consumer Reports or Amazon for the best option.

Kate Coultas said...

Yay! I'm so glad you went with New Orleans!!!!

Julia said...

While in New Orleans (if your appetite is cooperating), you should eat at Domenica. Its inside the Hotel Roosevelt, which is absolutely beautiful around Christmas!!

Annie Gruetzmacher said...

Camera suggestion: anything Canon. I have loved every one of my digital point and shoot Canons, they are also affordable and last a long time...and durable! :)

Also, I'm scared to get pregnant and deal with the hormone rages you're describing! I don't think they'll sit well with me....I wish I were the most laid back hipster person on the planet, but I'm sure it will be quite the opposite.

Leah said...

You are a full fledged pregnant person. I can identify with those hormone girl. Babymoon! Yay!!!!

Lenore said...

I think New Orleans is a great idea Adam and I had so much fun there when we took a last minute trip a couple of years ago. I had a friend who lived there for years and sent a long a list of places to try. (We sought any of these out because the trip was last minute but I trust that she knows food.) Here is the list if you have time to research the places and see if they are still there, she moved away after Katrina.

Casual lunch:
Desire Oyster Bar
Parkway Bakery (great poboys)

Nice dinner:
Clancy's (my fave)
Any of the French Quarter institutions like Antoines, Galatoires (probably most famous)

Clover grill

Anonymous said...

I have and love the Canon S100. It's great!