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Monday, October 8, 2012

Graduation week

After a fun weekend* in Austin helping Allison wrangle the cutest (and debatably the most active) 17-month-old around, I'm preparing to embark on a pretty big week:

1. On Tuesday, I have what will hopefully be my LAST appointment with the fertility clinic. I say hopefully because that's assuming that my bloodwork looks normal after stopping the meds and that the ultrasound goes well. I'm planning to bring chocolate chip pumpkin muffins as a little "thank you" for our wonderful nurses, so even if things are looking a little iffy, hopefully they will still clear me. HA, joking obviously- Lord willing, everything will go great and I'll be on my merry way!

2. On Friday, I have my last scheduled appointment with Needle Lady. I have been going weekly throughout the first trimester and although I have enjoyed (a) having at least 30 minutes of forced relaxation per week and (b) something to help deal with first trimester symptoms, it will be nice to have one less appointment to go to every week AND a little extra money in our pockets :) I will still go back throughout the pregnancy on an as needed basis, so this won't be "goodbye" so much as "see you once my back pain becomes unbearable!"

3. Also on Friday, we have our first appointment with my OB, whom I haven't seen or talked to since February. I'm a little nervous about the switch just because I have gotten used to so much personalized care and attention, but am hopeful that it will be a smooth transition.

So happy graduation week to all FOUR of us! We'll be sure to let you know how it goes, and maybe take a picture or two when we switch our tassels from one side of our caps to the other... oh, wait, wrong graduation tradition. Oops.

*Be sure to check out Allison's latest post for a recap of the weekend. I'm not sure I was much help to her in Wade's absence, but I had fun playing back-up mommy nonetheless :)


Brittnie said...

A big week indeed! Congrats!!

I remember not knowing what to do with myself when I no longer had five million weekly HFI appointments. What do I do at 8am every day now??? Oh yes, I go to straight to work like a NORMAL PERSON. :) ha.

the blogivers said...

Are you going to sing, "As we go on... we remember... all the good times... we had together..."?

Erika said...

WOOOO to Allison's song-- I want to sing that with you!! Congrats on all your graduating; I'll be sure to put a silly cap-and-gown themed gift in the mail!

Brittany Sciba said...

Yay!!! Big week! Can't wait for more updates! :) Love all four of you!

lo @ crazy ever after said...


All Boxed Up said...

Yahoo! Happy graduation day:) Can't wait until the final graduation day when you hold two perfectly healthy babies in your arms.

Amanda McD said...

So bittersweet to leave HFI, but fir such a good reason! Congrats!

Anonymous said...

Hope your appt went well on Tuesday! Congrats on "graduating." :) -Rachel