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Monday, August 27, 2012

Back to life, back to reality

Well, we're back. Not exactly happy about leaving the beach and the fam, but it's true that there's no place like home... and there's also nothing like clean laundry and sand-free clothing :)

Allison was the official photographer, so be sure to head over to her recap for the quality pics, specifically the ones of a particularly adorable beach-obsessed nephew of mine. I'll just share a few subpar iPhone pictures with you  as proof that I attempted to document our adventures as well:

Ok so this isn't an iPhone pic, but Allison said she wasn't including it in her post and I liked it, so there you go. This was out on the beach (duh) after dinner on our first night!

Our view from the balcony on the first morning

So I got a pedicure the weekend before last and picked out a festive (but still work-appropriate) shade of pink by OPI called "Strawberry Margarita." I was too busy playing on my phone, however, to notice that apparently the girl doing my pedicure didn't support my choice and decided to paint my toes this not-so-subtle shade of neon pink instead. At least it was beachy, right?

Hanging by the pool with Brian... PS- Might I suggest not heading to the beach in the middle of an IVF cycle? The whole "no swimming" rule kind of limits your choice of activities! PPS - Isn't it sweet how Brian's chest hair is in the shape of a heart?

Someone got a little sunburned and spent the rest of the time covered up... doesn't look like he minded though, does it?

Twinz! Love this pic and love my matching sissy! Also, for the record, I don't normally support the cliche hand-on-the-hip pose, but in a swimsuit, I support anything that might be more flattering.

Ready for day 2 at the beach!

Mom and her two favorites :) before dinner on the last night (Confession: this is also not an iPhone pic)

So that's it for my pics. We were so thankful for this well-timed distraction and hope that it's a precursor to GOOD news this week... will keep you all posted!


The Bird said...

What a wonderful trip! Looking forward to good news and more smiles later this week :) Sending love and prayers your way!

P.S. The chest hair comment made me giggle, but that is actually really cute!

Brittnie said...

Note to self. . . Must plan a beach vacation asap. :)

Erika said...

UGH!!! No SWIMMING??!! That totally sucks. Could you like...sit in the water (with no vigorous activity)?? Also-- were the matching bathing suits planned or just a happy 'coincidence' resulting from twin psychicness? Either way-- they're cute!!

the blogivers said...

I am having vacation withdrawals this morning.

Courtney Squillante said...

Oh my- you book look SO good- those suits are precious! Love the pics- so fun!

Brittany Sciba said...

Love the pics! Love the one at the top of you and Brian!

LEB said...

Cute pictures! GOOD LUCK!

Chrissy said...

Looks like fun!!! Ready for some big happy news from y'all... : )

Kaimey said...

Oh I forgot about the no swimming!! Looks like you were able to enjoy yourself nonetheless. Cute pics! And that's hilarious about the pedicure!