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Monday, August 20, 2012

At least I was honest?

When my parents came to visit us recently while I was on bed rest, they decided to bring my entire childhood a car full of things from my old bedroom with them. This proved a little stressful for me because, thanks to my need for instant gratification, I wanted everything to be sorted and put in its place (mostly the trash can) immediately. This proved a little stressful for Brian because my inability to get off of the couch meant he had someone not-so-patiently demanding that the bag full of beanie babies be put in the same pile as the troll doll collection (the "keep" pile, if you were wondering... those are classics)!

Anyway, now that most of the boxes are out of the way, I am having fun reminiscing about my youth and uncovering embarrassing pictures of Allison and myself, which I assure you will be shared in the near future.

For now, I would just like to showcase a couple of hidden treasures from 2nd grade:

This came from a fill-in-the-blank book I completed entitled "All About Me." Please take note of the first sentence: 

The best age to be is 30 because I would get to be away from my twin sister.

(a) Wow, a little harsh, huh?
(b) Funny that I thought I would be "trapped" with her until I was 30.
(c) Good news, young Amanda, you were able to accomplish that goal early at age 23 when your sister ditched you to get married and move to Utah. Bad news- you actually weren't thrilled about it then and you still aren't at 29!

This also came from the "All About Me" book:

At home I would like to try harder to:
1. clean up
2. making my bed (atrocious grammar, I know)
3. beat up my sister

I mean, geez, I remember that we weren't BFFs growing up, but I didn't realize that my contempt for her was so strong that I actually wanted to work at abusing her like I would a household chore. Thankfully, I excelled above and beyond at #1 and #2 but never ended up having much success with #3 (well... except that one time that I tripped her down the stairs...).

And last, but certainly not least, an acrostic using the letters of my name that presumably was supposed to be about things I hoped to accomplish in the future:

A trip to Parris, France (you know, like the double 'rr' sound in Spanish?)
Meet many different people (good thing I live in Houston)
A very good teacher (guess that dream died)
No one will control me*
Do many things (wow, that was specific)
Always help people (except my twin sister, whom I was busy trying to beat up)

*Um. What 2nd grader says that? And why was I not sent to therapy after my teacher read this? I suppose it shouldn't have surprised my mom 3 years later when I told her my life ambition was to be a dictator.

So there you have it: a glimpse into the inner workings of the mind of 7-year-old Amanda. Stay tuned for more childhood treasures soon!


Brittnie said...

I'm seriously laughing so hard at this post!! Makes me want to pull out the childhood schoolwork from the attic. :)

the blogivers said...

Why were you not sent to therapy after saying you wanted to work harder at "beating up your sister"?! Did she make any kind of note out to the side of that one, or maybe just a question mark?

Erika said...

OMG. This is SO AWESOME. We could have been BFF in 2nd grade, that's for sure. And ganged up on Allison. Booyah.

Courtney Squillante said...

Ha! This is greatness!

The Bird said...

Ha! This is fantastic:) And I guarantee that your teacher loved that acrostic like you make our days more fun and keep us laughing! I tend to notice statements akin to "No one will control me" from kids who have older brothers and sisters. I've always thought "they must hear stuff like that from their older siblings." Also, I had some of those "All about me" books, too! They still make them and they are a hit at my school's book fairs. So fun!

Meg said...

I love this. I have 3 sisters, and it was a well known fact that my little sister ruined my life back in 1988 when she was born. When we had to write our autobiographies in school, I didn't even mention her. Ouch. (I love her dearly today, by the way.)

Dana said...

Lol!! This post is pretty hilarious, had me laughing out loud! It also makes me miss teaching... 2nd graders are the best.
So glad you like Allison now and don't want to beat her up anymore (most of the time?). :)

Jasmine said...

I am DYING laughing at this. So funny! I have a twin brother and found a project that asked " What is your happiest memory?" And I wrote " the 9 minutes before my brother was born" LIKE I REMEMBER THE FIRST 9 MINUTES OF MY LIFE :S lol Your answers trump mine though! " No one will control me" LOVE IT!

Brittany Sciba said...

So funny!! Makes me miss teaching (only a little bit - haha)! :)

John and Kari said...

I could not stop laughing the whole time I was reading this!! Thank you!!

Joya Konieczny said...

Well so much for nursing Summer Joy to sleep.. Your post made me start laughing out loud which then made me start choking on the cookie dough i was eating! Happy Saturday :). P.s. I'd totally forgotten about that note from high school until you reminded me - and then my mind starting pulling up all kinds of random details from that year. For example, I think I sent you a beanie baby with the card? Which made me glad to hear that those were in your keep pile ;) ha