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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Impromptu sermon, part 2

So as I mentioned on Monday's post, my attitude had quickly turned to crap on Friday and I was in need of a little perspective. Enter the dogs.

I got home from running errands that afternoon and let Noah and Buster inside the house to get out of the heat. I was only home for a few minutes before I had to leave again to run another quick errand, but I felt bad locking them up in the kennel, so I just decided to leave them out "loose" in the house (which we don't usually do).

I was gone for no more than 10 minutes, but when I got back home, they were waiting anxiously by the door, jumping and generally freaking out as if I had been gone for 10 years.

I sighed and attempted to reassure them (because dogs listen to reason and all) by saying, "Don't worry, I didn't leave you! I know it seemed like I did, but I didn't, and I'm sorry I worried you!"

It was then that it hit me.

For the past 2.5 years, I have been jumping and generally freaking out at the door, and all the while, God has been telling me: "Don't worry, I didn't leave you! I know it seems like I did, but I didn't, and I'm sorry I worried you!"

It's sad when God has to lower you to the same level of thinking as your dogs to get the message, isn't it? :)

To push the illustration a little further, I quickly realized the irony of the dogs' panic when I considered just where I had gone to run that quick errand: to the VET'S office to pick up their flea and heart worm medicine.

So while the dogs paced back and forth at home, no doubt convinced that I had abandoned them permanently, I was out picking up something that they needed. Something that would help them. And while they might have suffered a little while I was gone, had I not picked up that medicine, their suffering would have certainly been greater.

I have to believe that even though it sometimes feels like God is absent in our current situation, He is busy preparing something better. Something that we need, something that will help us, and something that will prevent MORE suffering in the future.

Thank you, Noah, Buster, oh yeah, and God, for that much-needed reminder.


Brittnie said...

I think we all do this more often than not - in so many areas of life. Thanks for this great reminder that God has not at all abandoned us and continues to work His good for our future!

the blogivers said...

Way to pull through in the clutch, dogs! Err... I mean, God! :)

Courtney Squillante said...

Great post- great perspective!

Risa said...

Oooh, I love this!! So true in so many ways!! Praying for you friend!!

Erika said...

This is great. :) Read it on vacation, have thought about it frequently since then. Love you, friend, and love when God speaks something to you that both of us can benefit from. :)

ali said...


The Bird said...

This is lovely! <3 it! So many better days are ahead!