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Friday, July 6, 2012

At least it’s not tuberculosis

Are you ready for this? We found out two weeks ago that our second IUI was unsuccessful. During that two-week time period, I have developed not one, but THREE additional medical “issues”:

1. A cyst – I was expecting this because it happened after the last IUI cycle as well. I didn’t have any unbearable pain to deal with, but just general abdominal discomfort and back pain for a couple of days. I haven’t had any issues in over a week, however, so I’m hoping it/they are long gone and will not present any issues once it’s time to get everything started for IVF!

2. A urinary tract infection – This is the FOURTH one I have had since going off of birth control 2.5 years ago, prior to which I had never had a single one. Again, I can’t be all that surprised because hormone changes can cause you to be “predisposed” to getting a UTI, but it still feels like adding insult to injury. Actually, no, insult to injury is the fact that the antibiotic they prescribed me made me want to vomit for 3 days straight.

And now for my personal favorite:
3. Hand, foot, and mouth disease – No, I am not making this up. And no, it is not the same as hoof and mouth disease. The weekend before last, I interacted with a total of 9 children under the age of 7. About 3 days later, I developed a headache, fever/chills, general flu-like achiness, and a sore throat. This was all taking place at the same time that I was dealing with the cyst, so I (wrongly) assumed it must have ruptured or was in some other way upsetting my system.

All of the symptoms disappeared after 2 days, just in time for me to notice a strange rash on my hands and feet. I very rationally declared to Brian that I had contracted the West Nile virus (although at this point, would you have been surprised?) and spent the better part of the weekend trying to get google to tell me what my problem was.

At some point I stumbled upon a description of hand, foot, and mouth disease, and my symptoms fit the bill perfectly, from the weird bumps to the sore throat and everything in between. What did not fit the bill perfectly, however, is the fact that THIS VIRUS TYPICALLY AFFECTS BABIES and it is apparently “very rare” for adults to catch it. Apparently my body’s immune system is just as useless as my reproductive system.

Honestly, I’m not sure why anything surprises me anymore, but thankfully, I have gotten better at rolling with the punches instead of crying on the floor and asking Brian why God hates me so much. (I don’t mean it.) (But sometimes I sort of do.)

We are hoping and praying that all setbacks are behind us and that we’ll have smooth sailing from now until approximately 10 months from now when we give birth to the most perfect baby/babies that ever lived. Otherwise I think I might just change my name to “Job” and call it a day!

PS- If you have the swine flu or SARS or something, please stay away from me. Thanks.


Katy said...

Dang girl, you are super woman!Jonathan had Hand, Foot and Mouth and that crap is no joke! I can't imagine dealing with that AND a cyst. But you are right, at least you don't have TB...that would be a little overkill.

Oh and I am loving all the blogs this week! Keep it up!

the blogivers said...

They should make a segment about your life on SNL...

Mollyanne said...

I too had hand, foot, and mouth last year (and didn't figure it out until later), courtesy of my nephew. It led to strep throat for the 5th time in a year, which led to having my tonsils removed at 27. Here's to having childhood diseases as adults!

Bren said...

Ugh. So sorry you've been dealing with all of that. But way to stay positive... at least it's not TB! And for the record, I don't think even Job could have handled all of that as gracefully!

Brittany Sciba said...

What in the world? So sorry you have been dealing with those things. Praying for smooth sailing for you, brian, and baby(ies) Joiner for the next 10 months! :) love you!

Erika said...

Oh wait, you're not TRYING to collect additional diseases?? Then just ignore the envelope of white powder I mailed you, mmkay?

The Bird said...

Ay yi yi! They say things come in threes so now you should be done being sick for a long while! One of my co-worker's kids had hand, foot, and mouth disease last school year - it was tough and I imagine it is even worse as an adult (I hate getting sick now - strep made me essentially helpless/useless over Christmas of '08, it was so much easier being sick as a kid!). Hope you are feeling better on all counts!