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Thursday, June 14, 2012

(Not so) deep thoughts

1. I had to order a new driver's license this year, and even though I didn't take a new picture, I was excited to see it arrive in the mail yesterday. I opened up the envelope and was in the middle of admiring my shiny new card when I noticed the letter that came with it:

"Thank You and Please Drive Safe!"

Can someone please tell me why people hate adverbs so much? I bet whoever wrote this also tells their kids to "sleep good." 

(I know, it's hard being a grammar snob, but someone has to do it, right?)

2. Brian and I are both using the My Fitness Pal app right now in order to help us lose a few pounds. The great thing about it is that it makes me more aware of what my caloric intake is each day. The horrible thing about it is that it makes me more aware of what my caloric intake is each day.

Ha, but really, it is helping me to stay disciplined and focus more on eating when I'm hungry rather than eating when I'm just ... well... awake.

3. Brian and I have already made plans for an anti-Father's Day lunch on Sunday! Don't get me wrong- we love all the dads out there (our own in particular), but I figured that having plans would give us something to look forward to and would prevent us from staying in the house all day and slowly dying of jealousy while checking everyone's Facebook tributes to all the new baby daddies. 

4. You know how Allison created a 30 before 30 list? I decided to follow suit and create a 1 before 30 list:
    1. Get pregnant.

5. Our dogs are the cutest dogs in the world. Here's proof:

The end.


Erika said...

Good call on the MFP it! But it also makes me a little crazy and obsessive. We still need to make worthy FD plans. How about meeting up with yall for some Mexican??

the blogivers said...

1. You did really good pointing that out.

2. MFP would have helped me a lot yesterday in the midst of my stress eating...

3. Smart move!

4. You'd better hurry up and make it happen...

5. They are pretty cute, but they also look like they are boring a hole into someone's skull.

Courtney Squillante said...

Ha! I love reading your posts :)

Lyndsay said...

Hey Amanda!

Love reading your blog! I've been using my fitness pal off and on for about a year now - you're so right! Shocking some of the things I didn't THINK were "too bad" and then realizing how much I was consuming! I also love adding my exercise and getting the "extra" calories!!

LEB said...

hahahaha i love the anti fathers day celebration

you're fortunate you have close to a year til 30....i have less than 3 mos.... scary

Brittany Sciba said...

That makes the driver's license place even more annoying than it already is! You would think they would have someone edit official paperwork like that! Ugh!

Kimmie Schiffel said...

The calories from Bilzzards don't count if you don't actually pay for them yourself! ;)