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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Way Back When-sday

For today's WBW, we're going back to 2005 when this sweet little girl was born and made me an aunt for the first time:

Emma Kathlane Wheeler (May 23, 2005)

She grew up (as babies apparently do)...

... and before we knew it, 7 years had passed and she wasn't really a little girl anymore:

Today that little lady turns 7 years old, and although it makes me sad that we can't be there to celebrate with her, I hope she knows how much her Uncle Brian & Aunt Amanda love her today and always!

Happy birthday, Emma!

And a very happy FIRST birthday to my friend, Brittany's, sweet little boy, Reid!!

Now go join in on the WBW fun:

The Hill's Country


Erika said...

Cute pictures!!! Incidentally, how do you pronounce Emma's middle name? Just curious!

Brittnie said...

What a cute little girl!!

the blogivers said...

Once again solidifying your status as the better aunt - well done, and happy birthday, Eeemma!

Katie Hill said...

So cute! Thanks for linking up! :)

The Bird said...

Oh so cute! I LOVE the photo of the three of you at your wedding!

Kaimey said...

Happy birthday to Emma! I remember Elizabeth bringing her up to the office when she was just a few weeks old. It definitely does not seem like seven years ago!

Brittany Sciba said...

Happy Birthday to adorable Emma! I remember you calling to tell me you were going to have a niece (it was over Christmas break in college) and how excited you all were!! Seems like yesterday! :) And Reid said to tell you thank you for his birthday shout out!