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Monday, January 30, 2012

Fertility & Furniture Updates

So I seem to have inadvertently started a trend of posting primarily on Mondays and Wednesdays, with Wednesdays being Way Back When-sday editions. This has worked out well because it has allowed me to blog in advance on Sundays without being too overwhelmed by the task. However, this has also provided me with a very convenient excuse to not share anything of real substance.

And while it is nice to keep this surface-level sometimes, I also know that it is not necessarily what this blog of a self-proclaimed over-sharer is known for. So in order to be true to my roots, let's talk about the one thing I can't seem to shut up about: my reproductive system.

Nothing too exciting to report at this point, since today is only day 20 of my cycle. It would be redundant to point out that we are hoping to get pregnant this cycle (oh, you didn't realize we were trying to have a baby? I know, it's probably because I don't mention it very often), but at the very least, Needle Lady and I are hoping for another normal cycle (as in, 32 days or less).

I'd like to think I was on the right track, but when I woke up with a UTI late last week, it kind of threw a wrench in our plans. I don't want to get into the specifics (because I'm pretty sure my dad still at least occasionally reads this), but let's just say that it wasn't ideal timing.

I texted my acupuncturist (have I mentioned she's the best?), and she advised me to go get checked out, get on a prescription, and stay off the herbs until the prescription was done. This sent me into a minor tailspin because I have attributed no small part of my successfully shorter cycles to the herbs. 

However, I took this as yet another reminder from God that HE is the one in control. Not me. Not Needle Lady. Not the herbs. If this is the cycle that He intends for us to get pregnant, then He can and will make that happen regardless of what antibiotics I start or herbs I stop. 

Thankfully, there have been enough "interruptions" to our attempts to conceive in the past 27 months (tuberculosis scare, anyone?) to where I am not totally shaken up when things go wrong like this. My feathers were a little ruffled while I sat in the "waiting area" at the RediClinic after work on Thursday evening, whining to Brian about how this UTI was ruining our entire lives, but I got over it. 

On a side note, I learned that my nurse (also named Amanda) and her husband were also dealing with infertility, so not only did I appreciate her sincere sympathy, but I was thankful to be able to provide her with some encouragement as well.

The "doctor," on the other hand? Didn't handle my situation quite so gracefully. When she came into the exam room (after I had already peed in a cup in the HEB bathroom because the RediClinic doesn't have its own), she said, "Congratulations! You're pregnant!"

Um? I stared at her blankly, thankfully well aware that I could not yet be pregnant, and then realized that she was joking. The nurse and I had literally just stopped talking about my failed attempts at Clomid & Femara (which the doctor didn't know), so I laughed politely, and said, "Funny, because we were actually just talking about my inability to do so!"

She was not even remotely embarrassed, actually- instead she responded with, "Well then maybe I'm speaking a blessing over you and you will be!" Well let's hope that's the case.

So that's the latest. Now let's get onto the real excitement: our new furniture! We bought a new sectional for our living room and it finally arrived yesterday!

Here's a before picture from when we first moved into the house:

The chair and couches were all 3 hand-me-downs from our family, and while we loved and appreciated them, we were ready for something of our own (and something a little less blue). You might recall that we replaced the blue recliner with an oversized chair last Spring (click here for a picture).

So what we did was flip that to the right side of the room and add the sectional to the middle/left side. And here's the end result:

And here's a picture of the sectional by itself:

It definitely feels like the furniture takes up more of the room, but I'm ok with that... besides, bigger = cozier!

Note: that random pillow at the foot of the sectional belongs to the dogs. I know it looks pretty busy next to the rug, but they don't seem to mind :) And in fact, I stopped to take a picture of them (of course, not utilizing their pillow) as well:

Whenever Noah sits/lays down, Buster goes and sits literally on top of him. We think it's sweet... Noah doesn't agree.

Classic Buster, doing tricks for attention & classic Noah, completely disinterested

Have a great week!

Friday, January 27, 2012

I'm famous!

Ok that might be a stretch, but I was recently interviewed, and I think you might want to go check it out here.

Also, major props to my interviewer, Erika, for coming up with the strangest most original questions I've ever heard/read!

Happy reading and happy Friday, all!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Way back when-sday

I know, three in a row- I'm on a roll!!

The Blogivers

For this week's Way Back When-sday, allow me to introduce you to he excited 80s face. Whenever I take a picture with Allison and we decide to do a "non-serious" pic, the excited 80s face is what results 99% of the time.

And because I think true a true WBW post requires scanning, rather than show you some recent pictures as proof, I decided to include a few throw-backs. Enjoy!

At our sister's wedding in 2002... sorry I wasn't participating fully in this one, but Allison's face was too good not to share!

 At one of our sorority's date parties in 2003

 At one of Allison's wedding showers in 2006

In case you haven't tried making this face in pictures, you definitely should. I think it makes them more fun to look at, don't you? Feel free to do your own excited 80s face post as proof of your efforts!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Weekend review

Unlike some weekends where one or two activities occupy all of our time (i.e.: furniture shopping, traveling, Aggie football, etc.), I think it's safe to say that this past weekend was a very well-rounded one for me and Brian. We went out on a date on Friday night (complete with Mexican food consumption, grocery shopping, and watching Dateline), I volunteered at the Museum of Natural Science for the Junior League on Saturday, we went to one of my co-worker's weddings on Saturday night, and we wrapped the weekend up on Sunday with church and lounging around the house. Sometimes I really can't get over how glamorous our lives really are...

Fortunately for those of you that prefer pictures to words, I actually took some photographs at two of the weekend's events, so you don't have to read my rambling for a change!

First, a few pictures from the Museum. They held an event called "Dog Daze" and people were allowed to bring their dogs for activities, contests, etc. I convinced Brian to bring Noah & Buster up to visit, and I think they enjoyed themselves:

I helped out at the "Paw Painting" station- this was the end result. Noah was actually much more cooperative than most of the other dogs, so he was responsible for a large portion of this "artwork"! 

Noah and Buster's paw prints on display! We are such proud parents :) 

 They had a "Pretty Pooch Pageant," and even though most of the dogs that entered were (a) frilly or (b) in costume, we decided to entire Noah anyway. Brian tried to sign Buster up, too, but apparently you could only enter one dog per family... he would have won, for sure.

I think this was when Noah spotted me and Buster while he was waiting in line and started whining... doesn't Brian look like he's having fun?? 

Brian & Noah lined up with some of the competition

Sadly, Noah did not place- that big brown dog (a Chesapeake Bay Retriever named "Whopper") on the left ended up winning!

Can you tell someone was a little tuckered out from the excitement? 

 Later that day at my co-worker's wedding... notice that (a) her cake was beautiful, (b) the view was amazing, and (c) yes, that groom's cake is supposed to look like bacon!

Me with my date... this picture might look familiar considering that I wore that dress at our own rehearsal dinner... as well as to two other weddings. Time for a new dress? Yes. 

Me with some of my lovely co-workers/friends! 

And of course, a picture with the beautiful bride, Liz! I love getting pictures with brides, but I also hate it because it usually makes me feel fat and pale in comparison. I know any males reading this are rolling their eyes, but any females reading this are thinking, "YES! I can totally relate!"

So there you have it. Hope your weekends were equally well-rounded!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Way back when-sday

Welcome to my second ever attempt at participating in Way back when-sday!

The Blogivers

Today's WBW focuses on bath time. Most people probably associate bathing with privacy, but apparently efficiency trumped privacy in my family's house, which is why most of our bath times looked a little something like this:

Twins + Barbies


Elizabeth + Andrew + Twins

Take 2

Somehow Elizabeth got out of this photo opp...

Ok so apparently she just outgrew the "fun" entirely?

I appreciate that I'm sporting a bow AND a necklace at this particular bath time. So fancy.

Apparently Allison wasn't having nearly as much fun as I was?

I can't imagine why... looks like a blast to me!

A few thoughts:

1. The house was old which is why the bath tub looks dingy. Although when you are bathing in not just your own filth but also the filth of 1-3 other people, I'm not really sure if that is really cause for concern anyway.

2. I like how Barbie decided group bath time was just more than she could bear and therefore apparently decided to take her own life in the last pic.

3. In case any of you ever wondered why I'm not very good at doing (any) things by myself, these pictures might explain why.

Remember to head on over to Allison's blog to check out the rest of the WBW fun!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Rows and rows of big dark clouds*

Somebody please give me a gold star because I am proud to report that my most recent cycle only lasted 30 days. If you'll recall that the "standard" length is 28 days, then that makes me just 2 days away from normal. Or light years away, if you ask my close friends and family :)

Although come to think of it, somebody should probably take that gold star away and downgrade it to a silver because we still aren't pregnant. Story. of. our. lives. Oh well, at least there were no tears this time. Just excessive amounts of telling Brian how terrible my life is and a few fits of rage- par for the course, right?

I did, however, recently re-discover one of my favorite songs to cry to. What? Don't act like you don't have songs that you listen to when you're down with the sole purpose of indulging your self-pity even further (much like this). 

Anyway, the song is "Rain"* by Patty Griffin. Go listen to that and try to tell me that her target audience wasn't emotionally fragile females. I originally discovered this song in college when I was going through a break-up, aka: the deepest extent to which I understood sadness prior to going through infertility.

But NOW that I have fun experiences like this one to ponder, I conceptualize sadness on an entirely different level, so just think of the fun I'll have cranking this one up on my iPod! The possibilities are really endless... so thank you, Patty Griffin!

Oh, and what's even more amusing than the fact that I have re-added this to my mental playlist of songs to play when I'm sad is how I rediscovered it: by watching a commercial for a show on TLC about morbidly obese people. I'm not doing a very good job of convincing you that my life is anything other than pathetic, am I?

Monday, January 9, 2012

More life lessons from the Lifetime channel

Today, January 9th, marks one year since Vomit Fest 2011! I am thankful to report that (a) I have not thrown up once since that day, and (b) I am no longer taking the medicine that was in large part responsible for that unpleasant reaction.

I am also glad to report that a winner has been selected for our Scentsy giveaway - a big congrats to Callie Tanner! Sorry to the rest of you that did not win, BUT the good news is that you can still shop in the online party until the end of the month, so get to it :)

And in other news, because I don't spend enough time blogging about sad infertility-related topics, I wanted to share a clip that I recently watched from Julie & Julia. I watched this movie for the first time in the summer of 2009, but because that occurred in the time period in our lives known as "Before We Were Trying to Get Pregnant," I thought nothing of the scene at the time.

I couldn't find it on the internet, so I took a very professional video of the clip with my iPhone. I wouldn't be surprised if youtube decided that was not ok, so if this video isn't working at some point, you'll know why! Lifetime is replaying the movie currently on a semi-regular basis, however, including tonight at 8 pm CST, so if nothing else, you can check it out there.

To set the scene for you, Julia Child (married, in her 40s, and childless) is cooking in the kitchen when her husband, Paul, brings her a letter with news from her recently married sister (who, coincidentally, plays Sue Sylvester in Glee). Now watch to see what happens next:

Sadly, I can relate perfectly with this scene- from her attempt to convince her husband (and perhaps more importantly, herself) that she really is happy for the pregnant person despite the tears streaming down her face, to being comforted by the sweet husband that wants so desperately to fix it.

Though I have never (so far!) received this news from friends/family via snail mail, I have gotten my fair share of e-mails, facebook messages, phone calls, and face-to-face announcements that turned out the very same way. Fortunately, over the last couple of years, I have grown accustomed to receiving this news and putting on my bravest face in response. Don't be fooled, however, because even if the tears don't come immediately, they most definitely do as soon as I've hung up the phone or gotten safely behind closed doors.

Which brings me to two quick points- (1) I know how hard it is to be on the receiving end of this news, so I can only imagine how hard it must be to be the one delivering the news to someone in a situation like mine. So I wanted to publicly thank everyone for doing so as tactfully and gently as possible (most often Allison, the designated messenger) and also apologize for likely (unintentionally!) making you feel bad. (2) I am pretty terrified of having to be on the other side of the fence when we DO finally get pregnant when it comes to telling my sub-fertile friends. Although I have become pretty convinced that the best way to get pregnant is to just become friends with me, so there likely won't be any left once it finally is our turn :)

Ok so I didn't mean to ramble on for as long as I did. Just wanted to share that for those of you who can relate, and those who can't! Thanks, Meryl Streep, for making me feel like I'm not the only crazy one!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

I'm not sure 2012 can get any more exciting than this

Well hello there, friends!

I am off to a great start by having done only one cop-out blog post thus far for 2012. I'm sorry for being such a slacker, but just remember that God forgives and so should you :)

To catch everyone up on the excitement that is my life, allow me to share some tidbits with you:

- As a reminder, the Scentsy giveaway ends tonight, Saturday, 1/7, at 11:59 pm! It's not too late to enter- and remember, no purchase is necessary!

- With that in mind, I also highly encourage you to go check out the online Scentsy party Allison & I are hosting for Kimmie and buy yourself (or someone else) something nice. My scent recommendations: "Central Park Pralines," "White Out" (smells like peppermint, not like the office supply, promise), and "Happy Birthday." Also, for the men in your life, "My Dear Watson" is great- especially in the scent circle that you hang in your car! (FYI: "Join party" just allows you to shop around- no obligatory e-mail sign-up or anything. You have until January 31st to make a purchase!)

- I spent the last week in San Francisco for work. By "in San Francisco," I mean that I was in a town about 40 miles away that wasn't nearly as fun and exciting as San Francisco. A few observations from my time in the obviously very "green" bay area:

    1. I'm pretty sure every household is required to own at least one Prius. If you're wondering why I would even notice this, then clearly you are not from Texas, where every household is required to own at least one gas-guzzling pick-up truck.
    2. They make throwing away trash very complicated. Each trash can has one hole for composting, one hole for recycling, and one hole for everything else. I was paralyzed with fear when trying to throw away my trash from lunch on the first day and had to ask a stranger to help me. Spesh.

Also, it's worth mentioning that I was in my pajamas and in bed at the hotel room every night by 7 pm. Some of you may call that lame. I call that the ideal vacation. And certainly preferable to the "excitement" I experienced on that work trip I took to New Orleans a few years back.

- After 5 days/4 nights away, I was very excited to be reunited with my husband, dogs, and bath tub! Brian picked me up at the airport last night around 11:30, and because we live in Egypt, we weren't home and in bed until 1 am.

As you can imagine, I was still very tired when I woke up this morning at 7:30 am and had to go to the bathroom. I knew I wouldn't be able to fall back asleep if I didn't, however, so I rolled out of bed and started my trek to the bathroom. I noticed that my leg was asleep, but in my sleepy stupor decided I would just limp my way there.

This was all fine and good until 3 steps later when my leg buckled and I ended up in a pile on the floor next to Brian's side of the bed. I cried out helplessly and thankfully he quickly came to my rescue. I really was impressed that he didn't laugh because I definitely looked like the "I've fallen and I can't get up!" lady from the Life Call commercials.

- Speaking of Brian, today we were talking about what blood types we each have (I know, our thrilling topics of conversation are the envy of all our married friends). I wondered out loud what blood type our future baby/babies would have, and do you want to know what Brian's response was?

"Unicorn blood."

I guess we just better hope that our children never require blood transfusions because they'd be out of luck.

Hope you're all enjoying your weekend!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Scentsy Online Party + Giveaway

Happy new year, everyone! To start the year off on the right foot, Allison and I are co-hosting an online Scentsy party AND giveaway for our old pal and new Scentsy consultant, Kimmie!

You can find the details for both the online party and giveaway on Allison's blog by clicking here. Please note that all entries for the giveaway need to be made on Allison's post, so be sure to leave your comments there and not here!

You have until January 7th to enter the giveaway and until January 31st to buy from Kimmie through our online party. Enjoy!