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Monday, September 26, 2011

More of life lately, as dictated by my iPhone

I'm sure many of you have been wondering what I've been doing lately besides going to acupuncture appointments. So once again, I am going to let the iPhone (and my captions) do the talking:

Yes, I did make Brian take a picture before his first official day at his new job. Yes, he was embarrassed, but thankfully he still cooperated :)

Back in August, Allison & Wade were in town for Wade's sister's wedding, and I got the pleasure of babysitting my sweet little nephew while they were at the rehearsal dinner. He was a little grumpy at first, but thankfully it didn't take long for me to discover the magic sleep-inducing combination: Baby Einstein + Baby Bjorn

That didn't last for long, however, so I was very thankful when Uncle Brian showed up to come to the rescue. Isn't he going to be a great daddy one day?

This was taken the next night on the way to the wedding. He knew he had a long night of dancing ahead of him, so he wanted to make sure he was well-rested.

Buster has for whatever reason determined that he has permanent permission to lounge on the couch. We don't want to encourage this habit, particularly because it's unfair to his larger (and more likely to shed) brother, but how can you tell this face 'no'?

I mean, seriously?

This was taken on our (very brief) road trip to La Grange for Labor Day. We intended to stay there overnight, but the wildfires in nearby Bastrop caused a power outage that cut our trip short.

And for the record, I promise we don't love Noah any less than we love Buster! Buster just gets to sit in the front seat so he'll be less likely to barf.

Remember that time I won Camille's BlogShare contest? Well as promised, my prize showed up shortly thereafter!

The contents: a prayer book, journal, flash drive, keepsake box, and a $30 gift card to 9er's Grill (local restaurant... townies 4 life!) Thanks, Camille!

Speaking of gifts from friends, this cute little package arrived to me in the mail the other day from my good pal, Kimmie! It's an owl-shaped portable fragrance clip, and just so happens to be a scent that Brian actually likes ("Leaves" from Bath & Body Works)... double victory for Kimmie (and us)!

Sadly, I have no pictures of Davis's recent baptism, but I DO have a picture of Allison's and my shopping trip while they were in town that weekend. Can you tell which one is which?

Two of our best friends, Katie & Stephen, welcomed their sweet baby boy, Michael, into the world on September 20th! This pic was taken when he was just a day old!

And because it's always good to end on the topic of food, this last picture is evidence of our first ever bread-making efforts! All 8 of these beauties are for communion at church, and the x's are actually supposed to be in the shape of the cross. See if you can practice your observation skills and identify the one Brian stabbed with a fork to see if it was done. Boys are so graceful.

And there you have it! Maybe I'll start snapping photos during my acupuncture sessions for your viewing pleasure. Just kidding... all that would do is ensure that Allison would never read my blog again, and given that she is my most faithful reader/commenter, that's a risk I'm not willing to take.


The Blogivers said...

1. Bri looks like he should be a sports commentator.
2. It has only been a month and he already looks so much bigger and different :(
3. You guys should get a Baby Bjorn for Buster.
4. That is one cute little fella.
5 & 6. Buster does have the sad puppy eyes down, probably from his days spent by the dumpster.
7. Noah looks like he thinks he is on a great adventure.
8 & 9. Thanks for sharing your gift card with me!
10. Hootie hoo.
11. I am the bigger one on the right :)
12. Baby Michael looks concerned.
13. The bread in the top left corner was stabbed.
14. True, I would skip your posts if they contained pictures of you being stabbed with needles.

kimmie said...

I thought your bread was supposed to be sand dollars (with extra breathe holes from the fork). They look great, and now you have a recipe for baptisms and beach parties. =)

Erika said...

This is pretty great. I like how many pictures the dogs make it into. Makes me feel like we're not the only freaks treating their dogs like equals in the family. I'm also jealous of both of your packages you got in the mail. Anytime you want to pay it have my address (I think).