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Monday, September 19, 2011

Dialect Vlog: Twin Edition

What up, peeps? You'll see why that is an amusing introductory phrase momentarily.

As promised, Allison and I put together a joint blog for you while we were together this past weekend. Not just any blog, mind you, but our very first (and likely only) VIDEO BLOG! Can you feel the excitement?

So I'm sure most of you have heard about the famous dialect "vlog" that's going around, but in case you haven't, the point of it is basically to showcase people's individual dialects since they don't always come through on the blog. However, I think you'll agree after watching this that Allison and I are for the most part dialect-free. Or else we just think that because we are used to each other.

Anyway, here it is for your viewing pleasure. We dressed up BIG TIME for this one, so you're welcome. Also, Allison pointed out that I acted very business-like while she was a little more laid back... guess that's what happens when one of us works in corporate America every day and the other stays home watching Baby Einstein videos and cleaning up poop.

Ok enough rambling- here you go:

Oh, and Kate and Erika, you're welcome for the shout-outs... although I guess you can thank Allison for those since she did them both!


Erika said...

DUDE...there is something wrong with the video (here AND on Allison's page)'s only 3 seconds long and the audio appears to be fine (although all we hear is one of you saying "what up, peeps?") but the video is like in fast forward...FIX THIS, STAT, SO I CAN ENJOY THE FREAKIN VIDEO!!

The Blogivers said...

Ha I forgot to read your intro until now. I have already watched Baby Einstein twice and cleaned up poop once, so you're spot on!

Joya Konieczny said...

Ya'll are so great - definitely meant for tv fame one day ;)

Leah said...

I say "ROOT" for "route." But I'm just glad that you guys both pronounce syrup the correct way. Matt says it all yankee. :) I loved it. I want to make Matt do that with me!

Brittany Sciba said...

I love it! You two make me laugh more than anyone else! :) Love yall!

Erika said...

that is an excellent point about Route 44s. I definitely say "route" so that it rhymes with "out." But it's ROOT if we're talking about Route 44. Very interesting.

Love the video!!

Leah said...

I just made Matt watch that with me again, and he thought it was funny and didn't even roll his eyes that I was making him look at your vlog. :) So way to go!

(And Yes, I am copy/pasting my comments to make sure you both get them.)

elizabethvolk said...

Amanda, you are right. Allison says "route" and "data" wrong. Gah.

PS- If y'all were in the dark without glow in the dark nametags, could you tell who was who?

Holly said...

Dear Amanda, I have never met your sister (though I read her blog) and I think the two of you should do WAY more videos together. This was absolutely hysterical. Your comment at the end "no she didn't she left him in an alley" is priceless.
your favorite
(Holly Hazlett of course)
(now I'm questioning how I am a "favorite" if I have to put both my first and last name)