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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Just to hold you over...

Ok I realize I have been out of pocket for far too long (one week and counting), BUT sadly I don't have time to update you on my exciting life this evening, so you'll have to wait until tomorrow or Saturday. BUT, I can promise the following when I do write an update:

- recap of our 4th anniversary
- highlights from our trip to Seattle
- the latest on the fertility (or lack thereof) front

In the meantime, I'll hold you over with this fun fact: Someone in our house left an entire pack of gum in the pocket of his shorts... the very same shorts that I threw into the washing machine this morning with an entire load of laundry. So imagine my surprise when I started pulling clothes out of the washing machine after work this evening only to realize many of them were stuck together or had wads of (thankfully unchewed and therefore less sticky) gum stuck to them!

The bad news: I spent the better part of an hour using a razor blade to get the gum off of everything, and one pair of my hanky pankies may never be the same again.
The good news: With Brian's help, I got pretty much all of the gum out.
The interesting news: Thanks to Orbit's creativity in their flavor offerings, our clothes all currently smell like pina colada.

Also, a big victory for me: In my wrath, I did not yell at Brian or call him names! I may or may not have called his mom to tell on him, but in my defense, I was also calling her to see if she had a solution :)

Hasta luego, amigos!


kimmie said...

Hahaha. I love that you told his mom. =)

I guess it's happy hour at all hours for your wardrobe. Happy to hear that everyone escaped unharmed.

The Blogivers said...

Thumbs up for Kimmie's comment.

Erika said...

I definitely appreciate this minor update. I was definitely surprised when I clicked on the link to Hanky Pankies. Not sure WHAT I thought I was clicking on, but it wasn't that. Apparently I'm out of the loop here...are they good? Is this some new underwear bandwagon I need to be jumping on? It never would have occurred to me to link to my underwear...obviously I don't love mine like you love yours!