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Sunday, July 31, 2011

For your viewing pleasure

It's too hot to write, so instead, I'm just going to share some of my recent favorite videos with you:

Exhibit A: Playing peekaboo with Davis via webcam
(Alternate title: Further proof that my nephew is the cutest)

Exhibit B: A random video about a duck and a lemonade stand
Warning: There is absolutely no point to this video AND you should also know that this song will be stuck in your head... forever.

Exhibit C: How to laugh at infertility
My favorite line: "I hate her uterus."

Hope your week is off to a great start!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Tagging ain't easy, but it sure is fun

I have a feeling everyone reading this is also a regular reader of Allison's blog, so you're probably already aware that she tagged me recently to fill out this survey. For those of you who don't read her blog, (a) now you know what this post is going to be about, and (b) what do you have against my sister?! Kidding. But seriously, why would you read mine and not hers? Unless you hate cute babies... that's the only legitimate reason I can think of.

And now let's get this show on the road. The point is for me to link back to past posts of mine that fit under each category. Enjoy!

Most Beautiful Post
This was a tough one because my style is a little more humorous (ok, cynical) than fluffy, so I don't put up a lot of pretty pictures or blog about pretty things. However, we did take a particularly scenic vacation to Vermont back in Fall 2009 to visit my brother and sister-in-law, and many Kodak moments were involved.

Most Popular Post
According to Google Analytics, my most popular post ever (by a landslide) was the one where I showed pictures of our new house... which I find amusing, because it's not like our house is all that spectacular to look at. We do get a lot of compliments on our guest bathroom shower curtain, however, so I'm sure that's it.

Most Controversial Post
Oh, for sure the one where I shared my thoughts on the national debt crisis and the war in Iraq. Just kidding, that never happened. Fittingly, I think my most controversial post was Pardon me while I get political, alternately titled "And here's where I offend some of my readers." Basically it was a short rant about Obama and his position on abortion. If you feel like getting riled up one way or the other, go check it out.

Most Helpful Post
It's a toss-up between A letter to Davis and the recent post wherein I recommended my top 5 favorite DQ Blizzard flavors. I am confident Davis will one day look back at the post and thank me for the invaluable advice. I am also confident that one day even sooner, all of you will look back at the blizzard post and thank me for that invaluable advice. Davis and the general public, you're welcome.

Surprise Success Post
Most definitely the big reveal about our imaginary friends- which was so awesome that it had to be separated into two different posts: You asked for it and The Joiners are insane: Part 2. If you're curious about how any of them are doing, feel free to ask and I would be happy to catch you and the rest of the world up to speed!

Not Enough Attention Post
Don't ask me why I remember this, but I distinctly remember getting zero comments when I blogged about our new Dyson vacuum cleaner. Granted, it was a very short post (I thought people liked those every once in a while?!), but I thought it was semi-witty and I was pretty darn excited about that new vacuum. To make myself feel better, I just told myself everyone was just too jealous to comment.

Proudest Post
I was pretty proud of our decision to take a leap of faith and leave our old church to join our friends in planting a new one. I was also pretty proud that I was able to go 3 months without talking about it (until I was finally able to solve the mystery publicly)!

So there you have it. I now tag all of you to do the same... and yes, Erika, that includes you!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Things you need to know... and I'm using the term "need" loosely here

1. I went to a Mexican restaurant today (Pappasito's, to be exact) and did not eat ONE. SINGLE. TORTILLA. CHIP. I don't think this has ever in my life happened before, so I think I deserve a reward. Like a basket of tortilla chips.

2. We started a new fertility treatment cycle (Femara again). I actually went to the doctor a couple of weeks ago for the initial "ok now what?" appointment, but didn't blog about it because I wasn't quite prepared for everyone to be anxiously anticipating our next move and asking how things are going and when I go to the doctor next.

Don't get me wrong- I greatly appreciate that people care enough to ask, but sometimes it just adds to the frustration when I don't have good news to report, or even when I just have to repeat the same neutral news over and over again, because I start to feel like a self-indulgent broken record.

So with that said, you are of course welcome to check in (and please, please keep praying!), but just don't be surprised if I don't document every appointment or follicle scan, for fear of having to relive the last nightmare of a cycle all over again.

3. Speaking of infertility, I got to meet my blog BFF last week in REAL life! Sadly, she and her cute husband, Matt, are also fertility-challenged. But thankfully, she also has a sense of humor and knows how to laugh about it. And perhaps most importantly, I can whine and complain to her about how discouraged, left out, or infuriated I feel without having to explain myself.

Here is a picture as proof of our meeting, but please keep in mind that it is not a cute picture of me. Oh, and please also keep in mind that Erika's skin is approximately 8,000 times darker than mine, but she still claims to be white... not sure if I believe her.

I should also note that when I met her, I was for some reason surprised to find out that she had a little bit of a Georgian accent (though she denies this)! She lives in Georgia, so I'm not sure why this surprised me, but I guess her voice just didn't sound how I expected it in my head. Blog friends are funny that way, I suppose!

Regardless, we had a great time meeting them and hope we're able to do it again one day... although preferably next time we will both have pregnant stomachs or babies in tow!

Oh, and I also got to meet Allison's blog BFF, Jenni! It was sadly very brief, but I'm looking forward to hanging out with her again next time I make it back to Austin!

4. My nephew (along with his 4 cousins) is officially the cutest baby in the world. Here is proof:

5. I am becoming a professional baby shower hostess. I have hosted 4 of them in
the past 7 months, 2 of which were over the past 2 weekends. Are baby showers hard for me? Yes. Listening to my friends swap baby stories and having to answer "not yet" when people that I don't know or haven't seen in a while ask if Brian and I have any kids yet is not easy.

BUT they are most definitely worth it. I really do enjoy celebrating this exciting time for my friends, and I am thankful that they are all so sensitive to my situation. Plus, I really like eating all the food :)

6. The high today in Seattle was 67 degrees. SIXTY SEVEN. As in 35 degrees cooler than the high in Houston. It is safe to say that our anniversary trip can't come soon enough!

And that is all. I'll be back soon with more essential information for you about my life, no doubt. Until then, have a great week!

PS- For those of you that were not frightened away amused by my last post, you might be interested to learn that BD is attending VBS this week. You didn't think a preacher's kid would get away with going an entire summer without going to VBS, did you?

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Keeping up with BD

Sorry, peeps. I missed my Tuesday posting. I was, like, REALLY busy after work watching America's Got Talent (yes, again) and looking at facebook. It's amazing I find the time to do anything, really.

Tonight, however, I am enduring some dumb show about a guy in Louisiana who owns a gun shop while waiting for America's Got Talent to come on again. What is my problem? That show is not even good and for most of the acts, the opposite of the show's title is actually true. And yet I cannot turn away.

I'm sure that you have all been dying to know what's been going on with our imaginary friends, and being that I haven't updated you in a while, I thought it necessary to share. There is really not much to report for any of them except Baby Dinosaur, who has undoubtedly been the most active this summer.

First, he attended a baseball camp put on by the Astros at Minute Maid Park. Impressive, right? All of his current favorite 'stros were there, but more importantly, his daddy's old favorite, Buddy Bell, also made an appearance. He even got a ball signed by all of the most famous Astros. I took a picture, but sorry, I can't upload it because it's not real.

The next week, believe it or not, U2 (yes, the band) put on a music camp in Rosenberg. Hard to believe that they would come to the 'berg and not to Houston (ok, hard to believe they would put on a music camp that 8-year-old dinosaurs could attend at all, but that is not the point), but it's true. He got to practice his guitar skillz and even put on a concert with the band at the end of the week. I'm sure some of the songs they performed together will be up for sale on iTunes in the very near future, so be sure to keep an eye out.

Obviously BD was a little exhausted after two action-packed camps, so he took the next two weeks off. No rest for the weary, though, because he was back at it this past Monday when he attended his first day of cooking camp at our local HEB. For those of you that are curious (translation: shocked to believe I am still writing about BD's summer camp agendas), they made pizza on Monday, burgers on Tuesday, and shrimp po'boys today. No, he does not bring home leftovers. In fact, when I asked him about whether or not he would be bringing anything home for dinner, he reminded me that he is a growing dino and therefore leaves no bites uneaten. Bummer for us (except for today... shrimp po'boys sound repulsive).

So there you have it. I can only hope that our real children have summers this exciting one day... and that we are wealthy enough to keep up with their extracurricular activities, of course.

PS- I can also only hope that our children are this cute one day... check out Brian's baseball trading card from back in the day...

Friday, July 15, 2011


Whoa, watch out, I'm breaking the Tuesday tradition and bringing you this random assortment of inconsequential thoughts blog post on a Friday! You can thank my job and Brian's temp job for this unexpected treat because I generally have a lot of free time to fill between when I get off of work on Fridays (11:30 am) and when he gets off of work (6 pm).

First off, Kimmie commented on my last post asking me to share my top 5 favorite DQ Blizzard flavors with you all. If you ask, you shall receive, so allow me to share:

1. Reese's Peanut Butter Cup - This is by far my favorite, primarily because Reese's PB cups are my favorite candy. So it's an obvious winner.

2. Oreo - This is a classic, and although a little on the boring side, I think you'll all agree (unless you're dumb) that you can really never go wrong with an Oreo-flavored dessert.

3. Oreo Cookie Jar - For those of you that are a little more adventurous, this one combines Oreos AND chocolate chip cookie dough... so basically it is taking perfection and improving upon it.

4. Midnight Truffle - This one is very high on the chocolatey scale, and therefore awesome.

5. Tagalong - Made using the Girl Scout cookie favorite, this one sadly is seasonal and can't be found year-round. A true tragedy.

So there you have it. I'm sure you are probably a little disappointed because there isn't much variety in my list (did you notice the common theme of chocolate and peanut butter?), but it's my blog and my list, and therefore you'll just have to live with it.

Also, if you check out the standard Blizzard menu online here, you'll notice that they are divided into 4 groups: (1) Candy Cravers, (2) Chocoholics, (3) Cookie Lovers, (4) Fruit Fans.

You will notice that (a) the first 3 all start with the letter 'C' and (b) all 5 of my favorites are from the first 3 groups. I didn't even bother looking at the "Fruit Fans" section because I am a firm believer that fruit ruins dessert. Seriously, what is the point of getting dessert if you are going to disgrace it by mixing in bananas or, worse, pineapples? Trust me on this one: just say no to fruity desserts.

Also, as long as we (I) are (am) sharing lists, allow me to share a list of things that have irritated me as of late:

1. Wearing pants in the summer - In case you're confused, I don't mean to say that I prefer to prance around wearing only a shirt and underwear from May-August (although that's not a terrible idea...), but rather, I prefer skirts or dresses. I. HATE. SWEATING. Ok let me rephrase that - I hate sweating whenever I am wearing anything other than a swimsuit or workout clothes. And sadly, I can't wear either to work, so any time I wear pants to work in the summer, you can guarantee that after the car ride home, I am disgustingly sweaty and uncomfortable. And hungry, but that's unrelated.

2. Trains - Much like sweating, I HATE TRAINS. Specifically trains that come to a complete stop for extended period periods of time in the middle of the intersection that allows me to get to/from our neighborhood.

Ok so there are only 2 things on that list. In reality, the list of things that irritate me on a daily basis would probably last for about 237 pages, but I don't want you all to know how terrible I really am, so I will stop there.

On another unrelated note, there is a car service place in Richmond called "Big Twin Service." Every time I drive by it, I get an image in my head of morbidly obese versions of Allison and myself fixing cars for people. Try to picture that without laughing.

And lastly, I'll leave you with yet another reason why being married to me is the hardest job on earth/my husband is better than yours:

I had a very crazy and stressful morning at work today, and instead of leaving at the normal time (11:30 am as mentioned above), I didn't end up leaving until 1 pm. Normally on Fridays, I stop at HEB and do our grocery shopping after work and still make it home to eat lunch by 12:30 or 12:45.

Being that I was grumpy and hungry enough to eat my purse, I called Brian and gave him the heads up that I was going to go straight home, and asked if he would mind if we just went to the store together tonight or tomorrow morning instead. His response was something to the effect of, "Sure, that's fine. Any plans for the rest of the afternoon?"

But what I HEARD was, "Sure, that's fine if you want to be lazy and worthless. So just to make sure, you're going to sit around looking at facebook and watching Say Yes to the Dress all afternoon instead of going to the store, right?"

And what I WANTED to hear was, "Of course! You had a hard day- go home and rest and we'll go together tomorrow."

So I threw a mini-tantrum, back-sassed him, hung up, and drove home. I felt guilty a little while later and e-mailed him to apologize, so don't worry, I'm not the worst wife in the world (close, though).

Well just now I got an e-mail from him offering to go on his way home and asking me for the grocery list. Isn't he the greatest? Don't worry, I gave him an out and told him he really didn't have to go by himself, but I think he's going to anyway, and even if he doesn't, the point is that he offered. After I was a big brat, at that.

So there you have it.

And now I bet you're wishing I would go back to just blogging on Tuesdays so you wouldn't have to waste your Friday afternoon on this, but I'm afraid it's too late. Have a good weekend!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Weekly check-in

So in case you haven't noticed, I have started this cool, new trend of only blogging once a week. And apparently Tuesdays are the magical day- lucky you!

Because I have always prided myself in being the antithesis of a slacker, this obviously nags at me and makes me feel like a disappointment. But then I make myself feel better by telling myself that my lack of posting makes me seem more mysterious (because I'm so discreet and private...), and that usually helps me make it through the next 6 days without feeling too terrible about not posting anything new.

Also, I am kind of at that point lately where I am tired of hearing myself think, so I feel like I'm doing you all a favor by not making you hear it either. You're welcome. In the first year or so of our pursuit of parenthood, I felt like I was learning and experiencing a lot of new things and so I had a lot to share. But either because we are on this mini-break, or maybe because I just haven't had a good pep talk lately (unless you count the most recent time that someone reminded me of how young I am and how there's no rush- super helpful), I am just feeling like there is really nothing new to say about our situation.

We're still not pregnant. And it still feels like everyone else is. And I KNOW that life is not a race and blah blah, but I still feel more and more behind every time I open up facebook or hear from a friend of a friend that Becky Sue, who got married 12 seconds ago, is on baby #7 (or 2).

I'm not sure there is really much point to this post other than for me to whine because I feel like in not talking about it for the past few weeks, people might think I am doing well, when in fact, I am still a mess. Just a reasonably high-functioning mess :).

So that's that. In other exciting news, I ate cereal for dinner tonight because Brian is out watching some sporting event with some friends (you're welcome for the specifics). Eating cereal for dinner used to be a fairly common occurrence in my pre-marriage days, but it only happens once in a blue moon these days, so sadly I kind of considered it a treat. Does it make my life pathetic that I consider eating Multi-Grain Cheerio's twice in one day to be a treat? Do I care?

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to get back to watching America's Got Talent and counting down the days until we leave for Seattle, aka: the land where the temperature gets nowhere NEAR 100 degrees. Ever. (23 days and some hours, for the record)

Hasta la pasta, friends!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Life lessons from the Backstreet Boys and more

First of all, can I just confess that I am currently participating in THIRTEEN games of Words with Friends? I'm not sure what is wrong with me- maybe it's my tendency to go all out when I commit to something, but I need to cut back because I think it is starting to take up a little too much of my time and mental capacity.

And speaking of going all out when I commit, in case you didn't notice on my facebook page, Dairy Queen is currently giving the Blizzard Fan Club members that recruit the most people to join the Fan Club the chance to win free blizzards for a YEAR. I know, hard to believe, but it's true! And as you might have also seen on facebook, I declared that getting free DQ blizzards for a year comes in a close second to having a baby on my list of life goals. So please do me a favor and click on this link and join the club. You will not regret it (neither will I).

I also wanted to point out on a completely unrelated note that my older sister has recently started a blog. Now let me warn you about a couple of things:

1. It is nothing like mine and Allison's blogs.
2. You will not enjoy it if you don't have a sense of humor.

For some of you, it might serve as effective (FREE) birth control, because her stories about life with 4 children under the age of 7 will certainly terrify you a little. But because my desperation for a child has made me delusional, the fact that she has featured MULTIPLE posts about her youngest son pooping on the kitchen floor has not deterred me in my quest to mommyhood one bit. Blind determination at its finest.

So anyway, be sure to check it out.

Moving along, I somehow failed to mention this, but I had the honor and privilege of attending the recent NKOTBSB concert in Houston and it is safe to say that it changed my life. My friend, Katie, was kind enough to invite me to join her and her high school friends and for that, I will forever be indebted to her (she, too, recently started a blog, by the way!).

I was a little too young to fully appreciate NKOTB when they were popular back in 1989, but thankfully I still recognized most of their songs. And the songs that I didn't recognize provided the perfect opportunity for me to rest my lungs while gearing up for the next BSB song.

In case you have forgotten, I really, really, REALLY love the Backstreet Boys. And even though I recently turned 28 and had a few "senior moments" at the concert (ie: plugging my ears when the screaming was too loud and struggling to keep my eyes open after 10 pm), being at the show and singing along to "I Want it That Way" made me feel like I was 15 again. And even though I have never been one of those people that constantly wishes I could go back in time and be younger again, being at the concert reminded me how SIMPLE life was at 15. And even though I really am thankful for my current, slightly more complicated life, it was nice to remember that such a time did exist... and that it was, at one point, possible for me to go a day without thinking about wanting a baby :)

On the topic of wanting a baby, I sadly have no updates to report. We more or less decided to take the last month off, and it has been very refreshing, but in the last couple of days, I have noticed the jealousy and anxiety start to creep back in. So for right now, we are trying to figure out what's next without just having a knee-jerk reaction to my impatience and desire to speed things along. I'll be sure to keep you posted!