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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Read this if you want to feel better about your own life :)

Yes, friends, it's true. I didn't think it was possible, but I did, in fact, reach a new low last weekend.

Last Saturday morning, after spending the night at the Children's Museum with 150+ 4th grade girls (sounds like a low all on its own, right?:), I was thrilled and overjoyed to learn that I had a bladder infection. I called my fertility specialist's nurse (because sadly, I consider him to be my primary doctor at the moment) and she agreed to call in a prescription for me.

Because I was feeling sorry for myself and we had nothing better to do that day, Brian and I spent the entire day lounging on the couch and watching Lost, ending the day with a trip to DQ for a blizzard (making progress on that resolution already!). I also made sure that, in addition to taking my antibiotic, I was drinking plenty of water. And by plenty of water, I mean that I consumed approximately 40 glasses of water that day. To say I was hydrated would be an understatement, but unfortunately, that didn't last for long.

The next morning at church, my stomach was feeling a little unsettled, but I figured it was just because the Metformin (which I have blogged about before) usually makes me feel that way if I eat a meal that's really high in fat and/or sugar- and in case you weren't aware, blizzards aren't exactly sugar-free.

After church, we went out to get hamburgers with everyone else, and I was hoping that eating a regular sugar-free meal would help even out my system a little and make me feel better. I was sadly very, very mistaken.

I spent the rest of the day on the couch complaining of a stomach ache, until around 5 pm when I was so miserable that I couldn't even stomach the idea of eating a saltine cracker. Approximately 30 minutes later, the vomiting began.

Let me first clarify that since I have been old enough to remember, I only recall throwing up 3 times in my life, the most recent time being 10 years ago when I got my wisdom teeth taken out. So being that I am not exactly the type of person that is prone to stomach sickness, it is safe to say that I was most definitely not prepared for what happened next.

For the next 4 hours, I rotated between the bath tub, the couch, my bed, and hanging my head over our toilet. And I apologize for giving TMI, but I saw that hamburger that I ate for lunch far more times than I cared to. Oh, and the french fries, too. And because I don't want to provoke you to have a similar experience, I won't share the details about what came out of my nose in the meantime. You're welcome.

My loyal husband and diligent nurse made a run to the store for Gatorade and apple sauce, but being that I couldn't even keep water down, they unfortunately didn't help much. I finally stopped throwing up around 10:30 pm and managed to "sleep" through the night with a trash can at the side of the bed just to be on the safe side.

I woke up the next morning with a fever, so Brian took me to the doctor, who confirmed my fever as well as my suspicions that it was probably just a bad reaction to the antibiotic. She prescribed me a new antibiotic as well as some medicine for the nausea and sent me home to sleep away the day.

Thankfully, I felt a million times better the next morning and was able to make it in to one day of work before we left for our trip to NYC the next day (which will be a post for another day!). I continued to feel progressively better until I made the mistake of taking another dose of the Metformin on Thursday night, which resulted in me almost throwing up on a stranger during Phantom of the Opera and in Brian having to escort me back to the hotel during intermission. Lesson learned: Metformin + antibiotics = not a good combination.

Anyway, all this to say, my week did not start off on a particularly high note. But it is safe to say that I reached my new low point on Sunday night when I was hanging my head over the toilet and all of a sudden became acutely aware that this really and truly was happening to me. (a) I had a bladder infection (terrible enough on its own) which (b) caused me to have to be on and antibiotic that was making me vomit profusely and (c) oh yeah, I'm not pregnant, and to say that that a & b were not going to help me make any progress in that department would be putting it lightly.

I knew my situation really was that crappy when I told Allison the next day that I just feel really incredibly sorry for myself and think that my life is pretty pathetic, and her response was, "Yeah, I was actually thinking the same thing about your life just yesterday." At least she was honest!

All this to say, I survived, and will thankfully be finished with the antibiotic today. I am feeling much better, and most importantly, was still able to enjoy our trip to NYC. And the good news is that the year can really only go up from here... right? If not, then you will find me safely barricaded in my bedroom until 2012.

I promise to post about NYC in the next couple of days, but in the meantime, be sure to go check out Allison's post showcasing some of the Joiners' most impressive (embarrassing?) dance moves. Once again, you're welcome.


The Blogivers said...

You left out the part about your flight to NYC getting abruptly cancelled the night before you were supposed to leave... that was the icing on the cake :) Anyway, I have a feeling good things are on the way for 2011!

Kelly said...

Yikes! Sorry you have had such bad luck! :( Sending good vibes from Vermont.

*kimmie* said...

I think the fact that you were feeling decent enough during the window of time that you enjoyed frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity is an omen that things will be better in 2011. =) Sorry you felt so awful, hope you're getting back to good health soon!