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Friday, August 6, 2010

You can thank my dad for this post.

I woke up this morning* to find the following e-mail in my inbox:

Sorry to see that you are ill/have broken fingers, etc. Or, so I assume, given the slacking on the blog. Get well soon!

Love, Dad

Hysterical, isn't he? Apparently leaving the country does not excuse me from fulfilling my blogging obligations- my sincerest apologies to you all!

Since I'm sure you are all dying to know, we did indeed have a wonderful time in Puerto Vallarta. Unless you think having people prepare all of your meals and lounging around a pool that overlooks the ocean all day is not wonderful... in which case, you are dumb.

Other than eating copious amounts of homemade tortilla chips and rapidly increasing our chances of getting skin cancer, we also got massages, played a few games (during which I laughed until I almost wet my pants on more than one occasion), and practiced our Spanish. It was a pretty tough week all in all, but somehow we survived.

I'm including some pictures from the trip, but I will warn you- if you don't want to feel sorry for yourself or be overcome with jealousy, then just go ahead and skip over the pictures and scroll on down to the rest of the text. You'll thank me, I promise.

We were welcomed joyfully back to the USofA by spending an hour waiting in the Customs line. This was extremely aggravating (particularly for the Olivers who had a connecting flight to catch), but provided such interesting people-watching that I almost couldn't be irritated. Almost. Fortunately, I also had the $4 bag of Wild Berry Skittles leftover from the Puerto Vallarta airport to keep my spirits up. And thank goodness for that.

I also found it quite amusing that I came home to not one, not two, but THREE e-mails from Dairy Queen. I can't decide if that is awesome or pathetic, but considering one of those e-mails informed me that the Blizzard of the Month is the Oreo Brownie Earthquake Blizzard, I am going to go with awesome. Yes, I will be having one soon, and yes, I will let you know if it makes it onto my top 5 Blizzard flavors list... which has not ever been published, but perhaps will be in the very near future.

Anyway, I am a genius, and as such, I took Wednesday (the day after we got home) off of work as well, so I had a whole extra day to recover from our strenuous vacation before I had to go back to the real world. Wednesday also happened to be Brian's and my 3rd anniversary (hooray!), so it was nice to have the day off to celebrate in a way that did not involve an alarm going off at 5:10 am.

My sweet husband had flowers and gummy bears waiting for me when I got home from my run in the morning, and then we spent most of the day doing really romantic things like giving the dogs a bath, eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch, and paying the bills (sounds a lot like the time I decided to do our taxes on Valentine's Day). After all that fun was over, we went to the Galleria for a little while to kill time before dinner.

And since food is really the most important part of any celebratory occasion, you should know that we went to the Melting Pot for dinner, and it changed my life forever. Ok that's not true- the cheese, salad, and meat portion of dinner were good, but really it was the dessert that changed my life.

We chose the s'more flavored chocolate, and it was served with bite-sized pieces of the following: marshmallows, strawberries, bananas, pound cake, cheesecake, rice krispie treats, and graham crackers. All dipped in chocolate.

Nevermind the fact that Brian had just stuffed himself full by eating upwards of 15 (small) pieces of meat, or the fact that the roof of my mouth had already been burned several times during the cheese portion of the meal alone- we ate every single last crumb of that dessert. And then I very seriously considered hiding the bowl of the remaining chocolate in my purse and taking it with me. If it wasn't for the fact that the bowl had a temperature somewhere above 212 degrees, I just might have done it.

For the record, the roof of my mouth is still raw today (2 days later), but it was worth it. I should also be mushy and mention that I consider myself unbelievably blessed to have been married to my wonderful husband for 3 whole years... thank you, Brian, for picking me as your wife :)

Anyway, as you can imagine, having started off the week with a trip to Mexico and an anniversary celebration, Thursday was a little bit of a let-down. But being that my work week only lasted 1.5 days, I really don't think I'm in a position to complain.

That's all for now... I'm off to pretend that the sound of the refrigerator humming is actually the sound of ocean waves crashing and that the Lean Pocket I'll be microwaving for dinner is actually a plate full of enchiladas. Hasta luego!

*It was very tempting to make a Ke$ha lyric reference here. You're welcome for my self-restraint.


The Day Family said...

glad yall had a good time! drewbs and I friggin love the melting pot. meat, cheese, and chocolate pots of glory...

miss you two. we'll have a life again in a week. let's hang out.

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*kimmie* said...

I've been known to go to the Melting Pot and only order chocolate! I know you're shocked to hear that!

The pictures were gorgeous, next time I'm sneaking in someone's suitcase - I'll pay the extra for being over 50 pounds. =)