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Friday, August 20, 2010

When a welcome mat just won't do

Good news, everyone—Dawson and Jen finally broke up last night. And not a moment too soon, because I’m pretty sure Brian was getting tired of listening to me groan every time we had to watch a scene with them together.

I’m not sure if I mentioned this, but my anniversary “gift” to Brian was agreeing to watch the entire Lost series from start to finish on Netflix. He has been more or less obsessed with it (now that I think of it, I can’t think of anyone who just casually watched that show- they were all obsessed...), and I figure that if he has endured all of D-Creek with me, then the least I could do is sit through a show for him. And maybe now I will have some clue as to what everyone is talking about when the show comes up, as it surprisingly often does, in normal social conversation.

Now that I’m done filling you in on our tv-watching plans for the coming months, I’ll move on to a (debatably) more amusing topic.

This morning when Katie and I were running (keep in mind that it is still dark outside when we go), we rounded the corner and she pointed at a house and asked, “Is that a Nutcracker?!” I didn’t even have to look because I had walked by the house in the daylight last weekend and noticed that it was, indeed, a gigantic, life-sized Nutcracker on someone’s front porch.

First of all, I think most of you will agree that that is really strange.

Second, it is totally seasonally inappropriate.

Third, they have to be aware that we are not currently in the Christmas season, so I really what to know what their thought process is behind having a giant Nutcracker man the front porch year-round. Is it part of a massive collection that outgrew the inside of the house? Are they hoping that people passing by will think it’s an actual guard and be frightened away? If so, they are actually onto something, because you better believe that Nutcracker looks even creepier in the wee hours of the morning than it does in broad daylight.

Regardless, I think it’s important that Brian and I, still being fairly new to the neighborhood, do our best to fit in. So I’m thinking that maybe we should put a life-sized cardboard cut-out of Miley Cyrus on our front porch. Or maybe Taylor Swift. What do you think?


The Blogivers said...

I vote for Miley! And quit going on those morning runs - you are making me feel lazy and obese.

The Liechtys said...

We love Lost! And I vote for one of those awesome garden gnomes! :o)

Dezzy Lou Where Are You said...

Oh LOST is really really great- I hope you enjoy the frustrating ups and downs!

Leah said...

Taylor Swift.

And maybe they just leave their Christmas decorations up all year?