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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Just do me a favor and pretend to be interested

I know it’s only Wednesday, but I think it’s safe to say that it has been an eventful week at the Joiner house.

First of all (warning: imaginary friend updates ahead), Baby Dinosaur started 2nd grade on Monday! He was very sad to see the summer go, especially because he spent most of it sleeping in and watching tv with his dad. However, his eagerness to use his new hybrid Sponge Bob/Jurassic Park lunch box (the one that replaced the Power Rangers lunch box I alluded to last week) did help to get him a little more motivated.

He told us that his first day highlights were lunch (where he ate a Lunchable, obviously) and recess… no surprise there. He also informed us that his teacher’s name was Miss Doodie Face, but something told me that he probably wasn’t telling the truth, so I requested that he find out her real name on day 2. He came home on day 2 to tell us that her name was Mrs. Robinson, but after talking to his 1st grade teacher, who happens to be my friend and neighbor, I discovered that there isn’t a Mrs. Robinson at the school. Not to worry, though, because we got down to the bottom of it and found out her real last name, which I am not sharing with you because I want to protect her privacy being that she is, in fact, a real person.

BD was not the only one to start school this week, as Natalie and Nebuchadnezzar (Duck’s children) also embarked on their first year of Duck School this week. They meet at the local neighborhood lake, and while I am bummed not to have Natalie’s company at work, I am excited for them to make new friends and learn all there is to learn about being a duck. Their dad, Duck, walks them to school every morning, and is particularly proud that they are attending his alma mater. Matilda, their mom, is not quite as into it being that she is actually a Great Egret and never went to any such school, and to be honest I think she’s a little jealous. Oh, the trials of interracial marriage…

I have yet to find out what exactly Natalie and Neb learn at Duck School, however, because all I’ve been told so far is that Neb’s favorite part is flirting with the girls, and that Natalie loves it because she gets to sit next to her boyfriend, Gregory. And that their teacher is boring. But at least her name isn’t Miss Doodie Face, right?

In addition to everyone kicking off their respective school years, those of us that actually exist have had an eventful week as well. Two freak-of-nature storms blew through on Monday and Tuesday evening, conveniently right at the end of the work day, that resulted in power outages and ridiculously longer than normal time spent commuting home from work. It was comparable to the aftermath of Hurricane Ike, so that was a special trip down memory lane for sure.

The upside is that I got to practice using a manual can opener (which I didn’t do for the first time until I was 21, by the way) to open the can of black beans that I had for dinner. In the dark. After spending an hour and 15 minutes in the car with my gas light on. Ok so that really isn’t an upside, but I was trying my hardest to find the silver lining.

Fortunately the power came back on eventually and all was once again right with the world because I was able to check facebook and e-mail before going to bed, AND I didn’t have to drink anymore lukewarm unfiltered tap water. I have such a tough life, I know.

If you are curious about how things are going in the world of trying to have a baby, then you should know that I was recently referred to a Reproductive Endocrinologist and have an appointment with him next week. I had mixed feelings about this, but finally came to peace with it and am ready to move forward. But I have to say that it does not help matters that a random co-worker happened to be the one to find the confirmation page for the new patient forms I faxed in sitting in our copier with a giant “FERTILITY SPECIALIST” sign printed on the top. If you have any stellar ideas about how to play that one off, please let me know.

Because it totally makes sense for me to be concerned about a random co-worker finding out about my medical issues when I am posting it on the internet for all the world to see, right?

Anyway, here’s to hoping that the second half of the week is much more boring than the first!


The Blogivers said...

You are a strange, strange individual... but, I'm still glad you're my strange sissy.

Josh and Jamie said...

I respect the fact that you are brave enough to post such strange things that go on inside your head, but thanks for the entertainment as always!

Kelly said...

Is Baby Dinosaur in the same class as Brown? Miss Doodie Face sounds familiar.

Leah said...

Okay, I read this last night on my phone and was LOLing (cause that's a word), but I couldn't comment... so now I am commenting. This is hilarious.