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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

HUGE Townie Update

For those of you who are true Rich-Rose townies, you are already well aware that Monday night quite possibly brought Richmond/Rosenberg the nation-wide fame that it has always deserved.

I know what all of you non-townies are thinking: “Did you finally receive recognition for having the highest cockroach:people ratio ever?” or perhaps, “Did you set a record for the greatest number of dollar stores per capita?” To answer your questions, no and no.

Remember in this post when I told you about Bob’s Taco Station? And remember how I also mentioned that Bob’s was going to be featured on Food Network on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives with Guy Fiere in January? Well guess what just so happened to air at 9 pm CST on Monday night??

I know, it’s a lot to take in, so I’ll give you a minute to really soak in all of the excitement.

Finished yet?

The show did not disappoint, as Guy filmed the intro right there on highway 90 in all of its ugly glory. Downtown Rosenberg is many things, but unfortunately, beautiful is not one of them. But anyway, Bob himself talked about the history of the restaurant and one of his nephews gave a wonderful play-by-play of how their most famous dishes are made.

It was all pretty magical, but there was just one part of the show that did not sit well with me (literally and figuratviely, you will soon see): the number of times that Bob’s nephew used the word “LARD” when listing the ingredients of their authentic recipes. And not only did he have to repeatedly say the word “lard,” but the filming crew also made sure to get a wonderful close-up view of the lard as it was being tossed into the tortilla batter.

Listen, I am well aware that Mexican food is not exactly known for its superior nutritional value. But do you really need to give us such a grotesque visual of what my insides will look like after I’ve eaten it? And does the ingredient really have to be called “lard”? When I hear that word, I imagine a really sweaty fat man jiggling his belly around. Doesn’t exactly make me want to cruise down Highway 90 to pick up a taco.

But I should also mention that you would be surprised how quickly my brain rebounds from being grossed out, because the minute they displayed the finished product (a tortilla) on the tv screen, I was drooling and plotting when I could next get my hands on one.

Perhaps I should take lessons from Jillian on how to pretend I’m grossed out by food that is “bad” for me?


Angela said...

Haha! Your description of the fat man jiggling his belly made me laugh out loud at work.

The Blogivers said...

Unlike Angela, your description of the fat man jiggling his belly made me vomit in my mouth.

The Liechtys said...

I had no idea tortillas are made with lard - eeeewwww! Not gonna stop me from eating them though :o)

Melissa said...

Ha, ha, ha this is a great post. One of my favorite restaurants in Dallas was featured on that show too- although I actually haven't seen the episode. There is just a huge picture of him in the restaurant. I agree with you on the lard though- no need to de-earth the dirty secrets of why food tastes so delicious!

*kimmie* said...

I actually sat next to Guy at a bar in the middle of nowhere north Texas once. I told him he looked familiar and he not once told me who he was. I figured it out with a big "doh" the next day while watching Food Network.

Congrats on your townie fame!

Blogahon said...

I saw all over facebook that this was on, but I missed it. Gotta catch a rerun. I love Bob's, and hearing about it makes me realize it's been tooooo long since I bit into one of those delicious breakfast tacos!